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What Jewelry Should I Buy On Amazon?

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Black Friday has descended upon us along with Cyber Monday. Sales emails are inundating our inboxes and strangling them. Black Friday ads have been attacking our brains as we search for the most lucrative buys available on merchandise for the holidays and items for ourselves. Sellers and big box stores make their most sales at this time of year and pocket their money. Or I should say, pocket our money. How have you spent your money?

Tight-fisted with yours?tightfistedmoney


Or easy-going? handovermoney

With the gift-giving season coming, thoughts of loved ones, sweethearts and those we want to please, it’s time to think of gifts that really do make someone smile. You can do that without spending a bundle so you can keep a smile on your face while also putting a smile on hers.

Jewelry always has been a wonderful gift. Naturally, women love gems, but I won’t go into the expensive diamonds and gemstones here. I’m talking about the wonderful world of beautiful costume jewelry that turns peoples heads. The stunning hand-crafted pieces, the eye-popping neck adornments, the fabulous earrings that are made of sustainable woods and natural dyes. These are pieces that don’t always break the bank, but they bring huge compliments because they are absolutely gorgeous.


This is UniteStone’s crystal pendant that arrives with three different colored stones that are inter-changeable. The stones are clear, a vibrant blue and a warm brown. The 20 inch snake chain is a rose gold metal and retails for $10.99 on Amazon.*


Creativelife sells this adorable 28 inch long vintage owl on a chain for $5.99 at Amazon.* It reminds me of the owls worn in the 1960’s and the 1970’s. It’s so retro!


Huan Xun has this tiny stainless steel owl that’s about 16 inches long. It’s one of my favorites. You can order it in stainless silver or with an overcoat of gold. It retails for $5.99 for gold and $9.99 for silver at Amazon.*


Nianpu offers this aromatherapy locket with five reusable pads. The locket comes on a 23 inch ball chain and is copper-colored. It retails for $15.68 at Amazon.*

If you’re looking for something different for a gift try shopping online. You never know what you’ll find.

I’ll be highlighting jewelry this month as unique gifts for your someone special. If it’s something I think is worth the price and looks great, I’ll tell you about it.



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