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Nicole Richie No Rules.

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Nicole Richie No Rules.

Nicole Richie No Rules.

I enjoyed Nicole Richie’s first offering into the perfume world simply called “Nicole” so much that I didn’t hesitate purchasing her second. The price I paid was very low so frankly, I wasn’t out that much. (Thanks to TJMaxx, a local discounter in the USA).

No Rules smells delicious too, the flacon is pretty, altho not as pretty as the first, it’s actually quite a simple bottle and strikingly similar to the first with the identical bottle cap. The box, I dare say, is prettier than the bottle. However, the juice inside just doesn’t last long at all. Maybe two hours and that’s a stretch using body lotion to make sure your skin is well nourished. It’s a great perfume to take to sleep and scent your linens.

This is a sweet, candied, sunny perfume. Orange blossom and kumquat top it off with a sparkling, effervescent beginning. Frangipani brings in a flowery essence and its’ drydown is a skin musk with a mild vanilla.

No Rules is a fantasy-like perfume, likened to fairies and their playfulness in the woods, campfires and forests, dark colder nights when the wind stings your face and turns your cheeks red. It’s earthy and whimsical really, not a perfume to be taken seriously. It’s great for bed-time when you want to relax and scent your linens to de-stress.

This floral fruity arrived in 2014 and is available in discount stores and online.

Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Kumquat, Wild Berries, Almond Blossom.

Middle Notes: Frangipani, Jasmine, Coconut.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk.



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Halle Berry Reveal…Not Impressed.

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Halle Berry Reveal.

Halle Berry Reveal.

Others have described this as a safe perfume and I’d agree.Reveal is about safely generic you can get in a blase world of perfumes. It’s generally pretty, non-offensive, won’t be remembered and is a safe bet to wear in close situations.

There’s a sugary note airiness to Reveal but it’s not sweet, it’s more of a spun sugar overlaying the flowers. There’s a mustiness too, that’s not unpleasant. It’s the mustiness that brings memories of times past. The vetiver mixes with the woods to create a more unusual drydown than expected from a typical floral-fruity.

A bit tropical that’s grounded, Halle Berry’s Reveal is definitely worth sampling to see if this perfume is your type. It’s a perfume that can be worn year-round, anywhere, really, and is very quiet. As well as it’s blended tho, it does seem rather watery to me and needs spritzing often as a reminder.

Honestly, even the bottle isn’t impressive. Squat and fat with ribbed sides, it’s not very pretty. This one just doesn’t do it for me. I received it in a lot of perfumes that I had purchased so it wasn’t a waste of money for me.

Top Notes: Red Berries, Peach, Mimosa, Melon.

Middle Notes: Frangipani, Iris Flower, Neroli.

Base Notes: Vetiver, Cashmere Wood, Musk.



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Be Enchanted Perfume by Bath & Body Works.

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Be Enchanted.

Be Enchanted.

Bath and Body Work’s Be Enchanted has one thing going for it. It’s name. That’s it.

I sprayed it on and was hit with the most overpowering grape gum smelling aroma blasting me that was so obnoxious even my dog walked away. I’m not kidding when I say this. She actually jumped off the couch and layed down five feet away from me, quite disgruntled.

Within ten minutes or so a sugary coating seemed to take over. If you can imagine sugar crystals on your arms, that’s exactly how I felt. As if I had a sugary sticky coating over the grape juice.

Then the headache increased steadily.

And I don’t get headaches from perfumes. If I don’t like them, if they are unpleasant, I simply wash them off. But Be Enchanted is a whole other ball game.

There is an overload of fruits and berries in this perfume that should satisfy anyone who desires this type of sweetish sour scent. Vanilla and a hint of sandalwood mix in ever so slightly but in no way take away from the chewing gum effect to give Be Enchanted the distinction of a fragrance of just another one of today’s popular sweet fruity presentations.

Shame on Bath & Body Works for continuing this type of product line while discontinuing their unique products that offered diversity in fragrances for all types of perfumistas. Instead, they seem hell-bent on retaining and constantly offering new sugary sweet run-of-the mill perfumes. They’re becoming a land of sheep, but let’s face it, that’s where the money is, and money is where the final decision is made.

Every perfume has its market and some have no market-they transcend all ages. Be Enchanted probably stays well in the very young market and would be an excellent gift choice for the that age group. Wearability is decent for this floral fruity and sillage is strong in the beginning but simmers down.

Top Notes: Citruses, Pomegranate, Red Berries, Passionfruit.

Middle Notes: Honeysuckle, Violet, Blackberry, Pear, Floral Notes.

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

Available at Bath & Body Works stores and online.



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Nude By Rihanna…More Hype Than Fragrance…It’s All In The Name.

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Nude is quite the proper name for the third fragrance by Rihanna. When one thinks of the word nude, the term au naturel comes to mind. Completely unclothed and bare. And that’s what Nude is all about.

It sits close to the skin, it’s innocent, it’s a light fragrance and frankly, it’s barely there. There is an initial blast of a fruity, sweet, tropical scent that hints of something beautiful ahead. And if you’re familiar with the two previous flankers, Rebelle and Reb’l Fleur, you’re thinking perhaps the longevity will be wonderful. But it isn’t. disappointment looms ahead. Nude is just what the name implies and suggest. I applaud the title. It is spot on. Nude is good as a bed-time scent because you’ll fall asleep soon enough and not need a perfume with a longevity factor.

There’s a muskiness to it that keeps it interesting for the older range group along with the younger target audience. The woodiness keeps Nude a simple perfume that’s not seductive or mind-boggling or even memorable. It’s really more of a comfort scent to wear with an over-sized sweater and jeans. But bear in mind, this is one you’ll have to re-apply often unless you enjoy a scent that lies so close to your skin you have to burrow your nose in your arm to smell it.

It’s pretty, yes. It’s relaxing. It won’t offend a soul. I purchased it as a set with the lotion and body wash included which are very decent products. Since the price I paid were from a clearance shelf, I cannot complain. I’m only out $12.50. Had I paid more for just the perfume, I would have been highly disappointed. I expect more for my money.

If you’re looking for an extremely light, tropical, woody, musky scent that doesn’t last long, one that you have to re-apply often, and you don’t have to worry about it offending the people around you, here’s your choice. If you’re thinking along the lines of Rihanna’s other perfumes, do not compare Nude to them.

As far as the bottle, I’ve said it before with Rebelle and Reb’l Fleur, this is one of the worst designs I’ve ever encountered. the bottom is too large to hold while the neck is too slim to manipulate the sprayer at the same time. Pretty to look at tho.

Nude is definitely a sample before you buy. As an after thought, I layered this with Coty’s Vanilla Musk and the combo of the two made for such a delightful mix that lasted for hours, I was finally happier with Nude. It’s better to use for layering. For those of us who like our perfumes on the heavier side, or those of us who are used to stronger perfumes or for those who just want some oomph in their fragrance, Nude just won’t make the cut. It’s too simple. If you’re a veteran perfumista, this one might just be too much on the simple side.

When celebrities hawk their fragrances at the department store launches, wouldn’t it be nice if they knew some information about their perfume? Maybe describing some of the attributes by notes, how long it lasts, the nose  they worked with to develop the perfume are all interesting topics that show the consumer the celebrity perhaps had a hand in the development of the fragrance. As far as Rihanna, here she is on an interview at Macy’s talking about her perfume during its inaugural launch.

When questioned on what her perfume is about in by two different interviewers, this was Rihanna’s response:

“I love that it changes in the morning when you wake up naked the next morning…it smells…it smells really…good. It gets better and it keeps getting better.”-that was Rihanna talking to Bella Sugar/Pop Sugar TV about Nude Perfume.

“When I was a little girl my Mom actually used to work behind a counter selling perfume in a store like this so I always was very familiar with fragrances from a really young age and I could still recognize things…perfume…just by …I could smell it and know it…even from young so I always wanted to make my own fragrance and now this is my 3rd one. It’s been super successful so far and I’m excited that people even like it and want to smell like me. The interviewer from Extra TV then asked Rihanna, “What’s this one smell like? The name is Nude.”  Rihanna responded, “It’s all nude. It’s a sassy fragrance. It’s not stripped down in any way but it’s the way you want to smell naked. My women and my guys trust me-you want your girls to smell like this.”

Loads of info there from the face behind the perfume. It’s “sassy”. Oh-and it’s “nude”. Just in case you didn’t realize the correlation between the name on the box and the juice inside. Hype. And more Hype.

Don’t buy a perfume because of the face behind it. There’s a chance you won’t like it. Test it first. If you do like it, it’s a win-win.

More importantly? If the person hawking the perfume can’t describe the product that has their name on the box, you really need to question their motives for introducing perfumes at the height of their career. And if your purchase is simply because you’re a fan and it’s a blind-buy, or you’re buying a celebrity’s perfume simply because you’re a fan, well, hey, that’s what disposable income is for. Your disposable income is now part of their gross income.

Nude, the 3rd fragrance by Rihanna, launched in 2012 and is available in department stores and online.

Top Notes: Guava, Mandarin Orange, Pear.

Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine Sambac, Gardenia.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla Orchid, Musk.

What it takes to make the commercial for Nude….



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True Reflection…Patchouli With The Earth, Sun & Moon…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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True Reflection.

True Reflection.

I love this perfume! Patchouli reigns supreme in True Reflections for me and stays throughout the duration of the fragrance. It’s a sweet patchouli, a juicy and warm leaf that’s quite enjoyable for patchouli lovers. Wrapped in a cloak of musk and woods, there’s a fruity presence that’s not overwhelming at all. Bergamot lays low but keeps its presence throughout the perfume.

Peach and plum are two notes that are listed in this fragrance, and trying to discern if either take precedence over each other is difficult. They are there and both seem to appear working with each other in a sweet/sour appearance. The fruits definitely give this fragrance a juicy component and keep it well-hydrated and juicy. Both work together to keep True Reflection from being either too sweet or too sour and well-balanced as a too fruity perfume.

There is a sweetness here that is very pleasing. It can come from a variety of things, the patch or the fruits, I’m not sure. But it lingers throughout, and makes True Reflection very pleasing. It’s not a cloying sweetness, but a rather a laid-back sweetness that sits in the background to keep the fragrance from going sour and keeps it grounded. It’s as if just enough sugar was added to the mix to keep it at an even level for a more mature audience, rather than add too much for the younger crowd to call it a sweet gourmand.

With initial spraying, it radiates well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last  as a strong perfume for more than about two hours without another application. It becomes a skin scent that lasts at least a good four hours. Either way, you can re-apply for strength or keep it low-key. This is still a gorgeous patchouli that’s warm and inviting.

If you don’t absolutely love and adore patchouli, don’t even touch this perfume. Run away from it. Don’t even pick it up. But if you’re a fan, a true fan of patchouli in all its glory, then by all mean, look for it and give it a sample run. You won’t be sorry.

So where does True Reflection take me? This is a season-less perfume. I know I can wear this year-round.  It doesn’t remind me of the old patchoulis that I remember, but it does make me smile. I reach for it often. I enjoy wearing it. Purchasing it was a happy one. I didn’t waste my money.  And that counts for a lot in today’s market of perfumes.  True Reflection can take you where you want to go. It is one with the Earth, Sun and Moon.

So many people buy perfume based on who the face is supposedly hawking the bottle. In this case, Kim Kardashian is the one selling True Reflection. I could care less. I don’t watch her show, I don’t wear her clothes, I don’t follow her escapades. In other words, I’m not a follower of the Kardashians so that’s not why I bought this fragrance. I bought True Reflection because I knew patchouli was the high note in this perfume and I’m a patch lover and a boxed set including a body lotion along with a full-size bottle of the Eau de Parfum and a mini-bottle of the Eau de Parfum was half-price at a local outlet discount department store. This is a fragrance I’ve had my eye on and frankly, for $12.50 for the set, I grabbed it and ran. So glad I did. This floral-fruity was introduced in 2012.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Peach, Plum.

Middle Notes: Gardenia, Lotus, Orchid.

Base Notes: Woodsy Notes, Patchouli, Musk.



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Fashionista…Not For This Perfume….Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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What is the definition of “fashionista”? Many abound. Here are a few:

1. “A person who creates, promotes or follows the latest high fashion”.

2. “a person who designs, sells, or is very interested in clothing fashions”.

3.  “a designer of haute couture”, “a devoted follower of fashion”.

4.  “A term used to define a woman with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends. In today’s Urban society, “fashionista” is not by any means a negative term. Thanks to television shows like “Sex and the City” rather more specifically, thanks to actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker, the image of a “fashionista” has been modernized into a much more positive, powerful and successful feminine role. Forget the shallow, bitchy, materialistic image so many people are quick to describe. The truth is, it’s the new millenium and the hottest trend right now, is that it’s okay to be a woman again. The “fashionista” doesn’t look at her femininity as a gender flaw. Where some may be quick to label her a bitch, others actually take the time to get to know her eccentricities. “Fashionista’s” simply look at Fashion as an Art, their own bodies as the canvas, and the sense of style they develop along the way is simply the masterpiece. True fashion (“true fashion” as in the clothes and not the stereotypically thin supermodels that wear them) is simply an expression of identity and the people who feel the need to argue that are usually the same people who rarely see the positive in anything. “Fashionista’s” are extremely realistic when it comes to the world of fashion, they’re also very knowledgeable about the Fashion Arts. A person’s not automatically materialistic just because they buy a designer suit or expensive jeans, it’s often truer about “fashionista’s” that they just happen to know (what is called) a “good hand” in fashion. All that means is that the person buying the item is aware of the “quality” of that item.”Buying good quality clothes, that sort of fashion, is not shallow. It’s an investment. A fashionista thinks like this… Why pay five dollars for say, a white non-label t-shirt when it’s just going to shrink or the hem’s going to unravel or because it was only five dollars you don’t really care about throwing it into the wash with your reds? When you can buy a say, a thirty dollar white CK t-shirt that’s in all probability going to last a little longer, won’t unravel, and because it was thirty dollars you’ll actually care to read the “Care Tag” to see how you can better protect your investment (wash in hot water, with like colours, and most importantly HANG TO DRY)!”4

I like the fourth description of what “fashionista means. Protecting your investment, being aware of the quality of the item,  and being realistic. That’s where the name of Ellen Tracy’s perfume comes in . “Fashionista” is a misnomer. Someone pulled a name out of a hat that they knew would appeal to the masses and slapped it on the bottle. They literally slapped it on the bottle in the form of a plastic sticker. And they called this baby, “Fashionista”. Hoping that the name would sell the perfume. But the perfume stinks. As a matter of fact, the bottle label stinks, too. It’s crooked. It’s simply a plastic label slapped on. It looks cheap.

Fashionista is utterly horrible. I have always enjoyed Ellen Tracy’s offerings. Until this one. I already own four of her perfumes and enjoy them. When I saw this one, I bought it blind. Stupid mistake on my part. Very stupid mistake. (Thank goodness for return-policies.)

What does it smell like? Stale, spilled beer, perhaps. I could say regurgitated stale, spilled beer. This concoction is not good. Not at all. This is a chemical warfare mess that just reeks of putrid odors that would empty a house of suspected bad guys if thrown in the windows instead of smoke bombs. It’s that choking.

The ghastly pollution that emanated from my skin after application of Fashionista can only be accounted for by a few things. One: This is truly one of the worst perfume mixes on the market today. Two: I happened to get a “bad” bottle. I’d like others to weigh in on their opinion of Fashionista to see if they really enjoy this perfume and leave their comments.

I can’t give you any other description of notes because for me, there weren’t any. The fragrance was pure synthetic chemicals that for me, did smell absolutely horrible.

This floral-fruity was launched in 2011 and can be found in department stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls and Ross or online.

Top Notes: Citrus, Melon, Peach, Plum.

Middle Notes: Violet, Mimose, Orange Blossom.

Base Notes: Spicy Notes, Woody Notes.



Footnotes: 1.) Wordweb; 2.) Merriam-Webster; 3.) Oxford Dictionary; 4.) urban Dictionary.

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Juicy Couture Juicy Couture…Have A Bowl Of Buttered Popcorn…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Juicy Couture.

Juicy Couture.

I’d always avoided any of the Juicy Couture line, assuming they were too young, frivolous and frankly, the background behind the name was off-putting to me. Well, you know the old saying when you assume. I’ll admit it on this first perfume that was produced in 2006 by  Juicy Couture…I like this one, and this one only. It has substance. It’s good. It’s damn good and well worth the money.

I happened upon some reviews where others talked of it reminding them of buttered popcorn. Hmmm. Buttered popcorn? I like that. I like quirky. So I figured I’d give this one a test drive and if indeed it turned into movie-house quality butter popcorn on me then it was worth buying a bottle.

Lo and behold, the next week, I’m doing a perfume run around local stores searching for good buys, and I find one at an incredible price waiting for me. So I went ahead, plunged in and bought it. Ok, I spritzed it on at the store first. The ladies that work there don’t mind, they know me and allowed me to get a whiff of Juicy Couture 2006 first. Since it was non-returnable, (I’ve talked about store policy before in a previous post), I didn’t want to waste my money, even if it was $1.00.  If I bought it, I owned it, so I better like it.

Hot Buttered Popcorn Time At The Movies! I could not believe my nose. Sure, there are some light florals mixed with this wonderful composition, but the main gist of it is truly a salted buttered popcorn with a caramel flair. A dirtier patchouli sits low in the base underneath it all hugging tightly. The creme brulee is stirred throughout to ensure this mix is creamy and not sharp in any way.

But it’s not a childish gourmand, either. This is truly a well-blended fragrance that encompasses such a variety of under-lying notes, I’ve found myself reaching for it over and over again quite regularly.

The tuberose in it does not appear as tuberose normally does on me when it’s stands linear. This times it’s mixed with the other florals to create a low-lying base that doesn’t intimidate but instead generates a feeling that there are flowers nearby, but not in your face as a floral perfume, which is wonderful for me. I’m not a floral perfume lover.

There is also a hint of underbrush woods in Juicy Couture to balance this out. I’ve worn it now through three seasons and I’ve liked it best in the cooler weather, but I’ve liked wearing it all through the three seasons. I truly love that there is such a mix of notes in this juice that swirl around yet come together so magnificently.

For me, it transcends the weather. It’s one of my few perfumes that stays on until I take it off and has incredible lasting power, another plus in my book of powerful perfumes for the money. It radiates well and I’ve received many compliments on this one.

As a kick, I’ve layered it with True Religion’s Love Hope & Denim, an oriental vanilla with high notes of caramel, vanilla and sugar for me, which when combined brought out more saltiness, vanilla and more caramel.

This fume is encased in a very heavy, chunky bottle with two lions facing each other as far as I’m concerned, isn’t sweet and bubblegum delicious as the other perfumes from the Juicy Couture line. It’s a perfume well-blended that despite its’ naysayers deserves a trial sniff for those who have never tried it. Suitable for daytime wear, evening wear, anytime wear for any age.

Juicy Couture Juicy Couture was the first introduced and hold its place as Number One. Harry Fremont is the nose behind this juice. This perfume is considered a floral-fruity and won the FiFi Fragrance Of The Year in 2007.

FiFi Award.

FiFi Award.

This award is known as “The FiFi Awards which are an annual event sponsored by The Fragrance Foundation which honor the fragrance industry’s creative achievements and is the most prominent and prestigious celebratory event of the fragrance industry. These awards have been held annually in New York City since 1973 and are attended by around 1,000 members of the international fragrance community, designers and celebrities from the fashion, theatre, film, or television industries.”-from Wikipedia. For more information and other fragrances that have worn awards through the years see here:

Top Notes: Passionfruit, Mandarin Orange, Green Apple, Hyacinth, Watermelon, Marigold, Green Leaves.

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Lily, Rose Hip.

Base Notes: Patchouli, Vanilla, Caramel, Precious Woods, Creme Brulee.

Juicy Couture Juicy Couture can be purchased at major department stores, at discount department stores such as TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, at drug stores and online.



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