How “Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?” Began…

Why did I begin writing “Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?” I first starting writing “Survival Of A Psychopath…With Borderline Tendencies…” a few years back, a true story, upon the advice of a few friends and especially the wisdom of my family doctor. Doc B knew the story behind the psychopath and she felt it was important advice to tell others. She also knew the story was so bizarre that some might think it was a novel, but that was ok. She told me to use her name for validation so that people reading it would understand that what I was writing was indeed a true life event.

As I began writing that story, it was draining my emotions. Re-living what had happened to me was exhausting. So I decided to talk about another  topic. An easier one that wouldn’t take everything out of me. Something I was just as passionate about, something that I had knowledge about and something that made me happy. A topic that balanced the karmic scales. “Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?” was born.

Look around you. Don’t you ever wonder why someone wears what they do? What is the impetus behind fashion? Why does fashion re-cycle itself? Where do the ideas come from? It’s a fascinating story. Why do people dress the way they do? Why will someone pay as much or as little as they do for a handbag or a pair of jeans?

With today’s online shopping, purchase trends have changed dramatically. Fashion magazines no longer dictate what women will wear. Trends are digitalized on the internet, on television and consumers see up-to-the minute fashion ideas. Compare this to over a hundred years ago when women waited for pictures of the latest fashions from Paris, ordered fabric from their local stores and had just a few dresses in their closet.  We’ve become a throw-away society. And that’s wrong.

Society today is a feeling of instant gratification.  The “I want it now” attitude prevails along with who can do it better first. And with that, at times, quality suffers.

Thus, “Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?” was born. There are many blogs written about fashion, about make-up, about perfumes. Many blogs talk about designer clothing, high-end perfumes and very costly products that the majority of their readers will never have an opportunity to see or even touch. It’s wonderful to dream. We all do. Escapism is a part of life. We need to take a break from realism and get away from the doldrums. But we need to get back to reality and make good with what we have.

That’s where “WDPBaWTT?” comes in. I’ll tell you about what’s out there that’s affordable for the regular woman. I’ll talk about products that you’ll find on drugstore shelves, at discount houses and at department stores. I’ll talk about high-end products too, sometimes we’ll save our money and invest in something special. But on a daily basis, we’re buying the lower spectrum of price-points. And someone needs to talk about whether a product is worth the money you’re going to spend on it.

Regardless of whether you venture into a Dollar Store, a department store, shop online at an auction site like Ebay or haunt thrift shops, your dollars mean something to both you and me. Don’t waste them on products that aren’t worth it.

When you blind-buy, that is, purchasing a product without knowing the facts behind it, you’re giving it a 50-50 shot of liking it. And if you don’t like it, and the store has a no-return policy, you’re out that money. If you were to add the money you’ve spent on merchandise you’ve blind-bought in the last year, compile two lists. One list is for the products you’ve enjoyed, and the other is for the products you’ve hated, the ones you’ve never really used. Total the money of the products you’ve never really liked. Surprise you? It’s time to stop blind-buying, even if it’s only a few bucks at a time.

The educated consumer is the wise consumer. No matter the store, no matter the  price of the product. “Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?” is for you, the consumer who wants to know about regular merchandise in regular stores. And sometimes about specialty products that I might find interesting and come across. There are many ways to find bargains and I’m a bargain-hunter. But I won’t waste my money on bargains I’ll never use. And neither should you.



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