*Disclaimers/Disclosures:  I was offered an item at a reduced price or given it for free to review. This has not influenced my thoughts in any way at all. My opinions remain the same regardless of whether I have purchased an item for full price or whether I have purchased it at a lesser price or been given it to review for free. If an items I review has an asterisk next to it, then this applies.

I’m sure that you’ve seen disclaimers before on many blogs. I’m also sure that you wonder if a blogger can be objective when they receive an item for a lesser price. Do they really review and test the product? Absolutely! At least I know I do. My name is on this blog and that’s important to me. If I am going to tell you to purchase an item because it’s a good deal, then I had pretty well be damn sure that I’ve worn it and I’ve enjoyed it without any problems. I’ve spent a number of years building this blog to build my reputation for honesty.

If you click on an item, I do not receive any gratuities at the moment. That may change. I do not own a monetized blog. I simply purchase some items at a reduced rate or receive them for free to review. That’s it.

For those of us that do receive product or have monetized blogs, it’s important to realize that blogging takes time. It’s not easy. It’s work. We are researchers for you. We enjoy what we do. We take the time because it’s something creative and that’s in our blood. But, on the other hand, we wouldn’t tell you lies simply to receive more merchandise. At least I wouldn’t. It’s just not worth it.

With that said,



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