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Madonna’s Truth Or Dare Naked.

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Truth Or Dare Naked by Madonna.

Truth Or Dare Naked by Madonna.

I love wearing Truth Or Dare Naked by Madonna. I don’t compare it to Truth Or Dare, her first release, so I’m not disappointed in any way. It’s composition is entirely different.

It’s rich in its’ feeling, thick and balmy. It has an ample balsamic presence that borders on sweet, earthy and quite seductive. The benzoin is syrupy but not sticky or resinous. There’s a nuttiness that mixes in against a backdrop of faint woods courtesy of the oud to give Naked a strong spicy Mediterranean feel. Honeysuckle offers a delightful warm, fruity-filled, honey compote in the initial offering that’s wrapped in delightful spices. The oud is balanced with the combination of other notes and is blended well and doesn’t stand out alone.

I’ve worn this floral woody musk mostly in the colder and cooler weather because it is strong and could be rather cloying in the summer heat. Naked lasts for hours for me and I’ve received many compliments while wearing it. This is a rare bottle in my stash of perfumes that is already 1/2 empty because I enjoy wearing it often.

Top Notes: Honeysuckle, Peach Blossom, Neroli.

Middle Notes: Vanilla Orchid, Cacao, Lily-Of-The-Valley.

Base Notes: Texas Cedar, Benzoin, Australian Sandalwood, Agarwood(Oud).



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