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Max Azria bon genre…Well-blended and Gentle.

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Bon Genre.

Bon Genre.

Some perfumes have screechy openings that one must endure to enjoy the beauty of the perfume. Others are the opposite. Their opening is absolutely delicious and the rest is downhill from there.

Not so with BCBG Max Azria bon genre. From beginning to end, there is a consistency of delightful notes that your olfactory senses will appreciate. This dark purple flacon is third in the series and as the color implies, it is the most serious of the three.

That’s what attracted me to these bottles originally, with bon genre being my first purchase. The company name, BCBG, stands for Bon Chic Bon Genre. In French, this means good style and good attitude. This a sleek, gentle and well-blended perfume that lasts a good amount of time.

Bon genre is not a run of the mill scent, altho it’s not ground-breaking, either. But it can be addictive. What I do especially enjoy about it are the co-mingled notes that effortlessly create a mild sophistication for this perfume. The key words here are mild. Bon genre is subtle. It’s elegance is low-key. It’s sensuality is there, but certainly not in a banal sense. It’s powdery seductiveness borders more on an earthiness that weaves in and out with its components of woods, spices, cardamom, pepper and musk. Its florals, too, are mild and almost indistinct. Eventually a sweetness can be found since litchi and jasmine are also present. Vanilla and patchouli finish this fragrance off quite nicely with patchouli taking a sweeter lead over the woods. Altho berries are listed in the notes, I didn’t sense any.

Bon genre lasts a good few hours with close to the skin sillage. Its one of those scents that just when you think its gone, it bounces back. This is perfect for an office scent, dinner party, somewhere where you’d like to wear a fragrance close to your skin rather than have the fragrance wear you.

For the price of $19.99 that I paid at a major discount department store, I’m happy to wear this season-less perfume. It wears beautifully for hours without re-applying and I really do love the sweet woods and vanilla mix. It’s rather addicting.

Top Notes: Litchi, Red Berries, Bergamot, Black Pepper.

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Jasmine, Orchid, Cardamom.

Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood.

Max Azria bon genre, an oriental floral,  can be purchased at department stores, discount department stores, and online.

I would be remiss if I didn’t put in a Bon Jovi vid at this point. Bon genre…Bon Jovi…I know, I know. I couldn’t help myself. This is one of the best from his collection, imho, from back in the day. Check out the hair….the jeans….the fringe…from a guy that grew up in a town next to mine. Enjoy.



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Kim Kardashian Perfume-Tuberose Woods Spiced Right

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Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian’s offering is tuberose, yes, but it’s muted generously by other notes to give this perfume an elegant flavor and also, a more common link or an introduction to straight-up florals for those that might want to enjoy their flowers without suffocation. If you’re not familiar with tuberose, it can be an off-putting floral that is very strong and isn’t always likeable. It can take getting used to if you’ve always worn sweeter perfumes that are gourmands with vanilla bases. This is not such a beast.

The opening is undeniably strong with bold fleshy tuberose, sweet honeysuckle, a strong jasmine and equally vibrant gardenia. Prepare yourself for a floral smack in the head that will assault for a good hour or two before it begins to simmer down and allows other notes to come in and play. For me, that’s when the fun begins.

There is an infusion of spices suddenly mixing into the florals along with a mild woods that temper the initial blast. After about two hours of strong, strong florals, this perfume becomes a spicy mix that for me, is more tolerable and low-key. The florals at that point definitely take the back seat in the fragrance. Kim Kardashian is a very feminine, flirty scent that will give you a run for a good six hours.

Perfect for dinners out, special occasions and times when you’re not in closed quarters. This is a perfume when you don’t want to offend the person sitting next to you. It’s just too over-the-top floral to take a chance with upsetting someone with the perfume you’re wearing and this could do that.

I picked up the gift set at $12.50 which included the lotion also which has a glittery quality to it. Wonderful price but not a good selling point for the glitter. Glitter is usually thought of for the younger generation, yet a tuberose perfume statistically is one that is used more by a more mature person. Oxymoron in a box. The tube is huge and now I’m stuck with a large tube of glittery lotion.

The perfume bottle is squat-shaped and easy to hold and spray, simple in color with two inter-twined “K’s”. I really think you only need a small bottle of Kim Kardashian. A little spritz goes a long way and I can’t see myself using up this bottle, much less the lotion any time soon or in the far future either. Unless it’s Halloween and I need to be iridescent.

If you’re a tuberose lover or a heavy floral hitter, this might be a choice for you, but bear in mind, woods and spices do come into play. KK changes mid-way and becomes more of a skin scent. If you’re not sure about tuberose but enjoy woodsy scents and are entering the floral market, this could be a good introduction if you’re willing to sweat out the florals for an hour or two to bring a new perfume to your environment.

Kim Kardashian, an oriental floral, was introduced in 2009. The perfumer behind it is Claude Dir, responsible for many perfumes, among them: Bond No. 9- Andy Warhol Lexington Ave., Lexington Ave., Manhattan, Success Is The Essence Of New York; Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Revitalize, Green Tea Summer,  Pretty, Pretty Hot and Mediterranean; Mary Kay’s Affection and Belara; Jack Black’s Signature Silver Mark Ceylon Cardamom and Wild Cypress, Signature Blue Mark Japanese Juniper and Ginger Essence, Signature Black Mark Kashmir Saffron and Red Cedar; Perry Ellis For Women and Perry Ellis For Men; Bijan’s DNA by Bijan Women, DNA Women; Lacoste’s Pour Homme; Celine Dion’s Simply Chic; Hugo Boss’s Hugo Energize Spray, Hugo Energise; Anthopologie’s Cape Of Good Hope; Juicy Couture’s Dirty English; Bobbi Brown’s Beach; La Prairie’s Silver Rain; Britney Spear’s In Control Curious, Curious Heart and Curious; Kate Spade’s Twirl; Mariah Carey’s Vision Of Love and Never Forget You; Beyonce’s Heat; Kenneth Cole’s Mankind; Como & Brigante NOU; and Parfums Visari Fleurage Waterlily.  He is also responsible for Kim Kardashian’s newest introduction in the fragrance market, Pure Honey.

Top Notes:  African Orange Flower, Mandarin Orange, Honeysuckle.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Tuberose, Spices.

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Orchid, Woodsy Notes.

Watch Kim as she talks about notes and her perfume bottle and how she has learns how to help develop a fragrance with the companies that will launch her perfume. Good to see a celebrity have some interest in their creation.



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Rebelle by Rihanna….Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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I’ve been wearing Rebelle by Rihanna for a few weeks trying to get a handle on this perfume. I had sampled it at a perfume counter and after I returned home hours later, found it to be a warm and inviting scent. It was one of those perfumes that haunted me. I had to return to the store to purchase it.

But because I had sampled it at the store, I only actually smelled the top notes and the bottom notes. I missed the middle points of this perfume and really hadn’t been able to fully appreciate what Rebelle entailed in its’ fullest capacity. This became an important point in my reviewing it, since after I purchased it, I discovered notes that were quite different from any other perfume I owned. I wasn’t so sure I did like it, after all.

Why? Because there were scents in the middle that I was unaccustomed to and didn’t own. Notes that I didn’t own and notes that I had to muddle through to see if I really did appreciate this perfume. This one, Rebelle, definitely is a buyer beware fragrance. For me, that note was coffee. Coffee shouldn’t be such a big deal, except that I’m not  a coffee drinker. I’m a tea  imbiber and have tasted coffee only once in my life and spit it out with disgust. Therein lies the problem with Rebelle for me.

Unless you’re a coffee lover, Rebelle’s opening might put you off. The coffee begins strong, dark and bubbly and within the first hour, the pot just gets stronger. It does allow other notes to enter the picture. But the coffee notes still predominate in Rebelle. For me, it appeared crisp and straight-forward. and then the metamorphosis in this perfume began.

Then Rebelle gets a little bitter, a little musky and some ginger mixes in with the coffee. This is one strange perfume. It’s not one I’d wear around anyone, really. It’s a perfume I wear only for  myself. It’s very different. It’s quite unique. It’s a perfume that must be sampled before you buy.

It’s not for bedtime. It’s for the day. It’s more of an uplifting fragrance. Springtime, summertime are good seasons for it. It’s sharp and bitter, and not soft at all.

As for the bottle, it’s ridiculous. You can’t hold it easily and spray it at the same time. The bottom is large and almost impossible to hold if you want to put your finger on the sprayer at the top which is extremely slim-necked. I have to balance it on my knee just to angle it correctly to spray it. Bad design. The mini is a splash and much easier to dab on.

I’m glad I purchased it since I now own a coffee perfume. To be honest, it was on a clearance rack for half-price with the body lotion, shower gel and EdP all in one package. For that price at $12.50, it was worth it. If I payed anymore, I might have been disappointed.

Rebelle was launched in 2012 as a fruity-floral with gourmand notes. I didn’t get any of the florals from it at all. It’s an interesting perfume that draws you in the more you wear it, I will say that. And I should say that it should definitely be on your sample list if you enjoy gourmands.

Top Notes: Plum, Strawberry, Ginger.

Middle Notes: Heliotrope, Cacao, Orchid.

Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Amber, Coffee.



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True Reflection…Patchouli With The Earth, Sun & Moon…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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True Reflection.

True Reflection.

I love this perfume! Patchouli reigns supreme in True Reflections for me and stays throughout the duration of the fragrance. It’s a sweet patchouli, a juicy and warm leaf that’s quite enjoyable for patchouli lovers. Wrapped in a cloak of musk and woods, there’s a fruity presence that’s not overwhelming at all. Bergamot lays low but keeps its presence throughout the perfume.

Peach and plum are two notes that are listed in this fragrance, and trying to discern if either take precedence over each other is difficult. They are there and both seem to appear working with each other in a sweet/sour appearance. The fruits definitely give this fragrance a juicy component and keep it well-hydrated and juicy. Both work together to keep True Reflection from being either too sweet or too sour and well-balanced as a too fruity perfume.

There is a sweetness here that is very pleasing. It can come from a variety of things, the patch or the fruits, I’m not sure. But it lingers throughout, and makes True Reflection very pleasing. It’s not a cloying sweetness, but a rather a laid-back sweetness that sits in the background to keep the fragrance from going sour and keeps it grounded. It’s as if just enough sugar was added to the mix to keep it at an even level for a more mature audience, rather than add too much for the younger crowd to call it a sweet gourmand.

With initial spraying, it radiates well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last  as a strong perfume for more than about two hours without another application. It becomes a skin scent that lasts at least a good four hours. Either way, you can re-apply for strength or keep it low-key. This is still a gorgeous patchouli that’s warm and inviting.

If you don’t absolutely love and adore patchouli, don’t even touch this perfume. Run away from it. Don’t even pick it up. But if you’re a fan, a true fan of patchouli in all its glory, then by all mean, look for it and give it a sample run. You won’t be sorry.

So where does True Reflection take me? This is a season-less perfume. I know I can wear this year-round.  It doesn’t remind me of the old patchoulis that I remember, but it does make me smile. I reach for it often. I enjoy wearing it. Purchasing it was a happy one. I didn’t waste my money.  And that counts for a lot in today’s market of perfumes.  True Reflection can take you where you want to go. It is one with the Earth, Sun and Moon.

So many people buy perfume based on who the face is supposedly hawking the bottle. In this case, Kim Kardashian is the one selling True Reflection. I could care less. I don’t watch her show, I don’t wear her clothes, I don’t follow her escapades. In other words, I’m not a follower of the Kardashians so that’s not why I bought this fragrance. I bought True Reflection because I knew patchouli was the high note in this perfume and I’m a patch lover and a boxed set including a body lotion along with a full-size bottle of the Eau de Parfum and a mini-bottle of the Eau de Parfum was half-price at a local outlet discount department store. This is a fragrance I’ve had my eye on and frankly, for $12.50 for the set, I grabbed it and ran. So glad I did. This floral-fruity was introduced in 2012.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Peach, Plum.

Middle Notes: Gardenia, Lotus, Orchid.

Base Notes: Woodsy Notes, Patchouli, Musk.



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Nicole Miller…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Nicole Miller.

Nicole Miller.

A supporting cast comprises this perfume to make it a complete success in its long enjoyable  run. Its opening act of tuberose and aldehydes are strong and deflect from the actual outcome of this Nicole Miller. The ending act will surprise and delight you.

Polar opposites and a change in mid-air make this fragrance one that’s a delight to bask in over and over again. You’ll find yourself reaching for it on a regular basis. You can inhale the literal change in this perfume as it morphs from a tuberose heavy-hitter to a warm honeyed-amber.  It’s as if you’ve changed perfumes in mid-air suddenly with two distinctly different flairs.

The initial top notes are straight full-blown tuberose, warm and inviting, surrounded by spices. The more you wear Nicole Miller, the more notes you seem to discern and discover. This is not a perfume that plays by the rules. This tuberose is beautiful-it’s flower-show worthy and lasts for a good hour at minimum through the dry down where it quietly slips into the background surrounded by other delicious notes.

Mid-way, sweet jasmine, benzoin, woods and musk work their magic. The tuberose lets the sweet honeyed amber steal the show in full glory and dance the light fantastic for hours to come. This is where the true beauty of Nicole Miller wraps around you with more spices, vetiver, tonka bean and a faint hint of vanilla. A wonderful winter scent designed for snowy blustery days in front of the fireplace. I’ve reached for this over and over again this winter simply because it’s comforting, pleasing and so delicious. I so enjoy the way it changes and reveals so many different flavors.

This perfume lasts until you take it off and others will notice and appreciate this frag on you-in other words-sillage is strong-so be gentle in application. Also a great layering perfume so use your imagination with your other vintage fumes.

Change is wonderful. Change is unexpected. Some perfumes trip and stumble in their presentation, some remain linear, some twist and turn to reveal new sides you realize are suddenly appearing. Nicole Miller is one of those perfumes that will surprise you with its changing course. Take a trip with Nicole and experience the change in this perfume. It’s delightfully cozy.

Top Notes: Aldehydes, Plum, Coriander, Green Notes, Mandarin Orange, Peach, Bergamot.

Middle Notes: Honey, Carnation, Tuberose, Iris, Orchid, Damask Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Heliotrope.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk, Benzoin, Vanilla, Cedar.

Nicole Miller, an oriental floral,  is available on her website here: or in department stores or online.



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Country Chic and Sensual Amber…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Country Chic.

Country Chic.

Bath and Body Works introduces a lot of fragrances. It can be overwhelming when you work into one of their stores. Your olfactory senses are overloaded with delightful aromas from every angle. Bath and Body Works storefronts are not only olfactory delights, they are eye-pleasing country-type store-fronts designed to welcome and induce the customer to step foot inside.

Bath and Body Works Store Front.

Bath and Body Works Store Front.

To enhance the aromas, there are huge metal wind chutes at the entrances to boost the air flow. The idea is to blend the beautiful aromas through the store at mega levels, I would guess.  If you attempt to stand there by the air flow chute while sniffing perfume at one of the shelves, be prepared to wear wind goggles and get a chill from the blast of cool air. (I’m not kidding. It’s happened to me on many occasion.)  I’ve learned my lesson. I just stay away from the two front corners of the store where the metal chutes emanating from the ceiling are located.

Bath and Body Works constantly has sales. Which is another good idea to stop by if you like their products. They stock fragrance, soap, candles, hand sanitizer, air fresheners, body lotions and creams, bubble bath, fragrance plugs, bulbs and oils, aromatherapy products, sun care, spa and skin care products. The list is endless as is the fragrance list.

If only they didn’t constantly discontinue their popular fragrances. So many people love a perfume and suddenly it’s discontinued. They constantly launch new ones, and I do mean, constantly. The thought “fragrance of the month club” does come to mind when I thing of Bath and Body Works…

This shopping chain constantly has sales. The best part about Bath and Body Works is that you never have to pay full price if you have a little patience. Their sales vary, but they always have some type of discount going on in their stores or online. And, they have a 75% off bin in the store for products that have packaging that is being changed (a product that is not discontinued, but simply having a new box or colors) or there may be products that are being discontinued in these bins. And frankly, at 75% discount, I’m in for rooting through these bins to see what I would like.

Bath and Body Works Sale.

Bath and Body Works Sale.

I had to kill an hour today waiting for a repair on my cell phone. I wandered into the mall to see what was new. I love bargains, and I figured I had nothing to lose by looking at what they had at such a great discount. One of my favorites, Sensual Amber, was on 75% off, and I managed to get a shower gel, a body cream and the eau de toilette at a savings of $40.50. I only paid $13.50 for those three items. Now that’s a sale. If you shop wisely, bide your time, you’ll always find something on sale or at a better price at this store. Which will give you more money in your wallet for other things.

Sensual Amber.

Sensual Amber.

I love amber fragrances. Although this is not my #1 in amber frags, it definitely can hold a candle to others on the market for its price point.

Sensual Amber is a smooth  boozy amber with a tea-infusion lasting at least a good four hours. It’s creamy. It’s gives you a languid, delicious feeling. It’s a wonderful night-time perfume.

Sillage is surprisingly good. This fragrance is a sexy, sensual scent that’s sweatshirt-cozy and warm. Or, spray it on your linens along with yourself and luxuriate in Sensual Amber. As your body heats up, so does this Eau de Toilette.

I get a good mixture of amber and vanilla with praline, patchouli and musk well-mixed together to create a delicious EdT. The amber stays strong throughout along with the patchouli wrapping it together in a tight musky package. This earthy oriental will stay with you when layered overnight and you’ll wake up still sniffing your wrist.

I’ve ventured into Bath and Body Works recently to sample their fragrances. It’s been many years since I’ve walked into one of their stores and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the array of fragrances. I found their fragrances hit or miss but as others have said, sampling to your heart’s content is encouraged. Layer a fragrance, wear it for a few hours and decide if it’s right for you. That’s the beauty of this store. They let you try their products. It’s a positive way to sample perfume. I like that. No hassles.

Top Notes: Plum, Forest Fruits, Bergamot.

Middle Notes: Iris, Orange Blossom, White Rose, Lotus.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla, Praline.

Country Chic’s initial burst is one of citrus zest with soapiness. A clean soapiness that is invigorating. It’s not an old-fashioned soapy feel, it’s wrapped with a woodsy feel, thanks to the Virginia Cedar, which predominates in this floral fruity gourmand. I wouldn’t call it a gourmand tho, to me, it leans more towards a woody musk.

Praline and pear sit on the plate most definitely, but think of County Chic as an outdoors fragrance. One you’d enjoy wearing as a transitional one in the cool Spring months when Mother Winter begins her thaw and the temperatures begin to rise. When you start to shed your multitude of layers of clothing, and you’re wearing a sweater with a jacket, jeans and ankle boots, this is the one that’s a comfort scent on those sunny afternoons.

Quite a few notes mix together in Country Chic to create a rather pleasant perfume that’s gentle, a whisper on the wind, a flurry of the budding leaves and a walk in new spring shoes on the fresh growing grass. It’s not heavy. It’s not overwhelming. It’s perfect for the springtime. It’s a perfume to transition from the heavier perfumes of winter. Country Chic radiates lightly but enough to let others know what you’re wearing. Longevity is about 3 hours. A comfortable week-end perfume for lounging.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Pear, Green Notes, Tagetes, Amalfi Lemon.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, African Orange Flower, Gardenia, Lily, Raspberry.

Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Virginia Cedar, Amber, Peach, Orchid, Praline.

Sensual Amber and Country Chic can be purchased at the Bath and Body storefront in person or online here:



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Velvet Tuberose…Creamy Tuberose Straight Up…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Velvet Tuberose.

Velvet Tuberose.

Velvet Tuberose is full tuberose all through its many hours of its run. It’s toned down a bit but not as much as I’d hoped. The base is supposed to have woods, spices, amber and musk, but for me, none appear. Nor do any florals. Just straight-up tuberose. Which is great for tuberose lovers. I’m just not one. But, if you are, the mix in this perfume is good. It’s a creamier tuberose that gives way to a bit of buttered popcorn but comes back out to its original flavor.

Bath and Body Works always seems to use these superlative adjectives, hence, the word “Velvet” in “Velvet Tuberose”. No velvet here. It’s not smoother. It doesn’t bring images of gothic tuberose, or castles of yesteryear and long-drawn draperies. Quite simply, if you’re a lover of what tuberose smells like, pick this one up on Ebay on in thrift shops. It’s no longer available at the store.

If there is a mutual love affair between tuberose and you, then Velvet Tuberose is your scent. It works well alone or for layering. If you’re expecting something else to mingle in, look elsewhere. It stands alone as a sensual, mature scent.

Spray sparingly. It lasts for hours. It’s well worth the price. It radiates in a cloud about you.

This is one of Bath and Body Works better floral presentations from 2007.

Top Notes: Magnolia, Lemon, Ylang-Ylang, Juicy Apricot.

Middle Notes: Freesia, Cyclamen, Tuberose, Fig Leaf, Gardenia, Indian Jasmine, Orchid.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Spices, Musk, Cashmere Wood.



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