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Nicole Richie No Rules.

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Nicole Richie No Rules.

Nicole Richie No Rules.

I enjoyed Nicole Richie’s first offering into the perfume world simply called “Nicole” so much that I didn’t hesitate purchasing her second. The price I paid was very low so frankly, I wasn’t out that much. (Thanks to TJMaxx, a local discounter in the USA).

No Rules smells delicious too, the flacon is pretty, altho not as pretty as the first, it’s actually quite a simple bottle and strikingly similar to the first with the identical bottle cap. The box, I dare say, is prettier than the bottle. However, the juice inside just doesn’t last long at all. Maybe two hours and that’s a stretch using body lotion to make sure your skin is well nourished. It’s a great perfume to take to sleep and scent your linens.

This is a sweet, candied, sunny perfume. Orange blossom and kumquat top it off with a sparkling, effervescent beginning. Frangipani brings in a flowery essence and its’ drydown is a skin musk with a mild vanilla.

No Rules is a fantasy-like perfume, likened to fairies and their playfulness in the woods, campfires and forests, dark colder nights when the wind stings your face and turns your cheeks red. It’s earthy and whimsical really, not a perfume to be taken seriously. It’s great for bed-time when you want to relax and scent your linens to de-stress.

This floral fruity arrived in 2014 and is available in discount stores and online.

Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Kumquat, Wild Berries, Almond Blossom.

Middle Notes: Frangipani, Jasmine, Coconut.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk.



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Victoria’s Secret Rapture.

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Victoria's Secret Rapture.

Victoria’s Secret Rapture.

One spray gives me a thick, cloying, powdery assault of an old-school perfume that does not seem like a Victoria’s Secret scent one would expect. This is a sweet, heavy and intense cloud that will surround you if you over-spray. And over-spraying would be more than one push of the nozzle.

Syrupy amber? Yes. Intense florals? Most definitely. Spicy and nutty with an oily feel, Rapture takes me back decades when perfumes were powerhouses and strong-willed. This baby stung my eyes wide open.

Drydown reminds me of the unpleasant smell of opening an old musty cedar chest. The one spray that I’ve used has lasted for nine hours so far and I’m washing it off. It’s far too fleshy for me and headache-inducing.

There is no middle-ground for perfume-lovers here. It’s a love or hate fragrance.

My review is based on a bottle from the early 2000’s.

This oriental spicy was launched in 1992 and is still available at Victoria’s Secret.

Top Notes: Citruses, Orange Blossom.

Middle Notes: Freesia, Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose.

Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Vanilla, Heliotrope.



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Nude By Rihanna…More Hype Than Fragrance…It’s All In The Name.

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Nude is quite the proper name for the third fragrance by Rihanna. When one thinks of the word nude, the term au naturel comes to mind. Completely unclothed and bare. And that’s what Nude is all about.

It sits close to the skin, it’s innocent, it’s a light fragrance and frankly, it’s barely there. There is an initial blast of a fruity, sweet, tropical scent that hints of something beautiful ahead. And if you’re familiar with the two previous flankers, Rebelle and Reb’l Fleur, you’re thinking perhaps the longevity will be wonderful. But it isn’t. disappointment looms ahead. Nude is just what the name implies and suggest. I applaud the title. It is spot on. Nude is good as a bed-time scent because you’ll fall asleep soon enough and not need a perfume with a longevity factor.

There’s a muskiness to it that keeps it interesting for the older range group along with the younger target audience. The woodiness keeps Nude a simple perfume that’s not seductive or mind-boggling or even memorable. It’s really more of a comfort scent to wear with an over-sized sweater and jeans. But bear in mind, this is one you’ll have to re-apply often unless you enjoy a scent that lies so close to your skin you have to burrow your nose in your arm to smell it.

It’s pretty, yes. It’s relaxing. It won’t offend a soul. I purchased it as a set with the lotion and body wash included which are very decent products. Since the price I paid were from a clearance shelf, I cannot complain. I’m only out $12.50. Had I paid more for just the perfume, I would have been highly disappointed. I expect more for my money.

If you’re looking for an extremely light, tropical, woody, musky scent that doesn’t last long, one that you have to re-apply often, and you don’t have to worry about it offending the people around you, here’s your choice. If you’re thinking along the lines of Rihanna’s other perfumes, do not compare Nude to them.

As far as the bottle, I’ve said it before with Rebelle and Reb’l Fleur, this is one of the worst designs I’ve ever encountered. the bottom is too large to hold while the neck is too slim to manipulate the sprayer at the same time. Pretty to look at tho.

Nude is definitely a sample before you buy. As an after thought, I layered this with Coty’s Vanilla Musk and the combo of the two made for such a delightful mix that lasted for hours, I was finally happier with Nude. It’s better to use for layering. For those of us who like our perfumes on the heavier side, or those of us who are used to stronger perfumes or for those who just want some oomph in their fragrance, Nude just won’t make the cut. It’s too simple. If you’re a veteran perfumista, this one might just be too much on the simple side.

When celebrities hawk their fragrances at the department store launches, wouldn’t it be nice if they knew some information about their perfume? Maybe describing some of the attributes by notes, how long it lasts, the nose  they worked with to develop the perfume are all interesting topics that show the consumer the celebrity perhaps had a hand in the development of the fragrance. As far as Rihanna, here she is on an interview at Macy’s talking about her perfume during its inaugural launch.

When questioned on what her perfume is about in by two different interviewers, this was Rihanna’s response:

“I love that it changes in the morning when you wake up naked the next morning…it smells…it smells really…good. It gets better and it keeps getting better.”-that was Rihanna talking to Bella Sugar/Pop Sugar TV about Nude Perfume.

“When I was a little girl my Mom actually used to work behind a counter selling perfume in a store like this so I always was very familiar with fragrances from a really young age and I could still recognize things…perfume…just by …I could smell it and know it…even from young so I always wanted to make my own fragrance and now this is my 3rd one. It’s been super successful so far and I’m excited that people even like it and want to smell like me. The interviewer from Extra TV then asked Rihanna, “What’s this one smell like? The name is Nude.”  Rihanna responded, “It’s all nude. It’s a sassy fragrance. It’s not stripped down in any way but it’s the way you want to smell naked. My women and my guys trust me-you want your girls to smell like this.”

Loads of info there from the face behind the perfume. It’s “sassy”. Oh-and it’s “nude”. Just in case you didn’t realize the correlation between the name on the box and the juice inside. Hype. And more Hype.

Don’t buy a perfume because of the face behind it. There’s a chance you won’t like it. Test it first. If you do like it, it’s a win-win.

More importantly? If the person hawking the perfume can’t describe the product that has their name on the box, you really need to question their motives for introducing perfumes at the height of their career. And if your purchase is simply because you’re a fan and it’s a blind-buy, or you’re buying a celebrity’s perfume simply because you’re a fan, well, hey, that’s what disposable income is for. Your disposable income is now part of their gross income.

Nude, the 3rd fragrance by Rihanna, launched in 2012 and is available in department stores and online.

Top Notes: Guava, Mandarin Orange, Pear.

Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine Sambac, Gardenia.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla Orchid, Musk.

What it takes to make the commercial for Nude….



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Country Chic and Sensual Amber…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Country Chic.

Country Chic.

Bath and Body Works introduces a lot of fragrances. It can be overwhelming when you work into one of their stores. Your olfactory senses are overloaded with delightful aromas from every angle. Bath and Body Works storefronts are not only olfactory delights, they are eye-pleasing country-type store-fronts designed to welcome and induce the customer to step foot inside.

Bath and Body Works Store Front.

Bath and Body Works Store Front.

To enhance the aromas, there are huge metal wind chutes at the entrances to boost the air flow. The idea is to blend the beautiful aromas through the store at mega levels, I would guess.  If you attempt to stand there by the air flow chute while sniffing perfume at one of the shelves, be prepared to wear wind goggles and get a chill from the blast of cool air. (I’m not kidding. It’s happened to me on many occasion.)  I’ve learned my lesson. I just stay away from the two front corners of the store where the metal chutes emanating from the ceiling are located.

Bath and Body Works constantly has sales. Which is another good idea to stop by if you like their products. They stock fragrance, soap, candles, hand sanitizer, air fresheners, body lotions and creams, bubble bath, fragrance plugs, bulbs and oils, aromatherapy products, sun care, spa and skin care products. The list is endless as is the fragrance list.

If only they didn’t constantly discontinue their popular fragrances. So many people love a perfume and suddenly it’s discontinued. They constantly launch new ones, and I do mean, constantly. The thought “fragrance of the month club” does come to mind when I thing of Bath and Body Works…

This shopping chain constantly has sales. The best part about Bath and Body Works is that you never have to pay full price if you have a little patience. Their sales vary, but they always have some type of discount going on in their stores or online. And, they have a 75% off bin in the store for products that have packaging that is being changed (a product that is not discontinued, but simply having a new box or colors) or there may be products that are being discontinued in these bins. And frankly, at 75% discount, I’m in for rooting through these bins to see what I would like.

Bath and Body Works Sale.

Bath and Body Works Sale.

I had to kill an hour today waiting for a repair on my cell phone. I wandered into the mall to see what was new. I love bargains, and I figured I had nothing to lose by looking at what they had at such a great discount. One of my favorites, Sensual Amber, was on 75% off, and I managed to get a shower gel, a body cream and the eau de toilette at a savings of $40.50. I only paid $13.50 for those three items. Now that’s a sale. If you shop wisely, bide your time, you’ll always find something on sale or at a better price at this store. Which will give you more money in your wallet for other things.

Sensual Amber.

Sensual Amber.

I love amber fragrances. Although this is not my #1 in amber frags, it definitely can hold a candle to others on the market for its price point.

Sensual Amber is a smooth  boozy amber with a tea-infusion lasting at least a good four hours. It’s creamy. It’s gives you a languid, delicious feeling. It’s a wonderful night-time perfume.

Sillage is surprisingly good. This fragrance is a sexy, sensual scent that’s sweatshirt-cozy and warm. Or, spray it on your linens along with yourself and luxuriate in Sensual Amber. As your body heats up, so does this Eau de Toilette.

I get a good mixture of amber and vanilla with praline, patchouli and musk well-mixed together to create a delicious EdT. The amber stays strong throughout along with the patchouli wrapping it together in a tight musky package. This earthy oriental will stay with you when layered overnight and you’ll wake up still sniffing your wrist.

I’ve ventured into Bath and Body Works recently to sample their fragrances. It’s been many years since I’ve walked into one of their stores and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the array of fragrances. I found their fragrances hit or miss but as others have said, sampling to your heart’s content is encouraged. Layer a fragrance, wear it for a few hours and decide if it’s right for you. That’s the beauty of this store. They let you try their products. It’s a positive way to sample perfume. I like that. No hassles.

Top Notes: Plum, Forest Fruits, Bergamot.

Middle Notes: Iris, Orange Blossom, White Rose, Lotus.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla, Praline.

Country Chic’s initial burst is one of citrus zest with soapiness. A clean soapiness that is invigorating. It’s not an old-fashioned soapy feel, it’s wrapped with a woodsy feel, thanks to the Virginia Cedar, which predominates in this floral fruity gourmand. I wouldn’t call it a gourmand tho, to me, it leans more towards a woody musk.

Praline and pear sit on the plate most definitely, but think of County Chic as an outdoors fragrance. One you’d enjoy wearing as a transitional one in the cool Spring months when Mother Winter begins her thaw and the temperatures begin to rise. When you start to shed your multitude of layers of clothing, and you’re wearing a sweater with a jacket, jeans and ankle boots, this is the one that’s a comfort scent on those sunny afternoons.

Quite a few notes mix together in Country Chic to create a rather pleasant perfume that’s gentle, a whisper on the wind, a flurry of the budding leaves and a walk in new spring shoes on the fresh growing grass. It’s not heavy. It’s not overwhelming. It’s perfect for the springtime. It’s a perfume to transition from the heavier perfumes of winter. Country Chic radiates lightly but enough to let others know what you’re wearing. Longevity is about 3 hours. A comfortable week-end perfume for lounging.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Pear, Green Notes, Tagetes, Amalfi Lemon.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, African Orange Flower, Gardenia, Lily, Raspberry.

Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Virginia Cedar, Amber, Peach, Orchid, Praline.

Sensual Amber and Country Chic can be purchased at the Bath and Body storefront in person or online here:



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Dolce & Gabbanna pour Femme Intense…Intoxication…Why Do People Buy & Wear Those Things?

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Dolce & Gabbana pour Femme Intense.

Dolce & Gabbana pour Femme Intense.

What an intoxicating brew Dolce & Gabbana Intense is! This is a potion to be worn in the dark hours by sultry women who know what they possess. Not what they want, because this is a confident perfume for women who own, who control, who have confidence. It is strong. It is aggressive. It leaves an impression. It wraps around you in a luscious mist.

Green mandarin infused with tuberose ,(the movie-house style buttery popcorn blend tuberose, my favorite blend), mixes heavily in Intense to deliver a potent perfume that delivers continually. There are heavy woods that wraps themselves around this entire mix and then a generous dousing of powder settles in. This is a succulent perfume that embodies fullness, ripeness and maturity. A smidge of smokiness wafts in courtesy of the mystical note of marshmallow and delivers an almost campfire effect.

Is it “Intense”? Perhaps. Memorable, at the least. Bodacious, yes.  It’s absolutely delicious.

I envisioned a hot-blooded horse trailing through a darkened forest, saddle-less, mists about the tree trunks, lichen and mosses thick abounding. The person that owns this magnificent beast is standing ahead, gazing into the thickets, listening to the overhead cacophony of the forest. The air is cold, thick and heavy with the morning dew as she waits and stands with the creature.

Horses Hooves,kmc,2013.

Horses Hooves,kmc,2013.

This perfume lasts an incredible time and radiates beautifully. It will create an impression. A small, small amount is needed to allow others to share what you are wearing. A drop on the top of your wrist, the curvature of your neck will do.

I had shopped, chosen a scarf and was walking around the department store before I paid for it. I had draped the scarf around my neck. When I finally went to pay for my purchases, the young woman commented on the scarf. “I love the feel of it,” she said. “And it smells so good.” I looked at her with chagrin, then smiled. “That would be my perfume,” I said. “The scarf isn’t scented.” “Oh,” she said. “Then your perfume is lovely!” (I had put a few drops on my right wrist a few hours earlier.)  That’s Dolce & Gabbana pour Femme Intense.

Top Notes: Green Mandarin, Neroli.

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Orange Blossom.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Marshmallow.

Dolce & Gabbana pour Femme Intense, an oriental floral,  is available at department stores and online.

As an aside, it does remind me of Hypnotic Poison in scent, longevity and in radiance.



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Mackie by Bob Mackie…A Taste From The Past…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Mackie by Bob Mackie.

Mackie by Bob Mackie

Thick and syrupy, a fragrance born from yesteryear, Mackie is not for the inexperienced. Mackie is full, rich and quite enjoyable.

Bodacious with rich spices and bountiful florals, wearing this fragrance will garner compliments and render you helpless in constantly wanting to sniff your wrists. This is a relatively inexpensive fragrance that goes unnoticed on store shelves, yet should be snatched up for its delicious aroma.

The initial blast is forceful. Be careful when you spritz this wonderful juice on yourself. One spray on your wrist, then whooshed through your hair will get you through hours of a delightful vintage-smelling perfume at an equally delightful price.

Peach steals the show continually, along with a ripe fruit scent while the florals wrap around the sides as if you’re walking down a blooming garden spring path. Sweet patchouli, warm sandalwood and a sensuous musk complete Mackie with a very gentle powdery finish to make this a cozy perfume to reach for over and over again during the cool winter months.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised upon awakening the next morning to sniff traces of lingering Mackie. It’s a perfume that stays with you. That’s an added bonus for the price. Mackie has that old-fashioned feel to it because it is a full-bodied perfume.

It’s not light, it’s not fruity, it’s not a pear/plum compote with synthetic vanilla tossed on top that dissipates in an hour or two. Does that make Mackie dated? Not at all. It simply makes this a worthwhile addition to your collection. It makes spending your money on a bottle of perfume worthwhile. Why? Because it’s a perfume that has lasting power, it’s a perfume that is different and it’s a perfume that has oomph to it. You won’t find many wearing this and that’s a good thing. You’ll stand out smelling intoxicating.

Mackie, introduced in 1991, stands up to the heavy-hitters of times past. Paloma Picasso, Opium and Poison are all strong perfumes from those decades past and are still going strong. Mackie is a keen competitor and is also still being worn.

This is sweet without being cloying, musky without the attic, floral without the hothouse, spicy without Mediterranean flair. It’s such a mix that is blended so expertly, so creamily that you can truly enjoy all of these notes together without any overload. Even the powder effect doesn’t take precedence over anything else.

Bob Mackie, an oriental floral,  can be purchased through discount department stores, through online retailers and secondary auction sites such as Ebay.

Top Notes: Pineapple, Raspberry, Peach.

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Narcissus, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Honeysuckle.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Vetiver.

Bob Mackie is best known as a clothing designer. Although he has dressed many of Hollywood’s finest actresses, two of his most memorable costumes were for Cher and Carol Burnett. Cher’s costume was at the Academy Awards and featured a headdress that was one and a half times taller than her head. You might remember this costume:

Cher in Bob Mackie at the Academy Awards

Cher in Bob Mackie at the 1986 Academy Awards.

Carol Burnett portrayed Scarlett O’Hara in a humorous sketch on her television show, when she was in need of an outfit to meet Rhett Butler. In desperation, she pulled down the drapes from her windows, and then used them for her dress. Here is the photo of the outfit. Bob Mackie is the man responsible for designing that costume:

Carol Burnett in Bob Mackie as Scarlett O'Hara.

Carol Burnett in Bob Mackie as Scarlett O’Hara.

You can view a commentary with Bob Mackie here on YouTube:




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Armani Code…Sensual Honey In A Bottle…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Armani Code.

Armani Code.

Sexiness with a hint of dominance. Creamy fruits tossed with vanilla, addled with dark spices make Armani code a women’s choice for feeling mysterious, confident and beautiful. Wearing this makes you see your world through slitted eyes and tousled hair, a Chesire smile and a winner takes all attitude. This perfume gives you an attitude that lasts for hours.

A little goes a very long way, so be careful in your application. In today’s world of chemical watered down soups, it’s refreshing to find a perfume that works from start to finish.

Delightful spices of ginger and vanilla, mellowed honey, tart citrus and woods combine to make Armani Code unique in today’s world. It’s sophisticated, it’s perfect for evenings and it’s a wonderfully mature fragrance. It’s tangy opening is refreshing and surprising, yet soon gives way to a sophisticated perfume that is hazily sensual,  languid and at ease with itself.

Wonderful for cooler weather and also easily at home with jeans, a Chanel blazer, as it is with an over-sized sweater. Lasts for quite a few hours and although seemingly soft, sprayed in the right places, those around you will appreciate Armani Code. Even the bottle says “sexy” as the glass deepens from a pale to a deeper blue with black flowers.

Top Notes: Jasmine, Italian Orange, Bitter Orange.

Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Ginger.

Base Notes: Honey, Vanilla, Sandalwood.

The noses behind Armani Code, considered a floral,  are Carlos Benaim, Dominique Ropion, and Olivier Polge. Armani Code can be purchased at major department stores, online and at the Armani website here:,default,sc.html?sz=8.



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