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Anna Sui Perfumes.

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Anna Sui Fairy Dance.

Anna Sui Fairy Dance.

A common complaint about Anna Sui perfumes is their longevity, it seems. Yes, there are other Anna Sui fragrances that disappear within a few hours on me, but Fairy Dance lasts longer.
The mandarin orange is crisp, bright and juicy, supported by the mango. The bamboo adds an interesting touch which I love, tempering it down with a scent of paper that holds your attention. If you’re not familiar with bamboo, it’s a clean-smelling note. Fairy Dance is also supported by the mustiness of vetiver nicely to create a fragrance that’s not all sickly sweet fruit. It moves on to a creamier scent as the vanilla kicks in, almost reminiscent of the old-fashioned Good Humor orange and vanilla ice cream bars, but not quite as sweet.
The bottle is chunky and the topper is a cute fairy sitting aloft and if you’re a collector, it’s a nice one to have. All in all, Fairy Dance surprised me as a tropical yet earthy fragrance with a fresh feel to it. I think it’s seasonless because of the bamboo/vetiver/vanilla notes. Daytime, sleeptime, it’s a comfortable floral fruity scent to wear. I truly enjoy this one.

Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Pink Pepper, Mango.

Middle Notes: Bamboo, Rose, Peony.

Base Notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

Anna Sui Forbidden Affair.

Anna Sui Forbidden Affair.

If Only Anna Sui’s Forbidden Affair lived up to its’ name. This floral fruity perfume could have such promises. Black currant dominates, in other words, the infamous cat pee note, along with red currant (another cat pee note tempered with fruit), and lemon. Think about this. Not exactly pleasant. Along comes cedar and violets to give it an earthy dirt smell and there you have it. A Forbidden Affair with zombies. Enough said. Luckily it doesn’t last long.

Top Notes: Amalfi Lemon, Black Currant, Red Currant.

Middle Notes: Rose, Raspberry, Pomegranate.

Base Notes: Musk, Virginia Cedar, Violets, Vanilla.



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Kim Kardashian Perfume-Tuberose Woods Spiced Right

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Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian’s offering is tuberose, yes, but it’s muted generously by other notes to give this perfume an elegant flavor and also, a more common link or an introduction to straight-up florals for those that might want to enjoy their flowers without suffocation. If you’re not familiar with tuberose, it can be an off-putting floral that is very strong and isn’t always likeable. It can take getting used to if you’ve always worn sweeter perfumes that are gourmands with vanilla bases. This is not such a beast.

The opening is undeniably strong with bold fleshy tuberose, sweet honeysuckle, a strong jasmine and equally vibrant gardenia. Prepare yourself for a floral smack in the head that will assault for a good hour or two before it begins to simmer down and allows other notes to come in and play. For me, that’s when the fun begins.

There is an infusion of spices suddenly mixing into the florals along with a mild woods that temper the initial blast. After about two hours of strong, strong florals, this perfume becomes a spicy mix that for me, is more tolerable and low-key. The florals at that point definitely take the back seat in the fragrance. Kim Kardashian is a very feminine, flirty scent that will give you a run for a good six hours.

Perfect for dinners out, special occasions and times when you’re not in closed quarters. This is a perfume when you don’t want to offend the person sitting next to you. It’s just too over-the-top floral to take a chance with upsetting someone with the perfume you’re wearing and this could do that.

I picked up the gift set at $12.50 which included the lotion also which has a glittery quality to it. Wonderful price but not a good selling point for the glitter. Glitter is usually thought of for the younger generation, yet a tuberose perfume statistically is one that is used more by a more mature person. Oxymoron in a box. The tube is huge and now I’m stuck with a large tube of glittery lotion.

The perfume bottle is squat-shaped and easy to hold and spray, simple in color with two inter-twined “K’s”. I really think you only need a small bottle of Kim Kardashian. A little spritz goes a long way and I can’t see myself using up this bottle, much less the lotion any time soon or in the far future either. Unless it’s Halloween and I need to be iridescent.

If you’re a tuberose lover or a heavy floral hitter, this might be a choice for you, but bear in mind, woods and spices do come into play. KK changes mid-way and becomes more of a skin scent. If you’re not sure about tuberose but enjoy woodsy scents and are entering the floral market, this could be a good introduction if you’re willing to sweat out the florals for an hour or two to bring a new perfume to your environment.

Kim Kardashian, an oriental floral, was introduced in 2009. The perfumer behind it is Claude Dir, responsible for many perfumes, among them: Bond No. 9- Andy Warhol Lexington Ave., Lexington Ave., Manhattan, Success Is The Essence Of New York; Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Revitalize, Green Tea Summer,  Pretty, Pretty Hot and Mediterranean; Mary Kay’s Affection and Belara; Jack Black’s Signature Silver Mark Ceylon Cardamom and Wild Cypress, Signature Blue Mark Japanese Juniper and Ginger Essence, Signature Black Mark Kashmir Saffron and Red Cedar; Perry Ellis For Women and Perry Ellis For Men; Bijan’s DNA by Bijan Women, DNA Women; Lacoste’s Pour Homme; Celine Dion’s Simply Chic; Hugo Boss’s Hugo Energize Spray, Hugo Energise; Anthopologie’s Cape Of Good Hope; Juicy Couture’s Dirty English; Bobbi Brown’s Beach; La Prairie’s Silver Rain; Britney Spear’s In Control Curious, Curious Heart and Curious; Kate Spade’s Twirl; Mariah Carey’s Vision Of Love and Never Forget You; Beyonce’s Heat; Kenneth Cole’s Mankind; Como & Brigante NOU; and Parfums Visari Fleurage Waterlily.  He is also responsible for Kim Kardashian’s newest introduction in the fragrance market, Pure Honey.

Top Notes:  African Orange Flower, Mandarin Orange, Honeysuckle.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Tuberose, Spices.

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Orchid, Woodsy Notes.

Watch Kim as she talks about notes and her perfume bottle and how she has learns how to help develop a fragrance with the companies that will launch her perfume. Good to see a celebrity have some interest in their creation.



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Nude By Rihanna…More Hype Than Fragrance…It’s All In The Name.

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Nude is quite the proper name for the third fragrance by Rihanna. When one thinks of the word nude, the term au naturel comes to mind. Completely unclothed and bare. And that’s what Nude is all about.

It sits close to the skin, it’s innocent, it’s a light fragrance and frankly, it’s barely there. There is an initial blast of a fruity, sweet, tropical scent that hints of something beautiful ahead. And if you’re familiar with the two previous flankers, Rebelle and Reb’l Fleur, you’re thinking perhaps the longevity will be wonderful. But it isn’t. disappointment looms ahead. Nude is just what the name implies and suggest. I applaud the title. It is spot on. Nude is good as a bed-time scent because you’ll fall asleep soon enough and not need a perfume with a longevity factor.

There’s a muskiness to it that keeps it interesting for the older range group along with the younger target audience. The woodiness keeps Nude a simple perfume that’s not seductive or mind-boggling or even memorable. It’s really more of a comfort scent to wear with an over-sized sweater and jeans. But bear in mind, this is one you’ll have to re-apply often unless you enjoy a scent that lies so close to your skin you have to burrow your nose in your arm to smell it.

It’s pretty, yes. It’s relaxing. It won’t offend a soul. I purchased it as a set with the lotion and body wash included which are very decent products. Since the price I paid were from a clearance shelf, I cannot complain. I’m only out $12.50. Had I paid more for just the perfume, I would have been highly disappointed. I expect more for my money.

If you’re looking for an extremely light, tropical, woody, musky scent that doesn’t last long, one that you have to re-apply often, and you don’t have to worry about it offending the people around you, here’s your choice. If you’re thinking along the lines of Rihanna’s other perfumes, do not compare Nude to them.

As far as the bottle, I’ve said it before with Rebelle and Reb’l Fleur, this is one of the worst designs I’ve ever encountered. the bottom is too large to hold while the neck is too slim to manipulate the sprayer at the same time. Pretty to look at tho.

Nude is definitely a sample before you buy. As an after thought, I layered this with Coty’s Vanilla Musk and the combo of the two made for such a delightful mix that lasted for hours, I was finally happier with Nude. It’s better to use for layering. For those of us who like our perfumes on the heavier side, or those of us who are used to stronger perfumes or for those who just want some oomph in their fragrance, Nude just won’t make the cut. It’s too simple. If you’re a veteran perfumista, this one might just be too much on the simple side.

When celebrities hawk their fragrances at the department store launches, wouldn’t it be nice if they knew some information about their perfume? Maybe describing some of the attributes by notes, how long it lasts, the nose  they worked with to develop the perfume are all interesting topics that show the consumer the celebrity perhaps had a hand in the development of the fragrance. As far as Rihanna, here she is on an interview at Macy’s talking about her perfume during its inaugural launch.

When questioned on what her perfume is about in by two different interviewers, this was Rihanna’s response:

“I love that it changes in the morning when you wake up naked the next morning…it smells…it smells really…good. It gets better and it keeps getting better.”-that was Rihanna talking to Bella Sugar/Pop Sugar TV about Nude Perfume.

“When I was a little girl my Mom actually used to work behind a counter selling perfume in a store like this so I always was very familiar with fragrances from a really young age and I could still recognize things…perfume…just by …I could smell it and know it…even from young so I always wanted to make my own fragrance and now this is my 3rd one. It’s been super successful so far and I’m excited that people even like it and want to smell like me. The interviewer from Extra TV then asked Rihanna, “What’s this one smell like? The name is Nude.”  Rihanna responded, “It’s all nude. It’s a sassy fragrance. It’s not stripped down in any way but it’s the way you want to smell naked. My women and my guys trust me-you want your girls to smell like this.”

Loads of info there from the face behind the perfume. It’s “sassy”. Oh-and it’s “nude”. Just in case you didn’t realize the correlation between the name on the box and the juice inside. Hype. And more Hype.

Don’t buy a perfume because of the face behind it. There’s a chance you won’t like it. Test it first. If you do like it, it’s a win-win.

More importantly? If the person hawking the perfume can’t describe the product that has their name on the box, you really need to question their motives for introducing perfumes at the height of their career. And if your purchase is simply because you’re a fan and it’s a blind-buy, or you’re buying a celebrity’s perfume simply because you’re a fan, well, hey, that’s what disposable income is for. Your disposable income is now part of their gross income.

Nude, the 3rd fragrance by Rihanna, launched in 2012 and is available in department stores and online.

Top Notes: Guava, Mandarin Orange, Pear.

Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine Sambac, Gardenia.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla Orchid, Musk.

What it takes to make the commercial for Nude….



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Nicole Miller…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Nicole Miller.

Nicole Miller.

A supporting cast comprises this perfume to make it a complete success in its long enjoyable  run. Its opening act of tuberose and aldehydes are strong and deflect from the actual outcome of this Nicole Miller. The ending act will surprise and delight you.

Polar opposites and a change in mid-air make this fragrance one that’s a delight to bask in over and over again. You’ll find yourself reaching for it on a regular basis. You can inhale the literal change in this perfume as it morphs from a tuberose heavy-hitter to a warm honeyed-amber.  It’s as if you’ve changed perfumes in mid-air suddenly with two distinctly different flairs.

The initial top notes are straight full-blown tuberose, warm and inviting, surrounded by spices. The more you wear Nicole Miller, the more notes you seem to discern and discover. This is not a perfume that plays by the rules. This tuberose is beautiful-it’s flower-show worthy and lasts for a good hour at minimum through the dry down where it quietly slips into the background surrounded by other delicious notes.

Mid-way, sweet jasmine, benzoin, woods and musk work their magic. The tuberose lets the sweet honeyed amber steal the show in full glory and dance the light fantastic for hours to come. This is where the true beauty of Nicole Miller wraps around you with more spices, vetiver, tonka bean and a faint hint of vanilla. A wonderful winter scent designed for snowy blustery days in front of the fireplace. I’ve reached for this over and over again this winter simply because it’s comforting, pleasing and so delicious. I so enjoy the way it changes and reveals so many different flavors.

This perfume lasts until you take it off and others will notice and appreciate this frag on you-in other words-sillage is strong-so be gentle in application. Also a great layering perfume so use your imagination with your other vintage fumes.

Change is wonderful. Change is unexpected. Some perfumes trip and stumble in their presentation, some remain linear, some twist and turn to reveal new sides you realize are suddenly appearing. Nicole Miller is one of those perfumes that will surprise you with its changing course. Take a trip with Nicole and experience the change in this perfume. It’s delightfully cozy.

Top Notes: Aldehydes, Plum, Coriander, Green Notes, Mandarin Orange, Peach, Bergamot.

Middle Notes: Honey, Carnation, Tuberose, Iris, Orchid, Damask Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Heliotrope.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk, Benzoin, Vanilla, Cedar.

Nicole Miller, an oriental floral,  is available on her website here: or in department stores or online.



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Juicy Couture Juicy Couture…Have A Bowl Of Buttered Popcorn…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Juicy Couture.

Juicy Couture.

I’d always avoided any of the Juicy Couture line, assuming they were too young, frivolous and frankly, the background behind the name was off-putting to me. Well, you know the old saying when you assume. I’ll admit it on this first perfume that was produced in 2006 by  Juicy Couture…I like this one, and this one only. It has substance. It’s good. It’s damn good and well worth the money.

I happened upon some reviews where others talked of it reminding them of buttered popcorn. Hmmm. Buttered popcorn? I like that. I like quirky. So I figured I’d give this one a test drive and if indeed it turned into movie-house quality butter popcorn on me then it was worth buying a bottle.

Lo and behold, the next week, I’m doing a perfume run around local stores searching for good buys, and I find one at an incredible price waiting for me. So I went ahead, plunged in and bought it. Ok, I spritzed it on at the store first. The ladies that work there don’t mind, they know me and allowed me to get a whiff of Juicy Couture 2006 first. Since it was non-returnable, (I’ve talked about store policy before in a previous post), I didn’t want to waste my money, even if it was $1.00.  If I bought it, I owned it, so I better like it.

Hot Buttered Popcorn Time At The Movies! I could not believe my nose. Sure, there are some light florals mixed with this wonderful composition, but the main gist of it is truly a salted buttered popcorn with a caramel flair. A dirtier patchouli sits low in the base underneath it all hugging tightly. The creme brulee is stirred throughout to ensure this mix is creamy and not sharp in any way.

But it’s not a childish gourmand, either. This is truly a well-blended fragrance that encompasses such a variety of under-lying notes, I’ve found myself reaching for it over and over again quite regularly.

The tuberose in it does not appear as tuberose normally does on me when it’s stands linear. This times it’s mixed with the other florals to create a low-lying base that doesn’t intimidate but instead generates a feeling that there are flowers nearby, but not in your face as a floral perfume, which is wonderful for me. I’m not a floral perfume lover.

There is also a hint of underbrush woods in Juicy Couture to balance this out. I’ve worn it now through three seasons and I’ve liked it best in the cooler weather, but I’ve liked wearing it all through the three seasons. I truly love that there is such a mix of notes in this juice that swirl around yet come together so magnificently.

For me, it transcends the weather. It’s one of my few perfumes that stays on until I take it off and has incredible lasting power, another plus in my book of powerful perfumes for the money. It radiates well and I’ve received many compliments on this one.

As a kick, I’ve layered it with True Religion’s Love Hope & Denim, an oriental vanilla with high notes of caramel, vanilla and sugar for me, which when combined brought out more saltiness, vanilla and more caramel.

This fume is encased in a very heavy, chunky bottle with two lions facing each other as far as I’m concerned, isn’t sweet and bubblegum delicious as the other perfumes from the Juicy Couture line. It’s a perfume well-blended that despite its’ naysayers deserves a trial sniff for those who have never tried it. Suitable for daytime wear, evening wear, anytime wear for any age.

Juicy Couture Juicy Couture was the first introduced and hold its place as Number One. Harry Fremont is the nose behind this juice. This perfume is considered a floral-fruity and won the FiFi Fragrance Of The Year in 2007.

FiFi Award.

FiFi Award.

This award is known as “The FiFi Awards which are an annual event sponsored by The Fragrance Foundation which honor the fragrance industry’s creative achievements and is the most prominent and prestigious celebratory event of the fragrance industry. These awards have been held annually in New York City since 1973 and are attended by around 1,000 members of the international fragrance community, designers and celebrities from the fashion, theatre, film, or television industries.”-from Wikipedia. For more information and other fragrances that have worn awards through the years see here:

Top Notes: Passionfruit, Mandarin Orange, Green Apple, Hyacinth, Watermelon, Marigold, Green Leaves.

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Lily, Rose Hip.

Base Notes: Patchouli, Vanilla, Caramel, Precious Woods, Creme Brulee.

Juicy Couture Juicy Couture can be purchased at major department stores, at discount department stores such as TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, at drug stores and online.



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Fabulous…Smell Like A Honey Of A Peach Pie…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi.

Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi.

So what’s in a name? Does “Fabulous” really mean fabulous? For some maybe, but this rendition of perfume by Isaac Mizrahi just isn’t so  perfectly pleasing after all. Perhaps it’s a tad too fabulously peachy.

Fabulous is an awfully sweet peachy scent. I like smelling it but I could never own it nor could I ever wear it again after taking this one for a test drive around the block a few days. Each time I’ve worn it, its scent overwhelms me. It’s cloyingly sweet and it hugs me with an artificial sweetness that I don’t mind if I’m alone (for the test drive), but I seriously wondered if it would be annoying to others that would smell it on me.

It’s a perfume that smacks you in the face with its fruit pie overload.  I feel as if I’m sitting in the pie tent at a summer church carnival, the temperatures have risen at mid-day to high humidity over 105 degrees, they’ve closed the flaps of the tents and the flies are buzzing. It’s sweltering and all I can smell are the hundreds of fresh-baked peach and assorted fruit pies around me. Which is ok, it’s a good smell, it’s just a sensory overload for more than an hour. and unfortunately, Fabulous last for six hours straight. My luck.

Adorable pink fluid, pink polka dots and pink atomizer set the tone for this overly delicious cutesy just fab concoction. Buttery popcorn does make an entrance and dance around mid-way but does not truly introduce itself as a finer tuberose.  As a floral-fruity, I’d say without a doubt, you’re definitely in an orchard rather than at a flower show.

Best worn lightly and any time of the year you want to be a honey of a peach.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Nectarine.

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Peony, Freesia, Jasmine.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla.

Fabulous was introduced in the fall of 2012 and can be found in discount outlets and through online suppliers such as Ebay.



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Sensuous Nude Brings The Beach Home…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

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Sensuous Nude.

Sensuous Nude.

Yes, yes and more yes. Ahhhh….absolutely delicious. Heaven, pure heaven. The next morning a hint of this perfume still remains. How fabulous is that?

The initial blast of honeyed milk served in a coconut shell with spices on top is extreme and brings its’ wearer to heights of delicious anticipation. Images of sitting in a tropical palm-covered hut-I can hear seagulls screeching overhead and the sun is delectably warm. The sea is crashing behind me, the sky is blue overhead with minimal clouds on the horizon. And the barkeep? Let’s just say that’s my fantasy…and Sensuous Nude takes you there.

This perfume delivers a sweet musk brilliantly tempered by amber sitting in a coconut shell. If golden bronze had a color, this would be it. Lauder chose the color for the bottle correctly. Close your eyes when you spray, because that’s what you see.

It can be minus 6 degrees outside with gusty winds, snow blowing around the corners of the house when I spray this perfume and my mind will still create images of that beautiful beach. It still takes me there to blue skies, warm sands under my toes and the ocean waves not far away. It’s that delicious.

A nuance of top peppery notes add just the right amount of spiciness to this brew without overloading it. Bergamot adds the freshness, zing and pop in the initial blast that gives Sensuous Nude its exciting wow factor in the beginning that calms down with the honeyed milk. The sandalwood comes across more as a dried hay or dried palms, similar to the tops of little beach huts.

This perfume radiates very well and lasts for hours upon hours. Sensuous Nude is considered an oriental floral and was introduced in 2011 by Estee Lauder. Sensuous Nude follows Estee Lauder’s Sensuous and Sensuous Noir.

Sensuous Nude can be purchased in department stores and online.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Pepper, Pink Pepper.

Middle Notes: Musk, Jasmine, Lily-Of-The-Valley, Coconut, Honey.

Base Notes: Amber, Vanille, Woodsy Notes, Heliotrope, Sandalwood, Musk.



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