Mizon’s Gold Starfish Cream

mizonstarfishTo begin with, all the starfish that are in the little tubs of Mizon’s Starfish cream, are harvested in a humane way. There is an overpopulation of them and supposedly, the way they are culled from the ocean in no way creates any harm to them. Secondly, you know how if a starfish were to lose one of its appendages and it grows back? Well, that’s the theory of this cream. Your skin will regenerate new cells. It’s touted as a miracle cream and many women absolutely adore it.

I’ve used it on and off for the last six months and I’m still on the fence about it. I do know that there are different canisters of it. There is the gold top tub and the tub that’s marked the “Mizon Returning Starfish Cream” , which is the original. Apparently, the original had more starfish in it. Therein may lie the problem for me.

I find the cream somewhat moisturizing but not heavily. I can use it in the summertime when it’s hot outside without worrying about my face looking oily. I do have dry skin that needs a lot of hydration. Come winter, I need to add my oil concoction drops to any moisturizer before I moisturize my face.

As with any cream, I want results. I just didn’t see any that I could say would benefit my skin. Maybe I didn’t use it long enough, (altho I think over a 6-month period that’s long enough) but I also know that when I’ve administered product within a two week period I’ve often begun to see results, albeit small ones, but enough that made me want to go on with a product. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t been so hyped about this one.

It might be better for younger skin that isn’t looking for too much right now because it’s near perfect and doesn’t need that much in the way of correction. For mature skin, this isn’t suiting my needs.

If you’re seriously looking for K-Beauty for mature skin, I believe there are better products aimed directly for concerns that women deal with as their skin ages. Mizon’s Starfish Cream might be great for skin that doesn’t need plumping or doesn’t have wrinkles yet and just needs some basic moisture. I just don’t think it belongs in my arsenal.



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