The Worst CellPhone Ever, From BoostMobile.


No. No. Just No.
I bought this phone a year ago, 5 months before Black Friday sales. I was hoping to pick up a better phone then but BoostMobile didn’t have any sales so I’m stuck w/this Devilchild of Samsung, aka Samsung’s Galaxy Prevail.

It glitches, it overheats, it freezes, it crashes on the internet for no apparent reason, it’s memory (even w/a card) is lacking, the prongs for re-charging are now toast, it lags, drops calls and whenever I’m w/someone that has a “better ” cell, I’ll tell them to look up info on the ‘net (unless they have the patience to wait a few minutes ). It’s re-set itself and I’ve had to go into settings to see wth is going on w/my phone and change various settings back. Such as, “No, Devilchild, it’s not 10:30 am on January 10, 2014″. Back in I go to see whatever’s been done. When it overheats, which is sometimes good on a cold winter day, that does come in handy as a hand-warmer, tho.

Sending texts usually gets done on time. Calls are as crisp as I can imagine. Photos are decent. It’s small and fits in my jeans pocket. Devilchild was inexpensive, yes, but I still expected it to work within the parameters of a normal cellphone. I learned my lesson. I love Boost, been with them for years. At times, their phones are suspect of a pact with the Devil. If you enjoy frustration, agony, throwing your money carelessly around and not knowing what the future holds for this undependable phone, then it’s the one for you.

Again, last night, my phone decided to act up, and I had to call Customer Service for help. They did a soft re-set and the phone again started acting semi-normally. Texts came through again, emails suddenly appeared and the day and time were correct. I couldn’t hold the phone in my hand, it was too hot. It won’t charge normally, the prongs are definitely toast. It’s time to look for another phone.

Actually, the CS agent asked me how long I’ve had this particular model. I told him just about a year. He told me I should go to a Boost Store and tell them I want to “upgrade” my phone. He told me it’s “time”. Really? Ya think? But it really shouldn’t be after a year. I’m so disgusted with this phone, but not BoostMobile. The phones that are put out today seem so dispensable, it’s horrifying. So I’m stuck with this one till I can find one that I like and get the cash together for it. (Boost charges full price for their phones.)

Oh well, me and Devilchild will be together for a bit longer. Those cellphone manufacturers are smart. They know how we rely on the cellphones. But not that much. Maybe it’s time to shop around for a new carrier.



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