What Perfume Should I Buy My Mom?

What perfume should I buy my Mom? So many perfumes to choose from! So many Moms with different tastes! You’d like to give her something she’d like, something special, a gift that would make her smile. So how to select a perfume for your Mother?

If you know the perfume she wears, the answer should be simple, right? But don’t buy her just the perfume she wears. Buy her the accompanying products that go with the perfume. Buy her the perfumed lotion, the perfumed cream, the perfumed mist, the perfumed talc…whatever else is in the line of her favorite perfume. Why? Because generally speaking, women who don’t always buy perfume for themselves, will rarely spend the money on the extras of the perfumed line. That’s the special gift she’ll love. And if you have the funds, also buy her the perfume to go with it.


If you don’t know her special perfume? I’ve said this before, don’t just buy her a perfume suggested by someone else or by the fragrance consultant at the store. They don’t know your Mom. Perfume is a personal product that only the wearer can choose. But, women love perfume, so don’t think that you shouldn’t buy a perfume for her.

You can buy a perfume sampler. Department stores, cosmetic stores and online stores sell them. Perfume samplers are kits of samples or smaller size bottles made by a company that introduces the wearer to a number of their (usually) best-selling perfumes. It’s an ideal way for a consumer to test out perfumes and find new ones for them to enjoy.


You can find perfume samplers at stores like TJMaxx, Ross or Marshalls, Overstock.com, Sephora.com, Ebay online or at the fragrance brand itself. If you go to the brands sites, some of them offer specials on their purchases. It’s like a perfume gift that keeps on giving. Mom will be able to test out a variety of perfumes for weeks and have loads of fun while she’s testing them out. She can layer the different perfumes or wear them separately. So much more fun than one bottle!

Most importantly, do not think about age when buying perfume for your Mom. Age is never a factor when a woman chooses her perfume. Her nose is. Never insult a woman by saying she should wear a certain perfume because it fits her age. Remember, it’s the woman  that rocks the perfume, not the perfume that rocks the woman!



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