How To Buy Perfume For Your Girlfriend

Screen CapturesWith Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time for that perfect gift for your woman. Flowers? Sure. Chocolates? Expected. Lingerie? We know you get us that for you. Perfume? What? That’s scary stuff in a guy’s mind. We know you want us to smell good but how do you go about picking out a fragrance for us? Here’s some tips on how to choose a perfume that just might bring a smile to your lady’s face.

It’s time to get in tune with your special someone and start looking for clues. Now’s the time for you to start sleuthing around without her knowing so you can choose a fragrance she will absolutely love.

Perfume is a personal choice. There have been over 68,000 perfumes produced in the world. It may seem like a daunting task, but there really are some simple, basic rules to follow and signs to look for and you’ll be able to choose a great fragrance that will bring a smile to her face.

The Untruths or Think This and You’re a Fullscreen capture 1142016 124300 AM.

1. All women like fruity-smelling perfumes. You know, the kind that smell like apples or plums or pears or whatever fruits you can think of at the moment.

2. Younger women really, really like candy-smelling, out-of-the-bakery, sweet concoctions that are cavity-inducing.

3. Older women, (pick your age here, can be anyone, it’s all relative), adore heavy perfumes that stink up a room like a funeral parlor. They’re commonly called grandma perfumes, quite erroneously.

4. Vintage perfumes are only for older women, because, after all, they smell like grandmas anyway, so your SO won’t appreciate a vintage fragrance.

5. The perfume her BFF wears smells great on her so if you buy it for your SO it will smell great on her, too. So very wrong in so many ways. Do not, ever, buy the same perfume for your SO that your sister wears, or your mother wears, or her mother wears, or your neighbor wears…you get the picture here.

6. Bigger is not always better. I know you think it is, but it’s not. It’s the quality and what she likes. No matter how many times we say it.

7. Just because you bought, she’ll love it. Get real. She’ll maybe pretend to like it. You know that word, right?

8. The Sales Associate told you it’s the most popular perfume being sold this year. So what?

9. The Sales Associate told you it’s a “classic” and every woman should own it. Again, so what?

10. It smelled good on the paper the Sales Associate gave you so you bought it because she told you to. And you have no idea what it really smells like on her or if it’s even something similar to something she wears.


Now on to the Truths Of Buying Perfume SuccessfullyFullscreen capture 1142016 12302 AM

1. Her personality will give you a clue. Is she quiet, playful, flirtatious, serious, sporty? There are types of perfumes and notes in perfumes that address certain personalities. Perfumes can be quiet, loud, bold, serious, sweet, floral, gourmand(food-like), oriental and more. Smell them and see if any remind you of her and what she wears. I could go into a dissertation on what actual notes mean but if you’re clueless about perfumes, it really doesn’t matter. Sometimes, it’s just too much information.

2. Take a look at the perfumes she owns. Make a note of the brands and names. Here’s where your computer comes in. Google the names and see if there are any similar ones. Walk into a department store, Sephora,  Ulta or similar store and ask a Sales Associate for their opinion on a similar perfume. Make sure you smell it first to see if it reminds you of her perfumes. Don’t buy it immediately. Have the SA spray it on a piece of paper and walk around with it for a few hours. It can change drastically during that time.

3. Does it have to be expensive to impress her? Not really. What most women want is something that they know you spent time on thinking about them, something that will tug at their heartstrings. Did you spend time thinking about the perfume you’re buying? Or did you just think that if you laid down a lot of money that would impress her?

4. The perfume you buy just has to have her name written all over it. It has to remind you of her. Even if you buy her her favorite perfume in a set of a bottle of pure perfume, a body creme, a shower gel and a purse-size spray all wrapped in a gift package, you’re still telling her that you thought enough of her to say that you know she loves that fragrance and you want to wrap her in it head to toe.

5. Know how much you are going to spend. Pure perfumes can cost upwards of two hundred dollars and more. Perfumes come in different concentrations. Pure perfumes are the strongest and most concentrated. Known as perfume, extrait or parfum, they are the most expensive. They will also be the smallest bottles. Next is eau de parfum, followed by eau de toilette and then cologne. Buy her the best bottle you can afford.

6. Perfume is a personal experience. I am a firm believer that no one can easily pick out another person’s perfume. Every person has different olfactory experiences and memories that they bring to the table with them when they smell perfumes. The truth is, it’s just very difficult to pinpoint what someone will like. With that in mind, it’s best to follow what they already enjoy. If they like citrus scents, go with that. Vanilla-based, tell that to a Sales Associate. Coconut, same thing. But it’s really best to tell the associate the names of the perfumes she already owns and stick with the same types.

7. There are perfume samplers on the market being sold where you can mix and match different perfumes to make your own scent. Or the samplers contain a variety of perfumes in the box so she can sample different ones. Just google perfume samplers and you’ll see a variety of great gift ideas.

8. Go shopping to a department store for something else, meander through the fragrance department and see what she looks at, sprays on and likes. Take notes with your phone. Pretend your texting or playing a game or whatever you do on your phone. Act bored so she doesn’t know you’re really taking notes.

9. Buy her rollerballs of her favorite perfumes. Rollerballs are handbag-size versions that are inexpensive and can be found at stores like Sephora, Ulta or online. Wrapped together in pretty wrapping would be a great gift for a perfume lover.

10. If you’re totally stumped, just ask her. She’ll tell you. And make sure you come through.

Fullscreen capture 1142016 11555 AMHAPPY  VALENTINE’S DAY!



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