The Grey Market.

Where do you buy your perfumes? Department stores, discount retailers like TJMaxx, Marshall’s, Ross (in America), drugstore chains, online discount retailers (like Fragrancenet), online auctions (like Ebay), flea markets and collectible or antique shops all provide perfumes at different prices. Where you buy your perfumes will give you the opportunity to either save money but not necessarily have good customer service, spend top dollar but have top-notch customer service or it’s take a chance at what you buy.

Once you become that enamored of perfumes that it becomes a hobby, you realize how expensive a hobby it really can become. This is where you realize you need to find your perfumes at better prices. But, you don’t want to be duped into buying counterfeits. So, you start buying at outlets and discounters. All in the name of collecting and appreciating perfume. But is it really safe to buy those cheaper bottles?

You may have heard the phrase “The Grey Market” used in the sale of perfumes. Essentially, it’s what discounters both online and those stores that you visit can sell. Grey Market perfumes are not counterfeit, dupes or fakes. They are the real thing, most of the time. But why are they cheaper?

Here’s an interesting blog article that explains what the Grey Market is and why you’re getting that perfume for considerably cheaper than its department store or price. It’s an informative discussion that should put to rest any questions you might have about buying a perfume for a cheaper price.

Happy buying!



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