The Body Shop Perfume Oil Vanilla.

The Body Shop Perfume Oil Vanilla.

The Body Shop Perfume Oil Vanilla.

My review is for the original Body Shop Vanilla Oil with the black cap. It was a dark oil that was very strongly scented. I went through many bottles of it back in the 1990’s and still have one left. Now on Ebay they are asking exorbitant dollar amounts for this original delectable scent and there is a reason why. If you were privy to it and remember it, there is nothing comparable to the original. I have searched since then for another vanilla and have not found anything anywhere near it yet.

The Vanilla Oil was a deep, scintillating gourmand that heightened people’s awareness of what a true vanilla was without other notes mixed in. It didn’t have any cloying sweetness to it. Nor did it have any florals that would interfere and mix with the scent. Its drydown would come and you would simply smell a warm, delicious slightly burnt vanilla that hinted of caramel, maybe of buttercream, but nevertheless, the amber kept the sweetness creamy and mellow. It was pure vanilla extract. It was a sexy vanilla, not a youngster’s vanilla. It was almost a dangerous perfume to some men when applied. The sillage was strong and it lasted just about until you showered it off. It was a perfume that seemed to meld into your own skin.
One time, I was walking into my Doctor’s office. He was holding the door for me, and as I walked past him, he sniffed the air and said, “Ahhh…there’s the scent I crave so much.” I turned and looked at him with surprise(and some horror, I might add). I think he surprised himself when he said that, and stuttered, “I meant…is somebody baking cupcakes?” And then kind of laughed. That’s when I knew the scent had some type of power. And so did my husband who was behind me. Needless to say, I never wore it again to that Doctor’s office.

It was that type of perfume tho. It made people sit up and take notice and comment. They would inhale and make some type of remark. It’s one of the few perfumes I own that always garnered remarks. Some that were decent and some that were not so decent.
Such a shame times have changed and they had to reformulate it. It was a beauty and I treasure the miniscule amount I have left of the original. The 2nd and 3rd versions are nothing like the original Body Shop Vanilla.

If you’d like to sniff an original vanilla that is unencumbered of other notes and is purely vanilla, an adult vanilla without any other entrapments, look for one online. It’s going to cost you, but it’s well worth it.



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