100 Best Perfumes For Valentine’s Day.

100 Perfumes For Your Special Valentine.

100 Perfumes For Your Special Valentine.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, i thought a post about the 100 best perfumes for your Valentine would be appropriate. What makes a bottle of perfume Valentine’s Day worthy? Could be anything, really. Only you know your sweetheart. But, if you don’t really know her preferences, then this post is for you!

So for that reason, I’ve chosen a variety of perfumes that are red, pink-themed (because let’s face it, that’s the color of the holiday), and some others that “say it in the name” of the perfume. Here’s some romantic, sensual, sexy, funny and kitschy ideas for your Valentine.

20 Unique Perfumes For Your Valentine.

20 Uniques Perfumes For Your Valentine.

1. Satine by Lalique, a stunning art deco bottle in very pale pink, a beautiful perfume that’s  tonka beans, vanilla and woods in a buttery, creamy delight and lasts for hours. Show your classic taste to your Valentine by presenting her with a bottle of this oriental woody.

2. Agent Provocateur L’Agent, pale rose bottle shaded with gray, full of incense and once sprayed on, most will say, a rather skanky perfume. Not sexy or sensual, but down and dirty sex in a bottle. An oriental floral with notes of incense, myrhh and patchouli, give your sexy Valentine a bottle of L’Agent and see what happens.

3. Pretty Petals by Ellen Tracy, a cute glass bottle with flowers embossed on the front…some say a dupe for Miss Dior Cherie. A floral fruity of blackberry, peach and vanilla. Give her a bottle of this and a bouquet of flowers.

4. Poetica by Kat Von D. in a lilac-shaded round, curved bottle, is a floral fruity gourmand that’s full of woods, musk and fruits and is absolutely gorgeous. Write her a poem telling her how she rocks your world and give her this perfume.

5. Elusive, a vintage chypre by Avon encased in a pale pink rubberized bottle. Musky, woody and green like no other perfume put out today. Give her a perfume from yesteryear in a vintage container.

6. Midnight Fantasy, encased in a purple bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals, this is heavily dominated with juicy plum. Is she your midnight fantasy? Tell her with a bottle of this and some lingerie.

7. Must de Cartier, red-capped, a tall cylindrical slim bottle, this is a sweet elixir similiar to Obsession but this oriental is an opulent blend of 25 notes that are vanilla, leather, tonka bean, civet, pineapple just to mention a few. It’s simply captivating. Tell her how she’s worth it.

8. Desirade My Desire, a beautiful art deco red glass bottle that’s a clean, earthy scent great for those that don’t want a fruit or floral based perfume. If’ she’s your desire, tell her with a bottle of this perfume.

9. Beverly Hills Polo Club Sexy For Her, a chunky purple bottle that’s old-time patchouli, sweet and delicious at a great cost.  This oriental floral is full of cinnamon goodness, too. The name says it all.

10. Fantasque, a vintage chypre floral by Louis Feraud encased in a sleek black glass bottle is  aldehydes, oakmoss, woods and patchouli. This perfume presents itself for evening wear elegantly. Tell the wearer how fantastic she really is in your world.

11. Victoria’s Secret Angel is a floral fruity that’s plummy with oud and ambergris in the notes. It’s bottle is shaded in pink with wings. Is she your special angel? Then tell her with a bottle.

12. Avon Mist of Roses is a vintage in a rubberized pink bottle. Spray this, close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re holding a bouguet of fresh cut roses. Amazing. Which you should be buying for her anyway.

13. Nicole Miller Frenzy is a chypre floral, sweet orange, patchouli and spices. Tell her how she puts you in a frenzy by presenting her with a uniquely shaped bottle of this Nicole Miller presentation.

14. Rock-n-Rebel by Flirt has hearts and roses on the bottle and is a simple floral fruity of apples, grapefruits and blackberries. The name says it all.

15. Red Door, an oriental floral is a strong perfume that is a love it or hate for many. It’s a beautiful perfume if it’s worn properly and agrees with you. There are a few different editions of Red Door to choose from and if your lady enjoys it, buy her the set. All bottles have red caps or red bottles.

16. Aromadisiac is an oriental floral of honeyed vanilla amber that packs a wallop for hours. Tell her how her aroma is wonderful with this perfume. Slender, sensual lilac bottle.

17. Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction is a floral fruity sweet perfume of plums and flowers. Tell her you want to seduce with a bottle.

18. Rihanna Rebelle, a floral fruity gourmand has coffee, cacao, strawberries and patchouli in it. Surround the perfume with chocolates and fresh strawberries. Cute bottle with red stripes.

19. Betsey Johnson Too Too, a floral fruity in a ballerinas’ tu-tu bottle. Strawberries and patchouli deliciously served. Serve her strawberries and whipped cream with a bottle of this.

20. Animale with the green top is a chypre that will bring the animal out. This is a strong perfume of moss, civet, honey and woods and more quite unlike any other. The name says it all.

20 Perfumes For Your Valentine.

20 Perfumes For Your Valentine.

21. My Sin by Lanvin, a vintage floral aldehyde encased in a gorgeous gold bottle with a picture of a mother and child. Is she your sin? Aldehydes, civet, orris root, vanilla, cloves and 15 more notes create this unique perfume.

22. Unbreakable Joy is a red bottle that looks like a champagne flute when turned upside down. It’s an oriental vanilla with notes of champagne chocolate, vanilla and spices. Tell her how joyful she makes you feel with this perfume.

23. Forever Red is a floral fruity wrapped in a bow in a thick red bottle. Notes of vanilla, rum and pomegranate stir your senses. Tell her she’s your forever girl with a bottle of this.

24. Christian Lacroix Rouge, a chypre floral with notes of pepper, patchouli, orange and cashmere wood is in a solid deep red bottle with black scrolling. Surprise her with a bottle of this uniquely sensual fragrance.

25. Kittenesque by Flirt is a leopard design bottle with pink edges. A floral fruity with strong vanilla and raspberry notes, give her this cute perfume aptly named.

26. Mesmerize, cleverly named, a woody aromatic, is a vintage and sometimes re-released by Avon. The vintage is a beautiful cobalt blue bottle with a gold filigree cape topper. It contains myrhh and spices in its notes. Tell her how much she mesmerizes you.

27. Victoria’s Secret Seduction Dark Orchid, an oriental floral is a strong plum and oud fragrance in a heavy fuschia bottle. Seduce her with a bottle of this liquid.

28. Obsession, Calvin Klein’s Obsession, an oriental spicy is full of spices and incense. This strong perfume has been popular since 1985 and is still going strong. Tell her how she is your obsession.

29. Into The Wild, an oriental floral has patchouli, fruit, woods and mosses. The name will say it all to your Valentine.

30. Anna Sui Forbidden Affair. Anna Sui’s floral fruity is a very pretty bottle with notes of black currant, raspberry and violet. A name for a secret Valentine dalliance.

31. Pink Sugar, a sugary vanilla goodness that’s cavity inducing. Tell her how sweet she really is.

32. Wonderstruck, a floral fruity of raspberry, peachy, vanilla goodness. The blue iridescent bottle is gold-capped by Taylor Swift. Show her how she’s struck you with wonder.

33. Vince Camuto, a chypre floral, wears a red ribbon around its neck. This perfume contains notes of rum, patchouli and leather. Use your imagination when you gift your sweetheart with Vince Camuto.

34. Extraordinary contains chocolate, delicious chocolate. A tall, slim bottle with gold scrolling, tell her how special she is with an extraordinary box of chocolates and a bottle of this perfume.

35. No Rules is a purple liquid perfume by Nicole Richie. Notes of this floral fruity are vanilla, wild berries, musk and kumquat. Tell her there are no rules in your love for her with this bottle.

36. Hanae Mori is adorned with a butterfly as a topper and is a sensual oriental. This woody strawberry fragrance is like no other. Reminds you of a strawberry milkshake in the woods, present her with a bottle of this, fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

37. Capricieuse by Jeanne Arthes, a floral fruity gourmand, is a flirty pink liquid with a twisted black topper. Pralines, vanilla, tonka beans, caramel, cedar, pineapple, grapefruit and other notes make this perfume unique. Surprise her with this fun fragrance and cute bottle.

38. Arden Beauty, a delicate floral green, topped by a deep red cap, this rice flower, rhubarb and ginger perfume is delicate and gently spicy. Tell her she’s beautiful and adds spice to your life with a bottle.

39. Tattoo by Michel Germain is lime pie with chocolate drizzled over it. Simple classic bottle with a pink label. Show her how delicious she really is.

40. Ariane, a vintage floral aldehyde for those that love floral bouquets. Red-capped, it’s unique as she is. Perfect with flowers.

20 Special Perfumes For Your Valentine.

20 Special Perfumes For Your Valentine.

41. Victoria’s Secret Breathless, a floral in a feminine shaped, pink bottle. Neroli, wood, pomegranate blossom and mandarin orange create a fresh clean scent. Does she take your breath away? Tell her with this perfume.

42. BCBG Max Azria, a floral fruity is a delightful woody strawberry that’s light and sensual. The bottle is pale pink with a topper reminiscent of huge petals while the bottle looks like a vase. A box of incense, strawberries and whipped cream and you’re good to go.

43. Imari, a vintage floral aldehyde from the 1990’s that’s very different from today’s perfumes. If she’s a perfume lover, offer her a bottle of red-capped Imari to try. Its woods, aldehydes, florals with incense that’s quite different from today’s offerings of sweet candies and fruits.

44. Ferragamo Attimo L’Eau Florale, a floral of pink liquid. Peony, rose, pear and lotus followed by 5 more notes make for a sweet soft floral in a circular ribbed bottle. Deliver with a bouquet of pink roses.

45. Victoria’s Secret Pink 2001, a floral green that’s mild and lacking any sugar. It’s soft and feminine. If your lady enjoys being a woman, present her with a bottle of this and her favorite nightwear. Her favorite nightwear, not yours.

46. Revlon Fire & Ice, an oriental floral with incense, orange and amber that’s warm and cuddly. A bottle of this and a sexy sweatshirt to wear in front of the fire would be perfect.

47. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy 2002. This floral fruity, the original Very Sexy holds the standards for Victoria’s Secret “Very Sexy” perfumes. Most will agree it was the original and best of the best. Musk, clementine and amber made this a perfume to remember.

48. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy 2, the second launch in 2004, with notes of cactus flower, clementine, amber and vanilla changed the perfume. Very Sexy 2 is a spicy floral that will heat up your Valentine Day or night.

49. With Love by Hilary Duff, an oriental spicy with woods, spices and mango is a rich gourmand that flew under the radar. The name is sweet. Hand it to your Valentine with love in your heart.

50. Victoria’s Secret Rapture, an oriental spicy not for the faint at heart, this has been around since 1992 and is reminiscent of those strong powerhouses of the ’80’s and ’90’s. It’s intoxicating, heavy and thick with spices and amber. Tell her how she’s carried you away in a state of rapturous emotion.

51. Forever Red Vanilla Rum presented by Bath & Body Works, this floral fruity gourmand with notes of vanilla, rum, musk and woods is sure to please a vanilla lover. With notes of vanilla, rum, musk and woods, it’s a sultry, pretty scent encased in a deep red bottle with it’s own bow. Perfect design for the holiday.

52. Prince Matchabelli Night Musk, a floral from 1983, is sweet, musk vanilla with cloves. It’s a perfect vintage for a woman who enjoys perfumes with nuances. Enjoy your Valentine’s night with this unique perfume.

53. Yria, Yves Rocher presented this floral fruity in 2001. A beautiful cylindrical bottle, scarlet-capped, the perfume is amber, orange and sandalwood done the classic way.

54. A Thousand Wishes by Bath & Body Works, another bow-topped bottle, is a floral-fruity gourmand. Starfruit, champagne and almond cream headline the notes along with sandalwood to make this a sweet concoction. Tell her she’s one of your wishes on this holiday.

55. Spark by Liz Claiborne, an oriental vanilla, is a warm cinnamon-based vanilla that’s perfect for cuddling. Tell her she’s the spark in your life with a bottle of this perfume.

56. Ode a L’Amour, Yves Rocher oriental vanilla is a pink liquid in a tear-drop shaped bottle. Black currant, plum and amber head up the notes for this sweet/sour/hint of woods perfume. The bottle is just very pretty and the name, Ode a L’Amour means Ode To Love.

57. Dana Ambush, an oriental woody, created in 1955, is a vintage that brings back memories for many women. It’s floral, it’s mossy, it’s an iconic vintage that women wore that made them feel special and unique in back in the day. Throw in some special music that your Valentine loves along with a bottle of vintage Ambush.

58. Drew Barrymore’s Cherished, a floral woody musk in a bottle delicately shaded with white, topped with a white rose. It’s a perfume that’s woody with vanilla, powder and hints of musk. Surround it with a bouquet of white roses.

59. Wild Madagascar Vanilla by Bath & Body Works is a floral woody musk in a ball topped bottle. Vanilla, pear and musk for a pleasing, cozy effective scent. Plan for a cozy evening.

60. Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon, an oriental woody is presented in a round bottle with a black cap. A unique almond spicy fragrance with hints of wood, amaretto, smoke, orange, benzoin, patchouli and so much more surround you. The Dragon is a very unique fragrance to receive. It’s presentation box is red with a black bottom.

20 Uniques Valentine's Perfumes.

20 Unique Valentine’s Perfumes.

61. Katy Perry Killer Queen, a floral fruity gourmand, is a bottle of perfume shaped like a red ruby with a gold crown topper. Berries, plum, woods, praline and patchouli capture your breath while wearing this fragrance. Tell her how she’s your Queen and present her with a bottle.

62. Parfums de Coeur Vampire, presented an all red bottle of a floral fruity gourmand that is a chocolate musky floral deliciously blended. If your Valentine tends to the gothic side, present her with Body Fantasies Vampire.

63. Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir, an oriental woody presented in a deep purple bottle, is truly  a sensuous perfume with notes of patchouli, pine and spices. If she’s an outdoorsy type, this would be an ideal choice along with tickets to an outdoor event.

64. Lily Prune Love Ulric de Varens for Women, a floral fruity with notes of musk, lotus, cherry and grapefruit, is encased in a pink bottle with the word “Love” emblazoned on it. a sweet yet soft elegant fragrance, tell her how gentle your love is for her.

65. Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving, an oriental vanilla has 2 notes, black currant and vanille. It’s a sweet gourmand that stirs the senses. Tell her she’s your secret craving with a bottle of this.

66. Avon’s Persian Wood, a vintage from 1956 is an oriental floral full of delectable spices unmatched today. It’s presented in a scarlet rubberized bottle that’s pure kitsch.

67. Erox Realm Women, a floral fruity is pure honey and vanilla. Does it have pheromones as the hype states? Try it and find out.

68. Paloma Picasso, a chypre floral launched in 1984, is a classic with notes of oakmoss, civetta, patchouli, coriander, carnation and more, this classic has been a favorite of women for over 20 years. The oval shaped bottle is sensual in design and sure to be a pleaser. Find some Paloma Picasso jewelry to give along with this perfume.

69. Parfums de Coeur Strawberries & Champagne Body Spray, a floral fruity is simply champagne, strawberries and floral notes. It’s inexpensive, very sweet and playful. Better bring the real strawberries and champagne along with it.

70. Betty Boop Sexy, a chypre fruity is a flacon adorned with Betty Boop kicking her leg on top amidst a layer of hearts. The perfume is plum, amber, woods and patchouli. A cute addition for patchouli lovers.

71. Kat Von D Sinner, an oriental floral is patchouli, cinnamon with a hint of vanilla. Two versions are available. A glass bottle or a silver flacon that looks like a cigarette lighter.

72. Twilight Woods by Bath & Body Works, a floral woody musk, is a delightful presentation of berry, woodsy notes, musk, coconut, apricot, oud and more to delight the senses. If you and your Valentine enjoy the night air and lush green trees, present her with a bottle.

73. Jasper Conran Mistress, an oriental floral, is a clear bottle with a black floral pattern. Bergamot, ginger, citruses, dried fruits, musk and more to tantalize the senses of your special Mistress.

74. Avon Rare Rubies, an oriental spicy is a spicy concoction full of cinnamon, woods and assorted notes to tickle your senses. Present her with a bottle and some very special jewelry.

75. Queen Latifah Queen, an oriental has vanilla, cognac, patchouli, tonka bean and incense to create a boozy evening fragrance. A chunky red bottle with a heart in the middle tells your Valentine she’s a Queen in your heart.

76. Pink Suede, a pale pink bottle of this floral fruity containing suede, plum, chinese litchi, floral notes and more create a creamy powdery soft musky fragrance for your sweetheart. Tuck it in a fabulous handbag and gift your sweetheart.

77. Kimora Lee Simmons Baby Phat Seductive Goddess, a chypre floral is straight-up, hard-hitting, leather, patchouli and vanilla. The bottle is a little black chunk of black glass with faux diamonds around the top. Surprise her with real gems on the side and tell her how seductive she really is.

78. Princesse Marina De Bourbon A La Francaise, a chypre floral in a V-shaped bottle is patchouli, galbanum, black currant and oakmoss. This is an elegant perfume reminiscent of older perfumes. Take her to dinner and present her with a bottle.

79. Mariella Burani, an oriental similar to Chanel No. 5, but warmer. Topped with roses, this chunky little bottle is a vintage launched in 1993. Present her with a dozen roses and a bottle of this vintage.

80. Mariah Carey’s Dream, a floral fruity gourmand, is a champagne flute with 3 butterflies on top. It smells like salted caramel. If she’s fun and flirty, give her a bottle of this and tell her she’s your dream girl and she gives you butterflies in your stomach.

20 Fantastic Valentine's Day Perfumes.

20 Fantastic Valentine’s Day Perfumes.

81. Calvin Klein Truth, an oriental woody, smells like the raw woods, upturned leaves and soggy underbrush. With notes of bamboo, vetiver, clover and more, this tall thin bottle is perfect the outdoorsy woman. Present her with a bottle and tell her truthfully how much she means to you.

82. Shiseido Zen Secret Bloom, a chypre floral, is vanilla patchouli in a gold cube with black flowers emblazoned on top. Tell her how your love has bloomed to new heights and gift her with a bottle.

83. Love’s Baby Soft, a floral from 1974, is an old stand-by, that is a soft gentle powdery fragance that is perfect for the young at heart. Perfect for the young Valentine.

84. Molinard’s Habanita, a very sexy oriental is a glass bottle launched in 1921. This perfume packs a vary sensual punch with leather, vanilla, benzoin, oakmoss and more that men remember. Both of you will remember this perfume. Take her to dinner with this perfume and see how the night develops.

85. Chloe Narcisse, an oriental floral with a rosebud top. This perfume is strong with spices, florals and fruit. This perfume is strong with spices, florals and fruit. It’s different. It’s syrupy. It’s overpowering. It’s dark. Is she? Then gift her with this unique fragrance.

86. Avon Far Away, an oriental floral that has iconic status. With notes of coconut, vanilla, sandalwood and vanilla, it’s a strong perfume known to last hours and hours. Tell her you’d love to take her far away and then do take her on a trip.

87. Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion is an oriental that is only for the strong-willed woman. This is full of incense, civet and leather, along with many other notes to remember. It’s a beast. Give her a night of Passion along with a purple bottle of this wonder perfume.

88. Avon Timeless, another Avon classic. A chypre floral that’s sweet, amber and woody. An inexpensive composition that Avon put together that is so well-rounded the name is perfect. Is your love timeless? Say it with this fragrance.

89. Miracle by Lancome, a peppery floral, tempered by litchi. Is your love a miracle? Here’s your chance to tell her how you feel.

90. Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease, a floral fruity in a little black bottle. A sweet vanilla concoction with a tad bit of powder. Seduce her with a bottle and show her what you mean.

91. Velvet Tuberose by Bath & Body Works is a mild tuberose floral tempered by sandalwood. Encase this bottle in a sumptous velvet outfit for your Valentine.

92. Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnson, a floral fruity gourmand is caramel sugar sweet stuff. If your Valentine loves sweets, a bottle of this and a box of candy is the ticket.

93. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Temptation, a floral fruity of passionfruit, honeysuckle and wood notes is a soft fruity fragrance. Tell her how she’s bowled you over with a bottle of this one.

94. Dark Kiss by Bath & Body Works is an oriental floral that’s a smoky, plummy vanilla full of incense. Steal some kisses with a bottle of Dark Kiss from your Valentine.

95. Christian La Croix Tumulte, an oriental floral with notes of rose, tonka bean, heliotrope and patchouli is a sweet, warm scent in a beautiful baroque-type bottle. Give her a tumultous ride on Valentine’s Day along with this bottle.

96. Playboy Play It Spicy, an oriental floral, is an inexpensive perfume, with notes of Bellini, vanilla, red berries and more. It’s a pleasant, crisp scent. Tell her she’s your sexy gal forever.

97. Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish is a floral fruity with mango, bamboo, mandarin orange, pink pepper, vanilla and more. This is a fun fragrance that seems to agree with all ages. The bottles of Anna Sui are all delightful and whimsical. Fairy Dance is topped with a fairy. If your Valentine has been your secret wish, here’s your chance.

98. Madonna’s Truth or Dare Naked, a floral woody musk of benzoin, cacao and oud. A bottle of this a perhaps a game of Truth or Dare naked for Valentine’s Day?

99. Dior Addict, a serious vanilla for the oriental floral lover. This is a rich, sexy perfume that you can present her with while telling her just how addicted you are to her. Tonka bean, sandalwood, Night-blooming Cereus and more add to the mix of this beautiful perfume.

100. Elizabeth Taylor’s Sparkling White Diamonds, a true floral that’s very, very strong. Lily, narcissus, gardenia, and rose lead the pack in this cloyingly powerful fragrance. Should you decide on this, make sure there are real diamonds that sparkle along with it.

There you have it. 100 fragrance ideas for your Valentine. 100 perfume gifts ideas for any time of the year for your loved one.



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