Cool Shoes.

Cool shoes from so many decades. What goes around comes around. I was surfing the ‘net looking for Fasinators (a certain style of hats) when I happened upon a shoe that I found particularly cool. For those into vintage clothing, this shoe would be snapped up in a heartbeat. So I searched for more.

Cool Shoes From The 1940's.

Cool Shoes From The 1940’s.

Then I found these:

1920's Heels With Lipstick Holder.

1920’s Heels With Lipstick Holder.

Flapper Shoes.

Flapper Shoes, circa 1920’s.

Those Flappers certainly knew style. Both women and men. The 1930’s, although bringing The Great Depression, still had a plethora of wonderful shoe styles to offer for those who had the funds to purchase.

Joan Blondell Shoes.

Joan Blondell Shoes.

Wedges have been around longer than you might imagine.

1930's Wedges.

1930’s Wedges.

Steven Arpad was a shoe designer that designed outrageous shoes in the 1930’s and beyond. Here are some of his designs:

Steven Arpad, circa 1930's.

Steven Arpad Shoes, circa 1930’s.

The 1940’s brought a sense of functionality to shoes with WWII, but fashion never went out of style.

1940's Shoes.

1940’s Shoes.

The 1950’s brought about a thinner heel and sexier look to women’s shoes. Included in this collage is an advertisement for women’s slippers.

1950's Shoes.

1950’s Shoes.

The 1960’s was psychedelic, full of color and fun. Go-go boots in vinyl, multi-color shoes and chuka/desert boots for guys were all the rage.

1960's Shoes.

1960’s Shoes.

The 1970’s brought platforms, Frye boots, Candies sandals and wedges back in style again.

1970's Shoes.

1970’s Shoes.

The 1980’s brought us Reeboks, Vans, jellies, legwarmers to wear over our shoes and we still wore those sexy Candies.

1980's Shoes.

1980’s Shoes.

The 1990’s brought us grunge with Doc Martens, Birkenstocks, mid-heels as pumps, fancier sneakers that cost parents mega bucks and brought about the trend for school uniforms because of the problems they incited, and thick-soled lug shoes.

1990's Shoes.

1990’s Shoes.

The Millenium brought us Vibram’s Fivefingers Toe Sneakers, Crocs, pumps with hidden platforms, slanted heels and more variations on sneakers than we ever thought possible.

Millenium Shoes.

Millenium Shoes.

Many classic styles haven’t been shown that have been worn through the decades and have stood the test of time. These are the shoes that ultimately save you money because they can be worn forever because no one really knows when you bought them. That’s why they’re called classics. Although every woman wants to be fashionable, it’s also great to have the LBD (Little Black Dress) of shoes in your closet to depend on. Here are ten styles of shoes that every woman should own that will get her through any shoe situation in any season.

10 Styles Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own.

10 Styles Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own.

#1: The classic Mary Jane whether in a flat, a pump or a stiletto, in color or black is a staple in your wardrobe. This shoe has been worn throughout the decades. You can own it in leather, in faux leather, in canvas or just about any material that shoes can be made in. It can be worn with jeans, a suit or out on the town in fancy wear. It’s comfortable and classic.

#2: The black pump. Nothing says classic better than the simple black pump with a minimum 3″ heel.

#3: The cute flat. If you can find one in patent leather/faux leather, more points to you. Then it becomes your rainy day shoe. Find one that doubles in wear for your jeans and dressier trousers, too.

#4: Great fitting boots. These boots not only go on top of jeans, they’ll fit under jeans/pants or underneath a skirt/dress, too.  They’ll multi-task.

#5: Pumps in a neutral color with a mid-heel. Designed to match just about anything and for comfort to wear every day.

#6: Sandals with style that you can wear with jeans/trousers/whatever. They function both as sporty and casual/workwear.

#7: Glitzy pumps: A type of pump that has silver or gold in it for an evening out or a dressier occasion.

#8: The workboot/snowboot/hiking boot depending on where you live.

#9: The bootie. An essential in today’s wardrobe for fashion, yes, but also quickly becoming a classic. Don’t buy into one that’s full of studs or too glitzy. Just go for a classic look and you’ll be able to wear it for years.

#10: The strappy sandal in black will be worn for years at so many different occasions you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without a pair.

When you shop for shoes, get the best fit. Never skimp into a pair that’s too tight or too loose. Look for the most well-made shoe that you can afford, in the long-run, it will be worth the money. Think how many outfits you’ll be wearing with the shoe before you buy it. Is it worth the investment? Does it make you smile? Does it give you confidence? As a woman, we all know how a pair of shoes gives us pleasure. Strange, but true. Just make the right decisions and you’ll be happier.



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