Halle Berry Reveal…Not Impressed.

Halle Berry Reveal.

Halle Berry Reveal.

Others have described this as a safe perfume and I’d agree.Reveal is about safely generic you can get in a blase world of perfumes. It’s generally pretty, non-offensive, won’t be remembered and is a safe bet to wear in close situations.

There’s a sugary note airiness to Reveal but it’s not sweet, it’s more of a spun sugar overlaying the flowers. There’s a mustiness too, that’s not unpleasant. It’s the mustiness that brings memories of times past. The vetiver mixes with the woods to create a more unusual drydown than expected from a typical floral-fruity.

A bit tropical that’s grounded, Halle Berry’s Reveal is definitely worth sampling to see if this perfume is your type. It’s a perfume that can be worn year-round, anywhere, really, and is very quiet. As well as it’s blended tho, it does seem rather watery to me and needs spritzing often as a reminder.

Honestly, even the bottle isn’t impressive. Squat and fat with ribbed sides, it’s not very pretty. This one just doesn’t do it for me. I received it in a lot of perfumes that I had purchased so it wasn’t a waste of money for me.

Top Notes: Red Berries, Peach, Mimosa, Melon.

Middle Notes: Frangipani, Iris Flower, Neroli.

Base Notes: Vetiver, Cashmere Wood, Musk.



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