Playboy Play It Rock Perfume…A Chameleon Worth The Money.

Play It Rock by Playboy.

Play It Rock by Playboy.

Playboy’s Play It Rock can be purchased inexpensively online or in discount stores. I bought mine for $9.00 recently and for the amount spent, I didn’t waste my money. This is a happy purchase.

My first impression on initial spraying was that Play It Rock was a very citrusy, fruity blend that would be perfect for a daytime scent in the warm weather. It seemed that this would be a very uplifting, wake-me-up fragrance ideal for hot, humid days that I don’t particularly enjoy when I’m extremely slow to move.

The passion-flower exudes sweetness, the rich juiciness of the blood orange, the crispness of the candy apple-these three components combined burst together in the opening to literally provide you with an in-your-face wake up call. So I was prepared to dismiss this as just a fruity-citrus concoction, when suddenly I smelled what I at first thought was a cherry pipe tobacco, but soon turned into more of a leathery wood. What? For under ten bucks? Leather, wood, citrus and fruit?

Play It Rock soon settled into a cool, inviting darker woods mellowed by a delicious dark vanilla that lasted for hours. The patchouli is slightly noticeable. The florals for me are not strong enough to be counted.

This perfume is strong enough to be noticed by others around you. This Playboy scent is playful. It’s a chameleon. It changes its’ definition. It’s unique in that aspect. So ultimately, you’re getting more for your money. The bottle is topped with red bunny ears and the red bow tie for the The Playboy Club, which it represents. It an old tradition, like it or not. It’s what’s in the bottle that counts. And The Playboy Club delivered on this one.

At the Playboy Fragrances site you can find more information, plus dating tips here:

Top Notes: Blood Orange, Saffron, Candy Apple.

Middle Notes: African Orange Flower, Frangipani, Passion Flower.

Base Notes: Ebony Wood, Patchouli, Leather.

An oriental floral developed in 2011, the nose behind Play It Rock is Guillaume Flavigny.



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