The Addiction Of Perfume and Other Fashions.

Is fashion an addiction? Shopping an addiction? Shoes? Perfumes? Handbags? Jewelry? The list is endless that you can choose from. Keeping up with trends? Or wanting the best labels? Or just wanting the best? What exactly determines the best? Who determines the best? Your pocketbook, magazines, your neighbors, where you live or your personal tastes? How you are raised? Your personal satisfaction levels? How happy you are within yourself? Or how you search for the Holy Grail?

There are many experts in our world that will tell you their personal opinions about various areas of the fashion and beauty world. After reading so many articles and advertisements, who are we to believe? I like to believe consumers. I like to read personal stories of people who have used products successfully or unsuccessfully and find out why. Real people, real stories, telling me their real opinions that aren’t based on any money in their pockets.

Advertisements are slick, glossy and so very easy on the eyes. They are designed to sway you with beautiful, sexy people.  Who wouldn’t enjoy Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio Homme cologne?

Or Kylie Minogue Agent Provocateur’s banned commercial?

Kate Moss’s banned perfumed commercial?

Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme?

Certainly piqué your interest, don’t they? The commercials take us away.

Sure, fashion, beauty, cosmetics, they are all our passions, our hobbies, our addictions. And they is nothing at all wrong with having them. Nothing wrong with our collections. Some people collect stamps, some people collect butterflies, some spend their money on going to fancy restaurants every week-end. Every person has their own Nirvana to give themselves their own little peace. You should have yours.

If you enjoy clothing or collecting certain types of it, then do it. If you enjoy perfumes and have it as a hobby, then do it. And don’t let anyone tell you differently. If it makes you happy, let it. Revel in your own little joy and space. Use it to clear your head, to make your day more peaceful, to help you organize yourself, to relax. That’s what hobbies are about. It’s the passion of the hobby that keeps you going, that gives you goals, that makes you happy.

Treasure your collections, preserve them, document them, and most importantly, insure them, too. They are worth money. As they grow, they can become valuable. Treat them with care.

I was recently hospitalized and had asked my son to bring me a few of my perfumes. Yes, I was pretty ill while in the hospital. How could I be thinking about my perfumes? I needed a piece of sanity amongst the craziness. I needed my Nirvana. I needed my solace. I needed to be able to have a few moments to myself while I was in the austere environment that reminded me of another time, another place where I could take myself away if even for just a few moments. And sniffing my perfume did that for me while I was in a restrictive environment with very little choices.

Is that an addiction? I don’t think so. I used my perfumes to take me away and make what was a bad situation more tolerable. While I’m at home resting and recuperating, I’m taking the time to re-organize my perfumes, put them into different orders, re-try some that I haven’t used in awhile, and try some that I haven’t. It’s my hobby and simply takes me away. It relaxes me. It makes me feel better. It’s helping me to get better. It’s helping me focus.

And if that’s what owning perfumes is all about, I’ll keep on with my hobby. Because it makes me feel better, more relaxed and happy. It’s my own personal addiction. It’s safe. It takes me away. It’s educational.  It’s an addiction that you can talk about. You can play with. You can share with someone else. And you can make it just plain fun. If you know how…



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