Poetica by Kat Von D., Romanticism In A Bottle.

Poetica, by Kat Von D.

Poetica, by Kat Von D.

I adore Poetica. It’s perfect for rainy days, rainy nights. It’s a warm, gooey, plummy mix that radiates distinctly and lifts my spirits. The berries and fruit are thick without a doubt, wrapped in a musky haze that scintillates and mesmerizes.

This is not a sweet concoction, rather, it’s a misty fog of a perfume that will bring you back in time to shrouded capes and cobblestone streets. Woods and praline further entice your senses in a delicious blend quite unlike many of today’s offerings.

This is a perfume that’s wearable year-round. I find Poetica to be my rainy-day perfume, it always fits the weather perfectly. It’s thick with rich fruits and florals, as the air is when it rains, as if you are walking through a rain-drenched thicket.

It lasts well for  several hours and radiates quite decently. The bottle is chunky and quite pretty, too. It is available on her site, along with many of her other perfumes.

There seems to be an animal-like quality, a darkness to Poetica. Perhaps it’s the thickness of it, the darkness of the scent. It makes one feel empowered, sensual, and just delicious. The more I wear it, the more I delight in it.

On her site, Wonderland LA, perfume creator Kat Von D, talks about Poetica, “Writing, just like tattooing, has been an outlet for me for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s love letters or self-expression, I created my Poetica fragrance to represent the power of poetry. My fragrances are sexy, daring, and each one lets you devote your attention to the moment. To me, Poetica is an enticing extension of these fragrances and every love letter ever written.” How true. You do seem to revel in the moment that you are in wearing this delectable mixture.

Notes: Dewy Rose Petals, Passion Fruit, Crushed Berries, White Orchid, Tuberose, Tahitian Cherry, Sambac Jasmine, Sensual Musk, Praline, Blonde Woods, Amber.

Poetica, a floral fruity gourmand,  is available on Kat Von D.’s site here: http://store.wonderlandla.com/collections/fragrances/products/poetica, online auction sites and at occasional discount department stores such as Ross. Kat Von D. has many more fragrances available on her site to explore that are fascinating and off the beaten-path of today’s fragrances presented.



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