Be Enchanted Perfume by Bath & Body Works.

Be Enchanted.

Be Enchanted.

Bath and Body Work’s Be Enchanted has one thing going for it. It’s name. That’s it.

I sprayed it on and was hit with the most overpowering grape gum smelling aroma blasting me that was so obnoxious even my dog walked away. I’m not kidding when I say this. She actually jumped off the couch and layed down five feet away from me, quite disgruntled.

Within ten minutes or so a sugary coating seemed to take over. If you can imagine sugar crystals on your arms, that’s exactly how I felt. As if I had a sugary sticky coating over the grape juice.

Then the headache increased steadily.

And I don’t get headaches from perfumes. If I don’t like them, if they are unpleasant, I simply wash them off. But Be Enchanted is a whole other ball game.

There is an overload of fruits and berries in this perfume that should satisfy anyone who desires this type of sweetish sour scent. Vanilla and a hint of sandalwood mix in ever so slightly but in no way take away from the chewing gum effect to give Be Enchanted the distinction of a fragrance of just another one of today’s popular sweet fruity presentations.

Shame on Bath & Body Works for continuing this type of product line while discontinuing their unique products that offered diversity in fragrances for all types of perfumistas. Instead, they seem hell-bent on retaining and constantly offering new sugary sweet run-of-the mill perfumes. They’re becoming a land of sheep, but let’s face it, that’s where the money is, and money is where the final decision is made.

Every perfume has its market and some have no market-they transcend all ages. Be Enchanted probably stays well in the very young market and would be an excellent gift choice for the that age group. Wearability is decent for this floral fruity and sillage is strong in the beginning but simmers down.

Top Notes: Citruses, Pomegranate, Red Berries, Passionfruit.

Middle Notes: Honeysuckle, Violet, Blackberry, Pear, Floral Notes.

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

Available at Bath & Body Works stores and online.



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