Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber by Bath & Body Works…

Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber.

Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber.

So we have another entry from Bath & Body Works. These are busy folks. I will say this mini bottle is attractive. It’s glass with a fancy cap, blue wrapper and blue juice inside. For the $4.00 I paid for it, I don’t mind at all. Bath & Body Works always has these quaint sounding notes – “desert sand accord”; “casablanca orchid”; “exotic amber” and “pink amber”. The sounds of them draw you in.

I happened into a BBW out of town not realizing they had come up with a new potion. Telling the SA how disappointed I am that Sensual Amber is no longer available, she puts this in my hands.

I’m always a sucker for the mini EdP’s for a few bucks and I only paid $4.00 for this .24 oz. size. The bottle looks larger than what it actually holds.

Amber definitely steals the show for this new fragrance and stays at the forefront throughout the duration while the other notes do their swirls and dips to let you know they are there. The apricot and fig are barely there but noticeable and quite pleasant while the lemon verbena adds just a tingly bit of zest to awaken senses.

The apricot and fig lends a bitterness and keeps Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber on the drier side. Desert sand accord is listed in the top notes and sand can evoke so many images. As a note, it can give a perfume a warm ambery feel and that’s the idea behind this fragrance. It works along with the amber, vanilla and cashmere wood to create and foster such a cozy atmosphere when wearing it. It’s an intimate, informal feeling.  The cashmere wood adds a musky feel, almost to the point of stifling your senses.

At times, I get a waxyness, not unlike Lemon Pledge, which I’d have to attribute to either the Lemon or the Rose or perhaps both. It’s there and lends its hand to the usual Bath & Body Works synthetic branding.

Ironically, orchid, jasmine and rose comprise the heart, yet I sense absolutely no floral composition in this perfume. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber. It’s just Pink Amber. Or it should be Clean Pink Amber.

For amber lovers, this is a replacement for Sensual Amber, although it’s just too different. Whereas Sensual Amber is juicier more full-bodied, Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber seems to lack the richness and sophistication that I’m looking for. It’s a light introductory amber that lacks the sophistication and maturity I’d want in a full bottle of perfume. It’s subtle and very clean in it’s presentation and I don’t believe amber should be. It deserves to be heavier and fuller, and more resinous and more rosinous.

The amber that  performs in Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber is better suited  for summer days,  evenings and hot weather. It lasts as a skin scent for a couple of hours and then disappears. As a throw-in to my purse, it will suffice for continual re-sprays.

Top Notes: Lemon verbena, apricots, Desert sand accord, Fig nectar.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Casablanca Orchid, Rose Petal Water.

Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Kashmir Wood, Exotic amber.

And no idea why but Rock The Casbah comes to mind for me.



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