Kim Kardashian Perfume-Tuberose Woods Spiced Right

Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian’s offering is tuberose, yes, but it’s muted generously by other notes to give this perfume an elegant flavor and also, a more common link or an introduction to straight-up florals for those that might want to enjoy their flowers without suffocation. If you’re not familiar with tuberose, it can be an off-putting floral that is very strong and isn’t always likeable. It can take getting used to if you’ve always worn sweeter perfumes that are gourmands with vanilla bases. This is not such a beast.

The opening is undeniably strong with bold fleshy tuberose, sweet honeysuckle, a strong jasmine and equally vibrant gardenia. Prepare yourself for a floral smack in the head that will assault for a good hour or two before it begins to simmer down and allows other notes to come in and play. For me, that’s when the fun begins.

There is an infusion of spices suddenly mixing into the florals along with a mild woods that temper the initial blast. After about two hours of strong, strong florals, this perfume becomes a spicy mix that for me, is more tolerable and low-key. The florals at that point definitely take the back seat in the fragrance. Kim Kardashian is a very feminine, flirty scent that will give you a run for a good six hours.

Perfect for dinners out, special occasions and times when you’re not in closed quarters. This is a perfume when you don’t want to offend the person sitting next to you. It’s just too over-the-top floral to take a chance with upsetting someone with the perfume you’re wearing and this could do that.

I picked up the gift set at $12.50 which included the lotion also which has a glittery quality to it. Wonderful price but not a good selling point for the glitter. Glitter is usually thought of for the younger generation, yet a tuberose perfume statistically is one that is used more by a more mature person. Oxymoron in a box. The tube is huge and now I’m stuck with a large tube of glittery lotion.

The perfume bottle is squat-shaped and easy to hold and spray, simple in color with two inter-twined “K’s”. I really think you only need a small bottle of Kim Kardashian. A little spritz goes a long way and I can’t see myself using up this bottle, much less the lotion any time soon or in the far future either. Unless it’s Halloween and I need to be iridescent.

If you’re a tuberose lover or a heavy floral hitter, this might be a choice for you, but bear in mind, woods and spices do come into play. KK changes mid-way and becomes more of a skin scent. If you’re not sure about tuberose but enjoy woodsy scents and are entering the floral market, this could be a good introduction if you’re willing to sweat out the florals for an hour or two to bring a new perfume to your environment.

Kim Kardashian, an oriental floral, was introduced in 2009. The perfumer behind it is Claude Dir, responsible for many perfumes, among them: Bond No. 9- Andy Warhol Lexington Ave., Lexington Ave., Manhattan, Success Is The Essence Of New York; Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Revitalize, Green Tea Summer,  Pretty, Pretty Hot and Mediterranean; Mary Kay’s Affection and Belara; Jack Black’s Signature Silver Mark Ceylon Cardamom and Wild Cypress, Signature Blue Mark Japanese Juniper and Ginger Essence, Signature Black Mark Kashmir Saffron and Red Cedar; Perry Ellis For Women and Perry Ellis For Men; Bijan’s DNA by Bijan Women, DNA Women; Lacoste’s Pour Homme; Celine Dion’s Simply Chic; Hugo Boss’s Hugo Energize Spray, Hugo Energise; Anthopologie’s Cape Of Good Hope; Juicy Couture’s Dirty English; Bobbi Brown’s Beach; La Prairie’s Silver Rain; Britney Spear’s In Control Curious, Curious Heart and Curious; Kate Spade’s Twirl; Mariah Carey’s Vision Of Love and Never Forget You; Beyonce’s Heat; Kenneth Cole’s Mankind; Como & Brigante NOU; and Parfums Visari Fleurage Waterlily.  He is also responsible for Kim Kardashian’s newest introduction in the fragrance market, Pure Honey.

Top Notes:  African Orange Flower, Mandarin Orange, Honeysuckle.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Tuberose, Spices.

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Orchid, Woodsy Notes.

Watch Kim as she talks about notes and her perfume bottle and how she has learns how to help develop a fragrance with the companies that will launch her perfume. Good to see a celebrity have some interest in their creation.



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