Hanae Mori…Strawberry Milkshake and Salted Almonds In The Misty Woods



Hanae Mori.

Hanae Mori.

Sitting in misty, foggy woods, drinking a strawberry milkshake and eating salted almonds. That pretty much sums up Hanae Mori for me. Oh, don’t forget the black eyeliner. That’s a definite wear. And listening to drum circle music. This is one perfume that takes you places.

It’s a perfume I’ve learned not to overspray. It’s there when I think it’s not. It’s vanilla wrapped with a nutty feel but not a traditional vanilla. This vanilla is smooth, creamy, mellow, powdery, fruity and musky. It’s moonlit nights, eyeliner, jazz music and funky shoes. It’s mood perfume.

There is a sophistication and maturity to Hanae Mori that can be pulled off appropriately by the right woman if she’s flaunting herself naturally. It’s a sensual perfume that begs to be worn by a Seductress. The incense of this fragrance wafts around her innocently yet captures others. There’s a smokiness to it that’s not heavy at all but there, just light enough to mesmerize.

Hanae Mori is a thick perfume if applied too heavily. It will come back with the heat of your skin and tickle your nose when you least expect it. Although its thickness can be somewhat off-putting to some, that quality gives it a unique, almost viscous feel. That’s its muskiness drawing you in. It’s a heavy and thick musk with a sweetness that wraps around the vanilla with a gauzy scarf. This is a season-less perfume with mild floral undertones that can be worn anywhere, anytime, as long as you don’t go heavy on the spritzing finger.

There are four fruits in the top notes to tantalize you. Blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and black currant work together with the middle and base notes to create the vanilla which is actually not listed. Wearing Hanae Mori you definitely feel this is a vanilla-based perfume.

Hanae Mori is considered a linear perfume, meaning that altho there are three layers of notes, the perfume stays the same throughout its run. It just stays beautiful throughout its many hours of runtime.

The day I picked this up, I was on my way to visit my grandson. Naturally, I spritzed some on as soon as I bought it. I really didn’t notice it while I was with him, thinking I had sprayed it very lightly earlier. When I returned home, I received a text from my daughter asking me what perfume her son was now wearing. I didn’t realize so little would transfer to him. That’s how strong Hanae Mori really is.

Hanae Mori, an oriental, was launched in 1995. The nose behind it is Bernard Ellena who is responsible also for Beloved, Cors de Benetton, Tribu, Eau de Paradis, L’Eau by Vanessa Bruno, About Men by Bruno Banani,Eau de Cobson Orange Bergamot, Love Etc., The Game, Connect For Her, Black Shine, That’s Amore! Gai Mattiolo Exotic Paradise LEI Hawaiian Vanilla, Seductive Sun Kissed, Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge, Jaguar Women, Style, Style Pastels Blush Pink, Style Pastels Soft Yellow, Style Pastels Tender Green, Style Soft, Style Summer, Stylessennce, Marc O’ Polo Midsummer, Legend Pour Femme, Naf Naf, Deep Impact, Native Force, Oriens, White Jeans, Oh My Dog!, Beloved Man, Oh My Cat!, Ange ou Demon Le Secret by Givenchy, Lapidus Woman and Popy Moreni de Fete.

Hanae Mori doesn’t announce herself but you’ll remember she was there. Kind of like a butterfly. She leaves a lasting impression.

The notes for Hanae Mori pink butterfly are:

Top Notes: Black Currant, Wild Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Peony.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Virginia Cedar, Brazilian Rosewood, Almond Tree.

Hanae Mori is available in department stores and online.

This video beautifully explains the history of Hanae Mori.



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