Cher’s Uninhibited…Sweet, Spicy and Oriental…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

Cher Uninhibited.

Cher Uninhibited.

Maple and caramel lead the way with tobacco influences in Cher’s Uninhibited perfume. A warm maple syrup, akin to an old-fashioned syrupy flavor over waffles in a bed and breakfast surrounds you immediately. My first impression was that so much more was forthcoming. This is a heavy perfume. I could almost hear Cher telling the perfumer to just “do it” as they made this perfume stronger and stronger without thinking of the consequences. It’s as if she wanted a perfume over the top and that’s what she got. A perfume as unforgettable as the woman.

A mix of woods appear next, warm resinous, gooey and thick, almost sappy-like. I inhaled deeply. This stuff is beautiful. Rich spices swirled in amidst the dangling oakmoss. This is a thick, full-bodied perfume, so enticing and seductive I’m not surprised production has stopped. The cost was probably prohibitive amidst all cutbacks, regulations and politics. And perhaps Cher wouldn’t cave in to an inferior product. Because this fragrance is amazing. Twenty-six years later and it’s an ass-kicker that opens your eyes.

Uninhibited opens with a bit of citrus and aldehydes to let you know this is a strong perfume from yesteryear and you won’t be disappointed. But the aldehydes disappear within seconds. Sweet and seductive with ylang-ylang, a laid-back almond vanilla courtesy of heliotrope, a dry, dry bitter, musty vetyver hinted with dark chocolate and a rich tobacco, and just when you think you’re in a throwback to the ’80’s oriental perfume heaven,  along comes a boozy vanilla scent uncommon to today’s perfumes.

Uninhibited is strong, ample and robust. The perfumes notes blend beautifully together to create a potent concoction that is substantial. The bottle itself is an art deco work of delight with its cap reminiscent of Chers’ outlandish headpieces designed by Bob Mackie.

If you like heavy woody orientals, look for Uninhibited on the secondary market. It is no longer in production, unfortunately.

It’s classified as a floral aldehyde and I cannot see why this perfume has that classification. It just doesn’t fit. Even Cher herself describes it as a “spicy oriental that is sweet”.  A stunner just like the woman that put her name on it.

This perfume was created in 1987.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange, Aldehydes.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang, Tobacco, Heliotrope, Rose.

Base Notes: Vetyver, Sandalwood, Virginia Cedar, Vanille.



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