Jivago 24K Perfume…Gold Glitter…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

Jivago 24K.

Jivago 24K.

Little gold flecks in a flacon that sits in a misty cloud-like base. What an interesting come-on for a perfume. But does Jivago 24K deliver?

In many respects, yes, it does. Its’ opening is strong and thick, heavy with its’ aldehydes-fog and an incense-like flair. Little gold flecks actually spray out onto your skin along with the juice of the absolutely stunning bottle. The flecks are minute and on my fair skin, barely noticeable. It seems one or two spray out at a time, so really it’s a moot point. This is not a “glitter” perfume for the younger set to wear clubbing. Don’t buy Jivago 24K for that idea.

There is a creaminess to the notes of 24K that remind me of a thick, thick batter that you’d ‘fold’ with a spatula instead of stirring with a spoon. A church’s incense comes to mind when I inhale this perfume. Its’ richness could be called stuffy or the dreaded “old-lady”, but it’s not that at all. This is a scent not so much of complexities, but of notes that are quite syrupy, dense and powdery when combined.

I imagine the only reason the phrase “old-lady” would be used is if a person that tries this perfume is geared towards today’s fruity concoctions isn’t familiar with what a classic perfume  smells like they will be put off by the classic aroma. If someone is looking to smell like bubblegum, they will certainly be turned off.

If, on the other hand, you want to travel back to an era of ladies when they actually were ladies, when women desired to be women, in all their animalic glory dressed to the nines, then try this one on for size. You won’t be disappointed. This is a perfume for  women who are adults, who know perfume, and know how and when to use it. This is a perfume for a person who owns not just one bottle, but rather, many bottles because they know when, where and how to use all of those different flankers. Just as that woman knows how to be suggestive. As she knows how to wear various types of clothing.

Ultimately 24K drips down to an earthiness courtesy of its orris root notes laces with its strong tuberose. This is not a perfume for the masses, not at all. 24K is elegant and refined. A perfume worn to a fine restaurant, a gallery opening, a wedding. Sillage can be strong if over-sprayed, very little is needed for the right effect. Longevity is excellent.

According to their website,”Bulgarian Rose induces thoughts of loving affection and peaceful harmonious vibration. Asian Jasmine is worn for blessings, protection and good luck. Tuberose Absolute is calms and is used as a spiritual stimulator.” I’d rather think of it as a mystifying perfume. It’s different in today’s world.

Top Note: Bulgarian Rose.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Tuberose.

Base Notes: Orris, Amber.

Jivako 24K can be purchased at perfume stores, online and from their website here: http://www.ilanajivago.com/FRAGRANCES/24KforWomen/24k75mlEaudeParfum.aspx. Also available is 24K for Men, 24K Gold for Women and Men, White gold for Women and Men, and Rose Gold for Women and Men.



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