Unbreakable Love…A Feel-Good Perfume…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

Unbreakable Love.

Unbreakable Love.

I had sprayed this on from a tester months ago and the scent had haunted me for quite some time. In the meanwhile, I had picked up Unbreakable, one of Khloe and Lamar’s other Unbreakable fragrances, and really enjoyed it. I finally managed to pick up Unbreakable Love. I’m so glad I found it.

This is a scent that gives images of lying in the grass and smelling the new-mown hay, looking up at the blue skies and enjoying the clean, crisp air. There must be a red barn somewhere in the near distance.

Have you ever owned a cedar wood hope chest that you’ve oiled and waxed for years? One that you’ve painstakingly taken care of with love? It’s wood grains show beautifully. When you open it, you inhale the aroma of the woods and it’s intoxicating. Now take that beautiful cedar and mix it with the delightful scent of bergamot and you have Unbreakable Love. It’s simple, but it’s delicious.

There’s a slight musk that winds its way in but it’s very, very soft. Tonka beans add their say as a delightful wrap to this perfume to make it a fresh, clean fragrance that makes it wonderful as a four-season wearable for both men and women and is marketed as a unisex perfume. The cedar is more on the green and sweet side and with the tea influence reminds me somewhat of a lemon meringue pie that is not sweet but tart.

I accidentally sprayed some on my scarf and the scent lingered for over a week. I could smell it whenever I wore the scarf. It was absolutely delicious. This is a long-lasting perfume that radiates well.

Wonderful to wear during the day, on a lazy week-end or to lull yourself to sleep. This is a very comfortable perfume.

The bottle is a pale glass blue that when turned upside down is reminiscent of a goblet. Unbreakable Love is a feel-good perfume. It evokes pleasant images, warm feelings and wonderful moods. That’s what a perfume is all about.

This one, along with Unbreakable, has passed all of my tests. Long-wearing, brings to mind images, radiates well, makes me feel good when I wear it.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Neroli.

Middle Notes: Lily-Of-The-Valley, Tonka Bean, Cardamom.

Base Notes: Cedar, Musk.

This woody floral musk can be purchased in stores, online and at the Khloe/Lamar site here: http://www.khloeandlamarfragrance.com/home.php



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