Vampire Parfum…Does It Take A Bite Out Of Your Wallet? Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?



What’s in a name? Should we be influenced by it? By the shape of the bottle or its color? If that’s the case, many will never appreciate Body Fantasies’ Vampire. And that’s a shame. Because it’s a perfume worth trying.

Its’ initial spritz brings to mind a cherry liqueur, boozy, somewhat thick and not too sweet. Almost immediately a chocolate presence appears, a more semi-sweet chocolate than a milk chocolate. The chocolate and the cherry mix together in a delightful way, not a fruity gourmand way, but a more sophisticated flavor.

I detect a sense of patchouli as it swirls its way in, a darker, oilier feel type of patch and together, these elements create a languidly sensual perfume with  wonderful longevity.  A slight sweetness mingles with the  wisteria to ground Vampire and give it an ethereal feel.

Vampire radiates well, about a foot or so. Just enough to let others know you’re wearing something unusual. Chocolate that’s not sweet, especially mixed with a dark green isn’t common. There is no cloying sweetness, either. It remains as a liqueur  should, darker and thicker. I’m sure the name is off-putting to some while others absolutely gravitate towards it. Either way, the juice inside is rather good when you’re seeking something for cold winters day that will wrap around you and linger for hours. There’s something about this perfume that makes me say it’s good for wanton nights.

Sure the bottle is all red but hey, what colors go with Vampires? Another winner from Parfums de Coeur that won’t take a bite out of your wallet.

Top Notes: Clementine, Plum Blossom.

Middle Notes: Violet, Mexican Chocolate, Wisteria.

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Amber.

This floral-fruity is available in department stores,  online and directly from FragranceRebel/BodyFantasiesParfums de Coeur at:



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