Step Into Sexy…More Comfort Than Sexy…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

Avon Step Into Sexy Perfume.

Avon Step Into Sexy Perfume.

I had originally tried this at a neighbor’s home and enjoyed it so much that I turned around and purchased it because the scent was that good. Longevity isn’t, but since Step Into Sexy can usually be found at a good price on sale and you can re-spray often, it’s a trade-off.


I’m not sure that Step Into Sexy is really sexy at all. It’s more of a comfort scent to me. A hug-type, wrap around you, big over-sized sweater in the winter-type fragrance, altho I’m sure I’ll wear it year ’round.

Initial notes remind me of fresh watermelon  for a short, short while, then tone down to a warm, ambery feel. There’s a hint of violet earthiness if you put your nose close to your skin that warms this perfume nicely along with a hint of iris. Cashmeran lends subtle muskiness along with a woodsy feel.

I seem to get polar opposites from this perfume depending on when I wear it. Images of turtlenecks and peacoats with scarves wrapped around on a brisk day, yet I can also feel the warmth of the summer sun while I’m laying on a chaise lounge, under the blue skies watching a butterfly dance along the hedges. Go figure. It sits very closely and I cannot see it offending a soul. It might be better worn in the heat of the summer when your body warms this perfume to more intoxicating vibrancy.  It’s an excellent soothing night-time go-to-bed scent-your-pillows perfume. Step Into Sexy is a definite try before you buy.

Step Into Sexy’s top notes are: Freesia, Raspberry, Violet Leaf.

Middle Notes: Violet, Brazilian Rosewood, Orchid.

Base Notes: Cashmeran, Iris, Amber.

Step Into Sexy is marketed and produced by Avon and can be purchased through their catalogs, online, directly through their representatives or through secondary outlets such as Ebay.



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