Elizabeth Taylor’s Gardenia…Gardenia With A Twist Of Musk…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

Elizabeth Taylor's Gardenia.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Gardenia.

I’m not usually a floral fan, but I purchased this for my daughter-in-law for the holidays. She told me she loves gardenias and I thought I’d give this perfume to her to try. After opening it, we both spritzed it on to give it a whirl. What a pleasant surprise!

She immediately remarked that her former perfume was a Bath and Body Works gardenia that she eventually used in her bathroom because it just wasn’t doing it for her. This gardenia was a sweet, musky scent with a tawdry aspect to it. Yes, it was clean, yet it had a naughty aspect to it. The thickness of the musk surrounded the florals enough to give this perfume depth and a sensuality. One spritz lasted a good six hours. In today’s world of come and go longevity, this Eau de Parfum is a winner.

The bottle is quite pretty, a tall green glass with a white floral top. Holds easily in your hand for spraying.

If you’re looking for gardenia with a twist of sexiness, Elizabeth Taylor’s Gardenia is a good one to try. Sillage is a good arm’s length, so spray cautiously. Gardenia is a good floral choice for a dinner out, a romantic evening or cooler weather.

Top Notes: Lily-Of-The-Valley, Green Leaves.

Middle Notes: Gardenia, Peony, Orchid.

Base Notes: Musk, Carnation.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Gardenia can be found in local department stores, discount outlets such as TJMaxx and Marshall’s and through secondary online retailers such as Ebay.



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