Wear Slavery-Free Clothing & The Daewoo Protocol…Why Do People Buy & Wear Those Things?

Care2 Petition.

Care2 Petition.

Where does the cotton in the clothing you wear come from? Is it important to you? Is it slavery-free?

Care 2 Petition.

How does Target keep its prices so low? Turns out some of Target’s products might be so cheap because they are made with slave-picked cotton from Uzbekistan and/or purchased from Daewoo International, a company that accounts for approximately 20% of all cotton processed in Uzbekistan.

Every year, during the harvest season, over a million children and adults are ripped from their homes, schools and jobs, and forced to work in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan to meet daily picking quotas. They are often threatened and beaten.

Over 100 apparel companies (including Target) pledged not to buy slave-picked Uzbek cotton. Now, they’re following up on their pledge by joining the Daewoo Protocol, declining to do business with Daewoo until it takes serious steps to stop sourcing slave-picked Uzbek cotton. Despite its promise, Target has not yet signed the Daewoo Protocol.

We expect more from Target, a company that takes pride in holding the highest ethical standards for itself and for its business partners. Tell Target to sign the Daewoo Protocol, a serious step toward fighting modern slavery in Uzbekistan.

Sign the petition here and more petitions involving your world: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/409/842/375/.

Reprinted from Care2.com.



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