Madonna’s Truth or Dare…Tuberose Lovers’ Delight…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

Truth Or Dare.

Truth Or Dare.

A sharp, crisp tuberose that delivers with opposing notes of surprise. Strong tuberose intermingles with woods and spices in this fanciful perfume introduced by Madonna. One must definitely be a floral lover to enjoy this one or it could be a headache inducer.

There are days I’m in the mood for  this type of scent when it basically comes through straight florals without much more mixed in to make this fragrance one of a linear proportion.  Did I say tuberose lovers unite in Madonna’s Truth or Dare? They should. It delivers.

After wearing this straight for a few days in bitterly cold weather when I believe the notes would be at their advantage, I still found it to be a basic tuberose lovers’ delight. (There I go again…tuberose, tuberose, tuberose….am I making myself clear here?)

Tuberose radiates strongly for hours until washed off. Why? You guessed it. The tuberose is that strong. Which is a good thing. (For tuberose lovers.)

With a stretch I can find an underlayer of sandalwood hugging and an occasional spice wafting through. But those components hardly hold the show together. Why? Because the tuberose kicks ass instead and is the star of this perfume.

The bottle is unique in design but fools you until you realize it’s only white painted glass. That’s right. Painted glass. As if someone sat in a craft class with their little styrofoam brushes and dipped them in a paint tub and stroked away. Shiny white painted glass. My bottle chipped on the first day of use. On the front, right above the logo. On top of that, there were paint bubbles in the paint finish.

For under 20 bucks with a lotion and bath gel, this was a steal, but I’m still seriously aggravated about the chipping paint on the bottle.

Madonna’s Truth or Dare is available at department stores, drugstores, online and auction sites.

This perfume is considered an oriental floral and was launched in 2012 by Coty Prestige. The nose behind Truth or Dare is Stephen Nilsen who also created Madonna’s Truth or Dare Naked.

Top Notes: Neroli, Gardenia, Tuberose.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Benzoin, Lily.

Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Vanille.



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