Delicious Cotton Candy Perfume by Gayle Hayman…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

Delicious Cotton Candy.

Delicious Cotton Candy.

Gayle Haymans Delicious Cotton Candy reminds me of a fluffy, delicious real buttercream frosting over a layered yellow cake. The kind of frosting that you can only get at a real bakery or that you make at home with butter and 10x powdered confectioners sugar. It’s the real frosting that hits your mouth and melts and is so sweet you’re in heaven. This perfume is straight and heavy on the vanilla extract. Not vanilla, but vanilla extract, which is why it reminded me so much of actual buttercream frosting.
If you enjoy walking into a bakery, and inhaling all it has to offer, you’ll certainly enjoy this delightful gourmand fragrance. Is it childish? Not at all. It has a balanced tone to it that grounds it enough to not make it sickeningly sweet. There’s a hint of musk wrapped with woodsy notes to Delicious Cotton Candy that tones down the sweetness.  Of course, you have to like that type of scent and you must enjoy your vanilla straight-up. I happen to love buttercream frosting. I’m addicted to it.
Delicious Cotton Candy is not cloying, but stays delightful throughout its run. A definite feel-good scent for when you’d like a pick-me-up anytime, anywhere. The bottle is chunky with the infamous animal poised on top, a bright pink glass heavy in your hand.
Some have likened this to Aquolina’s Pink Sugar, but altho there are similarities, the licorice effect is missing for me. This is more for the sweet-tooth in everyone.
Fragrance Notes: Orange, Bergamot, Clementine, Cotton Candy, Lily-Of-The-Valley, Fig Leaf, Sugar, Strawberry, Plum, Licorice, Musk, Vanilla, Caramel, Virginia Cedar.

The nose behind Delicious Cotton Candy is Rene Morganthaler. Delicious Cotton Candy was created in 2007 and is available in retailers, online and on the secondary market.

Gayle is the co-creator of Giorgio Beverly Hills Perfumes. Gayle Hayman has created Delicious, Delicious Amber, Delicious Chocolate, Delicious Feelings, Delicious Hot Pink, Delicious Temptaion, Delicious Temptaion, Glamour, Golden Delicious, So Delicious Women, Style, Gayle Eau de Parfum and Sunset Boulevard.  You can visit her website here:



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