Beverly Hills Polo Club Sexy For Her…Patchouli Lovers’ Delight…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

I’ve seen this at TJMaxx or Marshalls so often and wondered about it. When a package set with the Eau de Parfum went on clearance because the cap of the body mist was missing, I grabbed it. After all, with four simple notes of Damascus rose, Patchouli, Cinnamon and Tonka bean, how could I go wrong? I love the accords of these notes. Believe me, I didn’t go wrong at all. This is one of my best blind buys.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Sexy For Her.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Sexy For Her.

There is a woody essence to Sexy that underlies it all. It’s not strong, it’s as if it’s the base from which the rest of this perfume grows. Imagine a solid chunk of wood, heavy and rich with grains and circles. That’s the base of Sexy For Her. Growing out of it is a sweet and young patchouli plant. Patchouli that brings me back to when patchouli was unadulterated and not bogged down with other sources. Now wait-there’s a hint of spices growing in the middle, just a hint. Cinnamon…perhaps cloves are peeking through the patchouli. But it’s the patchouli plant that’s full and lush and growing tall.
This is a carefree, free spirit’s perfume. Think denim shirts, long flowing skirts, brass jewelry…unadulterated purity. It’s not a dated patchouli, mind you, just a sweet (as in pleasant-not gourmand or fruity sweet), gratifying and lightly honeyed embrace of a perfume. Polo Club Sexy is syrupy, yet not cloyingly so. Its opening fizzes at you with a burst and quickly simmers down to a delectable treat for hours. It’s a make you feel good scent.
Is it sexy? If you love patchouli, then most definitely. JDL Fragrances made this version and for once, someone remembered how to do patchouli right. Altho seasonless, I’m looking forward to wearing this in the summer months when the heat of one’s body warms with this type of perfume to make one feel dreamily sexy and comfortable in one’s own skin. You wear Polo club Sexy, it doesn’t wear you.
The bottle is a heavy, deep amethyst-colored chunky glass emblazoned with the name and topped with a large cap with faux stones. This is a hidden gem for true patchouli fans at a great price who don’t want too many other notes mixed in. Wear it anywhere with confidence, it’s such a delectable scent.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Sexy For Her is considered an oriental floral. It is available in stores and online.



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