Vaseline…A Dozen Uses For That Tub…Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things?

Vaseline. The big old tub of greasy gooey stuff. Did you know it’s been around since 1870? You probably have a jar of it sitting around. How many uses for it do you have?

Two that I wouldn’t be without are:
I buy a pair of those snuggly type gloves (the ones that look like those really soft socks) from the Dollar Store. I coat my hands with vaseline at night, put on the snuggly gloves and go to bed. In the morning, my hands are always well-hydrated, moisturized and my cuticles are also well-nourished. 

The same thought works for your feet, too. You can do this at night, or, if you’re wearing socks during the day, apply a small amount of vaseline to your feet, put on your socks, and your feet will be moisturized all day long within the comfort of your socks. You’ll be surprised at how this works at keeping your feet soft and beautiful.

The second is an old trick for fragrance. If you find a perfume that doesn’t have lasting power on you, coat your skin with a very light layer of vaseline. Not enough to make your skin greasy, just enough to give it a light sheen. Then spray yourself with your favorite perfume. If the perfume just sits on top of your skin as droplets, you’ll know you applied too much vaseline. Next time, apply less, and try again. Your perfume should go on as it does normally. You’ll find that this makes the perfume last for hours and hours. Using an oil or a regular moisturizer does not have the same effect, nor does using a scented moisturizer. The vaseline seems to keep the fragrance on your skin and hold it’s notes in place.

I keep three different types of vaseline in stock. One is a cocoa based scent, which I’ll use for my vanilla based perfumes, the second is marketed for babies and powder-scented and the third is an unscented vaseline to use for other perfumes. I buy mine at the local dollar store for a buck (how reasonable is that?) and there are other types available. 

It works for any perfume, eau de toilette and even for colognes. Now your favorite fragrance really will last, and you won’t have to worry about lugging that huge bottle of perfume around.

Need more ideas? Here goes…

Want a finished look for your eyebrows? Apply a small amount to your eyebrows, then use an eyebrow or any type of small brush to comb them. 

Now that winter’s here, that tub will most definitely go faster. If you plan on being outside in frigid weather for awhile, or even for not that long, maybe just walking the dogs, put a thin coat on your exposed skin to protect it from the elements.

Chapped or dry lips? Reach for that tub and use it to moisturize them.

Keep your patent leather shoes and handbags fresh and new-looking by dabbing vaseline on first, then buffing with a soft cloth. (I’ve been doing that since I’ve been a little girl. My mom taught me that one.)

If you dye your hair, coat your hairline so the dye doesn’t drip down.

Favorite eyeshadow/blush just broke? Take a bit of vaseline and mix it with a small chunk to make a cream make-up substitute instead.

Layer some over your frosted blush/eyeshadow for a dewey effect.

Split ends? Use just a tad, and I do mean a little on the ends. This won’t get rid of them, but it will conceal them temporarily until you get your next haircut. It’s a quick fix until you get yourself to the hairdresser.

Some ladies I know do use it on their face, but the only time I have done that is in the brutal wintertime when I’m out walking my dogs, or on a photography shoot. I’ll coat my face and hands to protect my skin from the elements and doing that absolutely does the trick. I don’t use a lot, just a thin veil on my face and even less around my eyes.

Vaseline is available in a little tube that you can carry in your purse, perfect for touch-ups and your lips without getting your fingers greasy. If you do buy the scented dollar store tubs and the unscented one, that’s only three bucks you’ve spent that will last you probably a year. That’s an amazing deal.

That’s a dozen tricks for vaseline but if you want the true history about it and more novel uses, click here:



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