Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

Provocative Woman, Elizabeth Arden Perfumes.

Provocative Woman, Elizabeth Arden Perfumes.

A delightful amber-infused scent that can sit close or further depending on how you spritz with a hint of ginger and a slight peppery nuance in its’ character. Provocative is a sophisticated perfume that embodies unique and unusual wood scents uncommonly found in scents of today.

I like the unusual and this fits that category perfectly. Lotus notes are deeply ensconced in its ethereal watery qualities. It’s not floral, nor is it a deep, dark, mysterious wood of the forest. This is a unique wood, the kind that you might be shopping for in a custom furniture gallery in SoHo and you inhale the grainy woods around you that have lovingly been carved, oiled and molded by artisans. Unique lemony green scents from the Hinoki Wood, a Japanese cypress, stay strong throughout the duration of this perfume. Hinoki Wood is a prized wood used for palaces, temples and shrines, so I’m not surprised that using it in a perfume would be heavenly. This is really quite a beautiful surprise for wood lovers because of its uniqueness.

Sophisticated, airy, and deeply erotic, Provocative turns out to be a mature choice for the right individual. Sensual lines and curves form the bottle with its seemingly juxtaposed look. When you look at the clear bottle in a certain way, you see two images. Longevity is at least six hours, a definite plus for perfumes made today. A excellent choice for year-round wear at a great price point, also.
Top Notes: Quince, Raspberry, Ginger, Peach, Lotus.
Middle Notes: Apricot, Pink Freesia, Orchid, Papaya.
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Hinoki Wood, Cedar, White Tea, Red Amber.



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