Dissecting Perfumes…Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things?

Dissecting perfumes. What a hobby this is. What an enjoyable hobby. Can anyone do it? They can. Can anyone write about it? That’s up to them. It takes passion. And throw in a bit of experience about perfumes, perhaps. And honesty, that’s always a plus. But what’s most important is speaking from the heart and telling your tale, your journey, your own experience with that spray of perfume that you’re inhaling and experiencing. Where does it bring you?

Years ago, I was chosen by a store manager of Macy’s to work in the fragrance department. At that time, I’d had absolutely no experience in that area. The women that worked in cosmetics and the one other lady in fragrances were curious as to why I had been chosen. So was I. I hadn’t applied for the position, and didn’t know it was open. One day, I was simply transferred.

That began my foray into this world. The woman that was the head of fragrances was my mentor. Emily knew every fragrance and more that I thought I could ever learn about at the time. I listened to her speak to customers about the products on the shelves, but also about the vintages. She knew her perfumes, and it showed. Quickly, I learned. But I loved perfumes, too. I was given a few lines of small cosmetics on the side, also. They weren’t important to me. It was the world of smell that was intriguing to me. Sure, you could dress up a face with make-up. But to choose the right fragrance, that wasn’t always so easy.

To educate the consumer about what comprised perfumes was even more daunting. Some cared, some didn’t. Some just wanted to follow the current fad, as always. Others knew that the intricacies of the perfume were more important. And that’s what perfumery is all about. The intricate lacework of notes that comprise the pyramid that eventually becomes your scent, perhaps your signature scent. Once an individual discovers that information, perfumes suddenly become more interesting, more negotiable and less confusing. That’s what writing reviews is about. Helping people understand what makes a perfume rise and fall with its aromas, what images it evokes, what its classification is,  best time of year to wear it and when to wear it, these are all clues that come together like a jig-saw puzzle for someone researching a product.

It’s perfectly fine not to like a fragrance of the moment. Saying it with passionate feelings and descriptive images helps others decide if a perfume will suit them. When a perfume doesn’t suit me, I’ll try to be as descriptive and give my reasons for my thumbs down so others can assess accurately. I know I’ll always be more passionate about a perfume I love, that’s much easier.  But it’s a disservice not to write about perfumes I don’t like.

One other note. I am a firm believer in reviewing all types of perfumes that I may encounter. I’d love to be able to only review high-end fragrances, but, alas, my pocketbook says that is not to be.  There is a world of perfumes out there to sample, to buy and sniff. There are people from all levels of socio-economic backgrounds. People that can afford all types of perfumes. Some purchase drug-store perfumes, some purchase Avon fragrances, some buy vintages, while others seek out only very expensive niche and design house fragrances. I am not one to decide that I am above reviewing any type of perfume. All women deserve to read reviews about perfumes of their particular choice. So in my quest, I search for perfumes to review so that others may read and make their choices. That is only fair.



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