Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things? Vitamin C Serums And Masks

Vitamin C.

Vitamin C.


How much more natural, economical, fresh and long-term goodness can you do for your skin than a homemade Vitamin C Serum? Since 1999, I’ve been using a homemade Vitamin C preparation. Back then, it was considered a tad outlandish and controversial. No one talked about the benefits of Vitamin C for their skin, much less would they go to a health food store and make homemade preparations and spend time on themselves. Research for homemade skin preparations were difficult to find.
Years ago, I used pure Vitamin C liquid. Now, I can’t find it anymore.  This review will be for the crystals, because lately, that’s all I can find. The liquid was the absolute best. You had to be very careful in how much you used, because using too much could be detrimental to your skin, and it had to be facial quality, also.
Vitamin C has so many properties it’s amazing. It boosts collagen production, exfoliates, increases skin firmness, lightens hyperpigmentation, the list goes on and on.
Vitamin C Serums on the market are much more expensive but if you make your own, the cost is substantially reduced. The added benefit is absolute freshness. All you need are the crystals/powder, water, glycerin, and moisturizer. It’s your choice if you’d like to make a toner, a serum or a moisturizer with Vitamin C.

You can also make a Vitamin C mask. One of my favorite ones is to crush the crystals with a teaspoon of yogurt and spread it on my face and neck. I’ve used plain yogurt and even strawberry yogurt. Crush the crystals with a mortar and pestle if you’d like to make them into a powder consistency. The reason I’ve used strawberry yogurt is because strawberries contain salicylic acid which helps to remove impurities and dead skin cells. Whatever you do, always use 1/4 teaspoon of Vitamin C along with the other additive. Follow the chart below for more instructions.

If you like a toner, just use water. Some prefer purified water. If you like a serum, use glycerin and water. If you would like to just add some to your moisturizer, do that. The choice is yours. But most importantly, make it fresh daily. If you find that your skin is becoming too reddened, then back off and reduce your Vitamin C applications to 3 times weekly. You’ll know if you’re doing too much by how your skin is reacting. I found this list of percentages for those that have never used Vitamin C. Start with 5% and then go up to 20% gradually. Your skin will love you for it.
The following are guidelines for mixing your own bases.

5% Serum-1/4 tsp Powder-4 & 3/4 tsp base
10% Serum-1/4 tsp Powder-21/4 tsp base
15% Serum-3/8 tsp Powder-2 1/8 tsp base
20% Serum-1/4 tsp Powder-1 tsp base

You can use a mix of water and glycerin , moisturizer, yogurt, etc. for the base. Always start with the 5% to see how your skin reacts, use that strength for a week or so, if your skin is reacting well, go to the next strength. At 20%, you’re at the highest.
I recently stopped into my local Sephora and one of the SA’s asked what I’m using now. I told her what line I’m gravitating towards and we talked about it, but she told me my skin was definitely brighter and looked terrific. She told me my skin had such a brightness to it, the kind that when someone has such good news, etc. that they’re glowing. I finally broke down and told her I’ve been doing a lot of home-made recipes. She became very interested and wanted to know exactly what I was using. I told her about the Vitamin C. She asked how I used it and where did I get it. I also told her about my shea butter/oil concoctions. She asked me to bring her a container so she could try some. Now that was a huge compliment to me.

I swear by natural products, too. They must be making a difference if my Sephora SA asked me for a sample of what I’m using…(smile). Now that’s turning the tables!
Now that summer is nearing, I’ve been using real strawberries for my mask. I crush a small strawberry, mix it with the appropriate Vitamin C and apply it to my face and neck, leaving it on for 30 minutes or so. I rinse well with tepid water and my skin is unbelievably hydrated and smooth. Inexpensive but one of the best masks I’ve ever created.
I don’t pre-mix my Vitamin C serums ahead of time, but always make them fresh. It only takes a few minutes of my time. But if you do want to make a few days worth, make sure you put it into a dark or opaque container that won’t see the light of day so the mixture doesn’t break down.
I’ve increased the amount of Vitamin C for my own personal usage but you must be able to decide for yourself what your skin is able to handle. My daughter recently commented to me that my complexion looked brighter to her when I asked her about the color of my foundation. I’d say you know it’s working when those around you comment about your skin. Take the time to invest in yourself, because it’s you’re well worth it. And the price can’t be beat.

Oh, fragrance-free and there’s no animal testing…unless you consider yourself.



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