Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things? Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power CX30 Vitamin C Brightening Serum…Is A Jungle Berry Good For You?

Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C X 30 Brightening Serum.

Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C X 30 Brightening Serum.

I’ve tried a variety of Vitamin C Serums on the market including my home-made recipes using health food store quality Vitamin C that I’ve used for over a dozen years now. Why do I still try ones on the market? Out of curiosity. Or I’ll receive gratis, or I’ll buy one of those packages that contain a sampling of products and it has a Vitamin C product in it from a particular line. With that said, Peter Thomas Roth’s Camu Camu is a dud, sorry to say for one of my favorite lines of skincare products.
The Camu Camu is a wild jungle berry that grows in the Amazon jungle and is supposed to yield about 30 times the Vitamin C content of oranges or lemons. I wondered what the Camu Camu was. It also has reputed astringent, antioxidant and emollient properties, as well. Hence, the name Power C X 30.
The smell will remind you of perhaps fresh oranges and of course, that’s the idea. But unfortunately fragrance is added to this product. Not a good idea for your face. But it’s more of a sickly orange smell, not a good one to me. After it dries, it remains and I didn’t appreciate the fragrance. At least not on my face.
The serum goes on both smooth and tacky, it’s a bit hard to explain. It took a few minutes to dry but once it did, my face felt smooth. No tackiness remained but it did feel as if it had a new layer.

Alcohol is listed as the third ingredient, but the list doesn’t say what type of alcohol. I’d like to know which type of alcohol. There are good alcohols for your face and there are alcohols that are irritating to your skin. That’s why I believe the type of alcohol should be listed in the ingredients.

The fourth ingredient, POLYACRYLAMIDE, is  “used in the formulation of may product types including skin cleansers, moisturizers, lotions and creams, self tanning products, makeup, and hair care and nail care products.  Why is it used in cosmetics and personal care products? Polyacrylamide  dries to form a thin coating on the skin, hair, or nails.”  Information from Cosmeticsinfo.org.

Retinyl Palmitate is listed as the 12th ingredient. Retinyl Palmitate is a form of Vitamin A. It’s a combination of Retinol (Vitamin A) and  palmitic acid. It has antioxidant and anti-aging factors.

With other Vitamin C serums, I would see a slight redness or brightening appear on my skin. Not so with this product. Absolutely nothing happened. With others I’ve used, I’ve always seen some type of brightening effect. My skin has always appeared more radiant. That’s what Vitamin C serums will do or are supposed to do for your skin. They’re also good for premature aging, fighting skin cancer and a host of other good things. But as far as brightening and giving my skin a healthy shot of radiance, PTR’s Camu Camu just didn’t have that effect for my skin.

As far as firming, tightening and wrinkle improvement with Camu Camu, again, the product just was not effective for me in the short run. My skin did not experience any of the effects noted.

The herb Camu Camu extract can be purchased through health food stores or online in powder form. For those of you that make your own serums, you can always buy the powder and make your own fresh batches every few days. The benefits to making your own are many. The cost is considerably cheaper. The serum is fresh and never outdated. You can also use the herbs in different ways besides skin care. It has nutritional benefits, too. If you buy it, your money is actually going towards a more holistic approach to a better you and not just your face.

I’ve always said, you can’t just fix the damage on your face that’s been caused by years of abuse with a product that claims to erase wrinkles, sun damage, fine lines, skin discolorations and the like. It’s just not going to happen overnight, no matter how much you spend or how little you spend. There is no miracle cure. But you can take care of yourself from head to toe, from the inside out and that’s what shows.

We have to accept ourselves as we age. It’s not easy sometimes. Mass media tells women differently. Magazine ads show us what we’re supposed to want to look likenot giving women the decency of their own thought process. Buy this to look like this and your life will automatically be all smiles and happiness. All because advertising tells us so.

Men can age with wrinkles and lines and gray hair and be distinguished. Women, however, with wrinkles, lines and gray hair are considered senior citizens and old. It’s a double standard in our society.

As women, we know what we do to try to fight aging. Women of all ages buy products that address their issues. Do men look in the mirror as studiously as we do? I doubt it. Not as many do. Go into any store that sells hair coloring products and look at the faces on the boxes. Do you see women or men on the majority of the cartons in the aisles? Gray at the temples? Ever hear a woman called distinguished with that?

Do men search out products to combat their wrinkles? Are advertisements combated for men? Do you see anti-aging products with men’s faces? I’d love to see infomercials with men sitting on couches talking about their fine lines, dark under-eye circles, hormonal changes and sagging skin. Then see products introduced into their lives and how their skin is miraculously transformed for just $39.95 a month. With women on the side commenting as an aside about how “youthful” they now look. It’s not going to happen.

But we, as women, will continue on our quests for the Holy Grail to ever-lasting youth in a bottle. Something’s wrong here. It’s ok to want to look good. It’s ok to want to look your best. It’s ok to want to make your skin look radiant and glowing. But don’t ever compare yourself to others who have had cosmetic work, or photo-shopped pictures and think that’s who you must be. All you have to be is yourself at the best you’ve attempted to be and want to be.

Always remember…the decision is simply yours to make. Don’t let others tell you who you want or need to be. You simply have to be comfortable in yourself. And smile an intriguing little smile with a sparkle in your eye. There aren’t any products on the market that can duplicate your own inner glow.

This Sorceress gives Camu Camu one wand because of the ingredients.



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