Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things? Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel…Clear Away Those Dark Bags

Ole Henriksen Ultimate LIft Eye Gel.

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel.

It seems the main complaint about Ole Henriksen’s Ultimate Lift Eye Gel is that it’s sticky. It’s a gel. Not a cream. Thus, it’s composition is going to be different, so you should automatically consider this. Gels assimilate into the skin differently than creams do. Secondly, as with any product, you begin with a small amount and don’t glop it on your target area, thinking the more the better. You start out with a small amount to see how it works into your skin and adjust appropriately. That’s the difference between a gel and a cream.
I love Ole Henriksen’s products for a variety of reasons. They are cruelty-free. As his site will tell you, “Animals, like humans, are to be loved, not tortured.” His entire philosophy is based on how you take care of yourself, which is important. You cannot expect one product to simply erase your problem area immediately, but people do. If a product helps to lessen your issue and make it seem less obvious, then it’s working.

To those that believe a product will erase years of abuse in the sun or abuse to their bodies they are looking for the Holy Grail. And their Holy Grail is in the shape of a knife while they are out cold in a doctor’s office or a hospital. But that’s their choice. (And their wallet, too.) We all wish we could turn back the hands of time to a more youthful expression on our faces, but we can’t. What we must do is learn to accept what we have with grace and find our inner peace. That’s when our faces reflect a special glow from within that no amount of makeup or doctor could ever emulate. That’s called personal style and grace.
I keep my Ultimate Lift Eye Gel in my refrigerator so when I apply it it’s extremely soothing and cooling to my under-eye area and above my eyes. I use it at night because it does take at least 10 minutes to absorb into my skin. That’s not a big deal to me. I use this product on top of my other eye products, usually. So it’s the last one I am using and I’m finished with my routine. When I say “eye products”, I am speaking of serum, moisturizer, peptides formulations, etc., whatever mix I have chosen to use that evening.

Yes, I mix it up. No, I don’t stay true to one fastidious line of products and maintenance of their product line. I do, however, have exacting ideas on how my skin care regime should be done at nighttime and in the morning and I do follow my ideas. I just like to mix these ideas up with different lines of products. As long as I’ve researched the product lines and I feel comfortable using them, once I do  use them for a few weeks and notice a difference, then I’m good to go.

The great thing about beauty and skin care is that you can ask for samples from your department store counter or businesses like Sephora. Try a product and see if it is working for you. If it is, then buy it. Always try before you buy. No money wasted then. If you like the drugstore products, buy them first and if they don’t work, return them. The point is to try before you buy, and if you cannot do this, always ask about the return policy. Don’t get stuck with a product that isn’t going to work for you.
This gel goes a very long way. Originally, I received a little pot of it from Sephora. That little container lasted me for months. That’s how little you need to use. I felt confident enough in its working qualities to actually purchase it.
I’ve used a few other brands over the years that are supposed to clear up dark circles, bags, puffiness…whatever you would like to call your eye problems in the morning. Some of them have made me want to put a towel over my mirror when I looked at myself. This eye gel actually works to make my eyes look rested. My eyes just don’t look droopy. They seem brighter. My eye area looks as if it has slept (which it hasn’t). After applying it, within the drying time, I do notice a slight effect, but the greater effect is when you awaken the next day. I’d also say the most beneficial effect is with constant usage. As with any product, constant use will tell you if it works with your skin type along with using steps in your skin care routine and not just one item, expecting to see miracles from one jar. Take care of your whole self and your whole self will take better care of you.
I also use a tiny spatula to scoop out just what I need, apply the gel with my finger from the spatula, rather than dipping my finger into the jar. That keeps the jar more hygienic. Ole suggests using it both day and night for both under the eyes and  above the eyes (your eyelids) extending towards your eyelids).

Key ingredients are:

Arginine Promotes wrinkle resistance
Peptides Improve skin elasticity and tone
Calendula extract Lightly energizes and softens
Cucumber extract Tightens pores and works as a decongestant
Eyebright extract Calms, soothes and constricts the capillaries around the eye area.
As usual, the ingredients are good too.
water (aqua), glyceryl polyacrylate, glycerin, phenoxyethanol, carbomer, oleth-20, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, copper pca, calendula officinalis flower extract, euphrasia officinalis extract, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, potassium hydroxide, arginine, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, steareth-20, n-hydroxysuccinimide, chrysin, palmitoyl oligopeptide.

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel retails for at 1 oz. for $38.00 and can be found online or in select stores here:  http://www.olehenriksen.com/p-60-ultimate-lift-eye-gel.

This Sorceress gives it 5 wands.



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