Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things? Boyfriend Jeans…Trousers…Menswear…Yours Or His?

Marilyn Monroe Wearing Blue Jeans.

Marilyn Monroe Comfortable In Blue Jeans Style.

Boyfriend jeans. His look great on him. You covet them. You wish they looked great on you. You may even have stolen his. For some time now, jean manufacturers have produced a line of jeans under the marketing strategy called “boyfriend jeans”. But did you really think the style of menswear on women began recently? Who is the star of the headliner photo of this post? Marilyn Monroe…Hollywood Icon…touted as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Marilyn Monroe, a screen siren of the 1950’s and early 1960’s until her untimely death in 1962. She was a screen siren that made men lust after her but she loved comfortable clothing.

Do runway designers enjoy comfortable clothing or do they design clothing for the impact? It has to be both. What a woman wears has to be comfortable in some way to her for her to be actually wearing it. If it is haute couture it is fitted perfectly to her body and moves with her effortlessly. But how many women actually wear haute couture versus off the rack?

Most women think of comfort when they think jeans. Isabel Marant does jeans with flair, with a rough edge of sexiness and a flair of menswear infusion. Her fall/winter 2011-2012 collection is comprised of blacks, whites and denims that strut down the runway with confidence. Fringes on boots, lace-up shirts and voluminous tops show this collection to be one of ease and chutzpah.

Isabel Marant Fall Winter 2011-2012 Collection.

Isabel Marant Fall Winter 2011-2012 Collection.

This designer tie-dyes, uses football jerseys, skinny jeans and more  in her shows. She’s a believable artisan at her craft. Her sweaters are long and supposed to be shirt-dresses. They’re comfortable. Her clothes look like something you might have taken out of your boyfriend’s closet, only made for a woman. Hippiesh, folkish free-spirited and fun.

Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2012.

Isabel Marant Spring-Summer 2012.

Sloppiness does not equate into a menswear look. Nor does slouchiness. There is an air of ease in wearing this style of clothing to carry it well. All-around bulk does not make this look carry itself flowingly on a woman’s body. If you decide to wear men’s trousers that are cut more full, then the choice for your top would be a shorter version for balance. If you like boyfriend jeans cuffed, again, shorten the top. It’s all in the balance.

Fawbush online shopping.

Fawbush online shopping for great menswear inspired looks.

Fawbush is an online shopping site that offers various designers in an array of clothing and jewelry designs for women. A portion of the designers selected for the collage show a good example of comfortable slouchiness that looks well on the female form. Clothes that flow around the body romantically look well, impress and don’t call attention to any figure flaws that a person might have.

Figure flaws. As we look in our mirrors, we see ourselves as no one else does. With imperfections that only we see. Imperfections that make us special, that make us individuals, that make us real. Not all women are the image of a model from a magazine or a runway.

Some readers have written asking about “muffin-top”, that  excess skin that forms above the top of jeans after women have had children. Realistically, not everyone has a perfect body and the time to exercise their abdominals to flatness. When they zip their jeans there is some excess that exceeds over the top that women call “muffin-top”. There are two ways to deal with this. You can cover this figure problem if you’d like with clothing that doesn’t call attention to it, such as in the collage above. The other way is to buy the appropriate undergarments that slim you and specifically address certain figure problems.

Spanx is a brand that is available both online and in retail stores that is comfortable, figure-slimming and addresses various figure problems. These undergarments can be worn not only under your most fashionable dresses and gowns, but also under your slimmest and skinniest jeans. Spanx is one company that manufactures wonderfully comfortable undergarments that move with you and are undetectable under your clothing. The products in the collage below can be found at Spanx.com.


Spanx Products by Sara Blakely.

Spanx Products by Sara Blakely.


Sara Blakely also markets another foundation line for helping your clothing to fit more comfortably and eliminate any figure problems or enhance any figure assets you might want. It’s called “love your assets by Sara Blakely” and the line can be found online or in stores at Target.

Menswear can be elegant. Boyfriend jeans can be classic. Any type of clothing that you put on can be viewed by others as either sloppy, casual, chic, trendy, individualistic or put together well. There are tricks to making clothing look well on your body. Women wear make-up to feel better about themselves. Why not wear undergarments to help your clothing fit better on your body? If your clothing fits better, you feel better about yourself. When you look in the mirror before you go out the door, and you smile at the reflection of yourself, you have power and independence and strength. You are strong. You don’t have to give away any secrets. After all, do you tell everyone what face creams you might use? Or what make-up you might have on that makes your blue eyes bluer? The point of any type of clothing is feeling good about yourself. If you like the menswear look, go for it. Marilyn Monroe did. And no one complained about her in boots and jeans.

That’s why people buy and wear those things. They buy menswear or boyfriend-type clothing because of great marketing strategies by some wonderful ad agencies. They wear those outfits because the fit is comfortable, figure-flattering and trendy. And ultimately, everyone’s happy.




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