Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things? Questions & Answers…

Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things? That’s my title for this blog I began just about a year ago. I wanted to talk about fashion and the impetus behind it. What pushes a person to walk into a particular store to look at their goods? Once they’ve made their selection and purchase, why did they? What made them feel good enough to part with their money and want to dress themselves a certain way?

The same formula doesn’t apply so stringently to online shopping. Online shopping is blind shopping. You’re not talking with anyone. You don’t look eye-to-eye with a salesperson. You don’t have any guilt about not buying something. You can’t try on the clothing, or feel the material or walk in the shoes to see how they look on your feet. No mirror to look into and decide if what you’re trying on is a “feel good outfit”. Online retailers must offer something special to their customers to make them want to buy from their site.

We already know about the online shoe shopping clubs. We know about the contacts called TOS (terms of service)  they tell you to read before you sign up for their $39.95 specials but the consumer never does and then they’re so sorry later because their credit card is charged every month whether they buy from the online site or not. Scroll down and read what consumers have to say about the shoe shopping clubs here on a former post: https://sorceress2.wordpress.com/2010/10/23/why-do-people-say-and-do-those-things-just-fabulous/.

Beyond all this exchange of consumer goods and money, what makes a consumer return? Return to the store or return to the online-shopping experience? Why do people buy and wear those things?

Besides that, a new phenomena has occurred in the industry with online shopping where there are more returns than before. Why? Because people are shopping while under the influence. And while under-the-influence, that neon-green dress might look very cute online on the model but when it arrives to you and you unwrap it, you wonder what made you buy it after all. Hence, the heftier returns.

People are also playing games with their phones and ordering outfits to see who can put together an ensemble and have it completed and delivered first. All of these factors are not helping the retail industry. They hurt sales. They hurt forecasts of future sales. And they also hurt trends.

A lot of factors go into the retail experience. Statistics attempt to track what the public is seeking to purchase. It’s economics for the industry. Companies start up and disappear. Others go into bankruptcy for a variety of reasons. Do consumers really care? Consumers main concerns are trendiness, cost, durability of product and animal-testing.

Around the world, people log on to their computers and wonder about vintage clothing and vintage designers. People look to past decades for inspiration and for ideas for their wardrobes. So do designers. You can see fashion recycle as the various decades are re-hashed.


Greta Constantine Fall 2011 for Aldo Folklore shoe boot.

Greta Constantine Fall 2011 for Aldo Folklore shoe boot.


Etro Past Collections.

Etro Past Collections.



Vintage Pink Fashions Worn Today.

Vintage Pink Fashions Worn Today, Some New, Some Older.


Fashion Repeats Itself.

Fashion Repeats Itself In Photographs And On The Runway.


Classic clothing that is enduring in style lasts. Consumers admire looks worn by top fashion models of former decades and look to these images for their own wardrobe ideas. They look to Hollywood icons of days gone by for fashion classics and designs.

With all of this shopping, what are people asking about clothing, about fashion, about trends? Not in any particular order, here are ten random questions I’ve received lately (I’ve para-phrased them) from my readers. Answers following…

1. Is plus size stylish clothing? Any size clothing is fashionable. You are an individual that makes the clothing. Never let your clothing make you. A person carries themselves with dignity in any size when they walk with confidence and comfort. Let you dictate what size is healthy and comfortable for you!

2. Is size 8 the international standard for clothing size? Now this is a can of worms! There is no standard size any longer in any country. There have been many arguments about sizing of clothing, vanity sizing and standardized sizing of manufacturers. In the last decade, the sizes 0 and 00 have been introduced.  If you are a buyer of vintage clothing and you shop thrift stores, it is imperative to try on the clothing  because measurement sizing changed through the decades. Some high-end manufacturers down-size their clothing so that it would appear their clothing sizes are smaller, making their consumers feel “better” in their clothing. European manufacturers have different sizing codes versus American manufacturers. If you are shopping in a store, it’s easier to try on the clothing. If you are shopping online, most sites offer measurement standards for their brands for you to compare your body to the item you are researching. Confused? It is frustrating. Basic answer to the size 8 question? No. You can read more at these links.

1. Vanity sizing:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanity_s izing.

2. Size 0: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Size_zero.

3. US Standard Clothing Sizeshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/US_standard_clothing_size#Conversion_from_catalog_sizes.

4. European Standard for Clothing or EN13402: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EN_13402.

Womens International Sizing Chart 2011.

Womens International Sizing Chart 2011.

3. Do real women actually wear high-fashion? Of course they do. Somebody is wearing the clothes in the pictures we all see…

4. Do real women actually like high-fashion? Can’t answer that one for everyone but I can answer it for me. I enjoy seeing the creativity of the minds of others. It’s fascinating to see what another person thinks what will look good on a woman’s body for the next season and how they influence fashion styles in the lesser markets that copy the designers. Remember how knock-offs are made? See this post about the runway: https://sorceress2.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/why-do-people-buy-and-wear-those-things-do-you-run-away-from-the-runway/.

5.Why do women buy up and coming designer clothing? The excitement of something brand-new, the freshness of the designer, the quality, the look. New designers don’t have an easy life. Ever watch Project Runway?

6. Do real people wear jeggings? Absolutely. The original “jeans and leggings” phase back in 2010 that created “jeggings” evolved into skinny jeans with zippers that some people may confuse with the original jeggings. Here’s that post with the pics: https://sorceress2.wordpress.com/2011/08/06/why-do-people-buy-and-wear-those-things-jeggings-just-what-are-they/.

7. What colors can I wear with red? Need I say more? https://sorceress2.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/why-do-people-buy-and-wear-those-things-whose-rockin-red-in-skinny-jeans-high-heeledshoes/.

8. Why don’t I wear the things I buy? I could say much here, but I will zip it. Did you look in the mirror and try it on first? Here’s an idea…take your smartphone and snap a pic in the dressing room of whatever you’re deciding on. (ok, put your camera on silent) It’s your money you’re spending and if the item is expensive you want to see exactly how it’s going to reflect, right? As your shopping the racks you can take a look at the photos and then pick what looks best from your photos. Believe me, photos don’t lie and you’ll be happier. If it’s online shopping, sleep on it. If whatever you picked out the night before still makes you happy in the morning, order it. Don’t join clubs and let them pick for you. Be an individual.

9.Why do people buy what they do? Because initially they wanted to buy something to make themselves happier, or they needed an outfit for Saturday night or an event, etc… because they can and they do. People, ok,  probably more women, will always be shoppers. They will always be looking for that ultimate outfit to put together that will make them feel good about themselves.

10.What do famous people wear? Many labels, many designers. I’ve listed some actresses, some models, some designers. There are magazines on the market that will tell you the labels of what mostly Hollywood people wear. Frankly, what they want to be seen in is expensive clothing that runs in the neighborhood of a thousands of dollars per outfit. Some have personal dressers and some dress themselves. Copying is flattery to that person but remember, you are an individual. Be an individual. Take pieces and mix them up to create you.

Instead of introducing designers or particular trends in this post, I wanted to talk fashion after realizing readers had real questions and were curious about fashion. I believe everyone can be fashionable. Trendiness is easy. Look at magazines and see what’s in style. Class and elegance is an art. Individuality is born within the individual. Yes, that is redundant.  But it must be. Individuality is personal to each person’s style. It can’t be copied, although it often is attempted. Elegance must be cultivated. Elegance is a look that is worn with any style of clothing, but born with an attitude. It cannot be imitated.

We are all born an open palette. How we design ourselves is up to ourselves. With that said, continue to buy and wear those things with impudence and style.




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