L’Wren Scott-Style Director for The Academy Awards…Costume Stylist…Runway Designer…Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things?

L'Wren Scott RTW Spring 2012.

L’Wren Scott RTW Spring 2012.

What is your style? Menswear? Ever see a lady in a suit and wonder how she wears it so elegantly, so stylishly yet look sexy? How does she make it her own? Better yet, how does a woman become a style icon?

L'Wren Scott Headmistress Dress.

L’Wren Scott Headmistress Dress.

The L’Wren Scott Headmistress Dress. Quite infamous and worn by many. Nicole Kidman, Madonna, and Penelope Cruz and many others all can say they have this beautiful wool garment in their closet. Classic and appealing in black with a tad of white, L’Wren Scott introduced a new version for her Spring RTW 2012. Valentine’s Day red and ruched, it is just as alluring and just as captivating as the original.

L'Wren Scott Red Headmistress Dress Spring RTW 2012.

L’Wren Scott Red Headmistress Dress Spring RTW 2012.

The new version by comparison seems not so much a Headmistress…but more outright seductive in red with bold ruching and a bolder neckline. Just as head-turning as the original. A mauve version of the dress is available at Barneys New York along with a selection of the designers items. You may click on this link to see  what is available at Barneys New York here for L’Wren Scott currently:  http://www.barneys.com/Barneys-New-York/BARNEYS,default,sc.html?prefn1=designer&prefv1=L%27Wren%20Scott.

Putting your fashion style together takes time. It takes study. It takes a flair for fashion, doesn’t it? Beautiful clothing appears on the runways designed by wonderful people with creative ideas. L’Wren Scott began her career as a celebrity stylist, designing for Madonna, Julia Roberts and the Academy Awards. Her followers include Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Michele Obama and Angelina Jolie among many others.

L'Wren Scott RTW Spring 2012.

L’Wren Scott RTW Spring 2012.

Her clothing, made in Italy is timeless in style and luxurious in fabrics. Her models on the runway display an energetic charm that is sensually appealing. Scott’s colors are not only surprising but her designs are flowing, effortless and romantic.

L'Wren Scott Fall RTW 2011.

L’Wren Scott Fall RTW 2011.

Scott’s Spring RTW 2012 collection is called Beau Monde, as a reference to people of the heyday of the French Riviera. The collection is called Gatsby-esque and flowy and the designer herself said it was “sparkly”.  Some felt that her collection is spread too thin and too diverse. I like what L’Wren Scott does with colors and materials. Her collections bring images of days gone by.

I believe she gives choices and freedom to clients and women. Looking at her clothing you can see the elegance, an era of a time forgotten and imagine. You feel yourself not trapped wearing only one color choice or one version of style for a season. With fashion, you have opportunity. You should be able to look into your closet and take the opportunities there and make them work with your own fashion sense  and then mix in current fashion ideas.

Designers give us thoughts to ponder. They give us color swatches that they’ve put together in ways we may never have thought of mixing. We can take those ideas, a bit of  how they’ve swathed their models and then dress ourselves. That’s how we can then venture out to buy and wear those things to make ourselves the individuals we all want to be in today’s world.

Today, March 17th, 2014, L’Wren Scott committed suicide. May she find peace. Blessings to her family and friends.




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    May you rest in peace, L’Wren Scott. The World shall miss your style.


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