Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things? Is Black Your Color This Season? Pepper Black With Other Colors For Spice!

Is Black Your Fall Color?

Is Black Your Fall Color?

You’d normally consider black a year-round color. It’s a color that goes with everything. It’s great in the summertime with basic white. It can show off a tan beautifully. Black is a striking color set against stark white, blue oceans and pure sand.

It has its place in the fall for the fashion-conscious, too. When you mix black with other colors of the color spectrum, you make colors pop and bring out the hue and saturation of those colors. Black is a perfect backdrop to highlight a certain favorite color you might want to showcase in your wardrobe. Take a look at what these designers have mixed with black.

Take A Look At What Works With Black.

Take A Look At What Works With Black & Pepper Your Wardrobe!

Starting with some basic, simple colors that blend easily with black, it’s easy to mix and match shades of the brown family. Actually, brown and black blend together wonderfully well. Try it! You’ll soon see this blend for its richness of the color family and its classic styling.

Chloe and Chanel both used both a light and a dark shade in their 2011 runway lines. Chloe used a beautifully rich brown-black balanced with a silvery-gray while Chanel’s black is balanced with a wintry white. Both work well with just a hint of the lighter color.

John Galliano‘s collection not only used white as a backdrop but he also used a creamy rich brown and hues of deep reds and burgandies to offset black. Beautiful for the oncoming winter months.

Hannah MacGibbon Chloe and sisley-benetton both showed blues and blacks together. Jeans always work well with black, it’s an easy throw together outfit, casual yet classic. Easily simply put together. Now add those deep brown leather booties with  a brown belt and you’re striding in classic style.

Christian Dior brought out beautiful warm hues of burgandies, browns and blues. All blending beautifully together.

Rodarte mixed a creamy ivory with black in a criss-cross long coat for a look of elegance on the runway. Long flowing lines mixed together for a show of elegance.

Make Black Work For You!

Make Black Work For You!

So how can you make black work for you without it draining your color in the winter? Without black seeming too gothic or drab? Spice it up and pepper it with other colors.  Here are some not-too-draining- on the budget clothing examples for you to put together with your black skinnies to pop out that color.


Costume Yourself With Black.

Costume Yourself With Black This Fall.


Karmaloop.com carries street savvy styles that will get you noticed and are easy enough on the financial side of the wallet. There are many brands on their site to whet the palette of most any shopper looking for an edgy style that will set their look as an individual. More hard-core and tough than soft, they appeal to those seeking individuality. Karmaloop is known for its street wear style and was founded in Boston in 2000.


Accessories Make A Statement In Black.

Accessories Make A Statement In Black.


Shopbop.com is an online retailer of fashionable, trendy women’s clothing. They carry a line of eco-friendly products called Earth Friendly, Fashion for The Planet. There is a pull-down menu that lists trends, runway, exclusives, under $100 items (of which seven are in the collage above), videos and more.

If you’re gothic or not, if you just like black as a color, go for it. Wear it with style. Wear it with a smile. Wear it with confidence. That’s what fashion sense is all about. Wearing what pleases you. Because when you’re happy, it shows. And when you’re happy, you have that air of confidence that tells the world you are unique. You are special. You bought what you are wearing because it made you happy to wear it. Isn’t that what fashion is all about?






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