Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things? Forever21.com…Are You?

Forever21 is a trendy clothing retailer that isn’t only geared towards 21 year-olds. You don’t have to lie about your birthday to shop online or in one of their shops.

Forever 21 Animal Hot Shops

Forever 21 Animal Hot Shops

Demographics tell us that 45% of their customers are 18-34, and 15% are 35-49 and 7% are 50 and above. 66% are female, leaving 44% male. The breakdown of income reported by customers is pretty equal across the board. It seems people like a bargain. 19% fall into the 0-30K range; 24% earn 30-6o-K; 27% have a salary of 60-100K; and 30% are in a higher income bracket at over 100K.  Looking at these demographics tells me that shoppers take an earnest look at what their money is buying them for their fashion dollar.

So let’s take a look at Forever21. You can find them online at Forever21.com You can shop their stores around the world. The choice is yours. Currently they offer free shipping on orders over $50.00. At their online site, you’ll find it broken down into six separate categories, or six separate sites.

The first, Forever 21 offers tops, dresses, sweaters, outwear, jeans, bottoms, lingeries, activewear, shoes and accessories. Their tops range in price from $2.50 to $29.80, so you have the ability to scoop up a delicious selection for yourself.  Here’s just a sampling:

Forever21 tops

Forever21 Has You Covered.

But wait, there’s always more to shop on their site. Fall and winter call’s for some outerwear. Here’s a great selection of jackets from some of their sister sites they list on the main site, Heritage 1981 and Love21.

Forever21 Keeps You Warm.

Forever21 Keeps You Warm.

Over at Heritage 1981, there’s a section called “Shop These Looks”. It includes some outfits that you might like with full info on the sizing, materials, and the entire look. Great little section on the site for those looking for ideas for themselves or someone looking for a gift idea. Similar to a personal shopper idea.


Heritage1981 Shop These Looks.

The site is user-friendly, easy to navigate and definitely fun.

Heritage 1981 Shop These Looks #2

Heritage Shop These Looks #2

Love21 Contemporary is the maternity section on the site. I adore the name for the pregger clothes, “Life In Progress”. The clothes don’t look like maternity outfits at all and are trendy, fashionable and very affordable. Mix and match from their choices and keep some of the pieces for after your pregnancy. That’s the best part. Register at the site and receive a one year subscription to Baby Talk magazine. That’s taking care of your baby. Oh-did I mention that Love21 carries skinnies and jeggings in maternity size? You can keep your fashion sense while your body is changing and growing and your hormones are changing and raging. Now that should make you smile for awhile.

Love21 at Forever21.

Love21 at Forever21.

Forever21 +Plus Sizes, yes, there’s even more at the site. When I tell you this is a company that caters to the family, I wasn’t kidding. They don’t skimp on style in their jeans department and their pants styles. Check out this collage I put together.

Forever21 Plus+

Forever21 Plus+ Pants, Skinnies & Jeggings

The selection of tops is not as diverse as you might expect, but they do have a somewhat trendy sampling to choose from. It’s not as large as the other groupings and personally, I would have expected more fashionable selections, but they did have some cute items. Here are some pics.

Forever21 Plus+21

Forever21 Plus+21 Tops

Another note about the site of Forever21. They do give to charity when you buy from their linkable area called “Give To Love, Love To Give”. With the purchase of one of their tees, they will donate $1.00 to one of the foundations listed. It’s your choice of the tee-shirt and foundation. It’s nice to know a company is helping our world to be a better place. Here is a current sampling of the tees they offer.

Forever21 Charity Tees

Forever 21 Charity Tees.
As an aside, the people who shop Forever21, are also likely to shop WetSeal.com, charlotterusse.com, H & M, and Urban Outfitters. http://www.quantcast.com/forever21.com.

If you’re looking for a fun site that’s inexpensive, that has trendy clothing and is easy to navigate, take a look at Forever21.com. They do also carry accessories, some make-up and Hello Kitty items. It just might be worth your time. Have fun.




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