Why Do People Buy and Wear Those Things? Jeggings…Just What Are They?

H&M DENIM Jeans 5 Pocket stretch high waist

H&M DENIM Jeans 5 pocket stretch high waist

Old Navy Rock Star Jeggings

Old Navy Rock Star Jeggings

Jeggings. You’ve heard the word. Jeans and jeggings. Connected in some shape or fashion. Here’s the scoop.

Jeggings were created a few years ago for a few reasons. Fashion needed them. Women needed them. Bodies needed them. Boots needed them. Ever try to stuff your jeans into boots and curse those jeans out big time? Remember those garter-type thingies that you could strap around the bottom of your feet and attach to the cuffs of your jeans to hold them down (back in the ’80’s) and then stuff your jeans into your boots? It made them look straight and neat. But the jeans back then were also tighter and lay different on your body.

Along with fashion, came wider pants. So much for stuffing the pants into boots. Style always repeats itself, anyway. Fast forward to this decade. Above the knee boots come into fashion. Very hip, no pun intended. But what do to do with those jeans? The boots were great, slim, form-fitting to the leg, very sexy. No way in hell were you going to get a pair of jeans inside those boots.

Last year Levi’s introduced a pair of real jeans, with real seams, real pockets, and the real logo, called jeggings. The deal with these jeans was that they resembled leggings. They were very tight. They had spandex in them, but they resembled leggings so much with the cross of jeans that they were called jeggings.

They pretty much sold out as soon as they hit the floor in stores. Middle America didn’t know what to do with these new pants. How to wear them? Change is a big deal. Boot-cut is the old standard. Now Levi’s is showing an ankle-cut that is reminiscent of the ’80’s and omg what are women going to do? What shoes to wear with these jeans?

It’s pretty simple, really. It’s called being a man-repeller. It’s wearing what men hate. It’s wearing what women love. It’s wearing what women feel comfortable in. It’s wearing what you like. It’s being you. And isn’t that what fashion is all about?

If you were to ask the normal American man what shoe he would like you to wear with a pair of jeans, my guess is he would tell you either a sneaker or a pair of high heels. And those heels would be the regular pointy-toe with the stiletto heel. No platform seen on the front of the shoe. The jeans he would want you to wear? Boot-cut with a tight-fitting ass. Why? Because that shape gives you a longer, lean look with long legs. So the man has an illusion in his eyes.

So back to the man-repeller. Back to the very skinny, very tight jeans that are so now. Wear them with platforms. Wear them with booties that have platforms. And those very tight, very skinny jeans that are really figure-flattering? There are some labels that make them in high-waisted versions. So you don’t have to worry about that low-waist where you’re popping out if you have any figure flaws.

Cheap Monday is one label that manufactures a decent selection. You can buy Cheap Monday at Karmaloop.com.,Pacsun, but your best bet is to google the label. Cheap Monday was sold to H & M last fall, but the founder, Anderson is still responsible for the denim section. They have a selection of jeans that should suit anyone’s taste for street style. http://blog.stylesight.com/denim/orjan-andersson-to-launch-new-label

Speaking of H & M, they brought out a pair of high-waist, skinny jeans at $39.95. Containing spandex, high-waisted, the only color they show is black and they are only available at the store. H & M, if you are lucky to have a store near you, or can buy online, have some great fashions at a great price.

Old Navy has a pair of jeggings called “The Rock Star Jeggings” available online and in clearance at some stores. The ratings on these are very high. They come in a huge variety of colors and  washes and the price is good.

Gap has quite a few pairs of legging jeans, super-lightweight, lightweight, mid-weight, regular-rise and high-rise. The leggings come in regular wash and different colors. Check the link for the colors and selection. http://www.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=54987

Gap 1969 midweight legging jeans

Gap 1969 midweight legging jeans

Check out the pictures of the jeans so you can get an idea of what jeggings, or really skinny jeans are all about. Match them with a long shirt, short blazer and you’re good to go.

Cheap Monday ankle chino

Cheap Monday ankle chino

So these pictures should give you a good idea about jeggings, leggings, high-waisted and middle-waisted skinny jeans. They really are figure-flattering when you wear them with the right tops and the right shoes. That’s the key. Wear the right undergarments. Don’t cinch the pants. Wear the right tops. Highlight the shoes. And have fun. That’s what fashion is all about. Make yourself heard. Be true to yourself, not someone else. Just have fun. And do it all with a smile on your face, ladies.




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