Why Do People Buy And Wear Those Things? (Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder!

Glow & Mood Boosting Powder, Physicians Formula, KMC2011.

Glow & Mood Boosting Powder,Physicians Formula, KMC2011.

I’ve always been a fan of Physicians Formula products. Aside from not testing on animals, (information from http://www.astrostar.com/DO-NOT-Test.htm) , they are not listed Peta’s list of companies that manufacture products that are tested on animals. (http://www.mediapeta.com/peta/PDF/companiesdotest.pdf) .

Peta’s list is updated regularly (about every two months). Why is it so important not to test on animals? To quote Peta:

What can be done about animal tests required by law?
Although animal testing of pharmaceuticals and certain chemicals is still
 mandated by law, the arguments against
using animals in cosmetics testing are
 still valid when applied to the
 pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
industries are regulated by the
 Food and Drug Administration
 and the
 Environmental Protection Agency,
respectively, and it is the
 responsibility of the companies
 that kill animals in order to
 bring their products to market to convince 
the regulator agencies that there is a better
 way to determine product safety. PETA is
 actively workingon this front
 by funding development and
 validation of non-animal test
 methods and providing input through our
involvement on government advisory
 committees at both the national and
 international levels. Companies often
resist progress and, instead of using
 human-relevant non-animal tests,
 choose to use animal tests because
 their results can be manipulated.
  Please let companies know how you 
feel about this--consumers have much
influence on company policy!

Physicians Formula brand cosmetics is
 located in your local drugstores or online.
 They are relatively inexpensive and affordable.
They are also dermatologist approved,
 hypo-allergenic,paraben free, non-comedogenic
 and (some are)100% fragrance free.

That's a lot for our environment.
 A new product they have introduced 
is called Happy Booster Glow & Mood 
Boosting Powder. 
This intrigued me, on a particularly
 moody day while shopping for some new bronzer.
 I am particularly pale and do not do 
tanning. I refuse to allow the harmful rays
 of the sun to do any damage to my skin if
 at all possible. I'm alwayslooking 
for the highest spf possible in my makeup.
I already use one of their products for the summer,
 called Physicians Formula HealthyWear SPF 50 Tinted
 Moisturizer. It's a lightweight hydrations tinted
 moisturizer that I find leaves a smooth finish
 to my skin that is non-greasy, 
light and natural looking. I find using HealthyWear
 makes me feel safer going out in the stronger summer sun.
 I make sure not only to use it on my face but also on my 
neck and chest area.I was looking for another powder to use
 on top. Physicians Formula does have matching
powders in the HealthyWear line with an SPF 50
 both in a regular color line and a bronzer line
 that I already use 
when I happened across their new product.
The packaging told me "Ultra-smooth, perfecting
 powder in a complementary palette of color blends
 together to even 
out skin tone with a flawless radiance;
 Vibrant pink heart gives cheeks a healthy pop of 
color; Infused with our 
Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin and Euphoryl,
 natural plant extract which have been shown to promote a 
feeling of happiness by mimicing the effect of Endorphins
 and helping protect the skin from environmental stress;
the sweet scent of Violet provides a feeling of joy each 
time you apply."
Sounded good. The compact was definitely mood-boosting.
 It's a highly reflective pink that I could probably use
to flag down motorists on a highway if I broke down. But I
 still like the color. As a matter of fact, since I've
bought it, a few of my friends noticed it in my purse,
 pulled it out, and asked what it is and started playing
it. The compact, installed with a mirror, comes with its 
own little brush to apply the powder.
Now, does it work? The smell of violet is not overwhelming.
 As a matter of fact, I can't smell it at all. That's a 
good thing. I like their products for the idea that they are
 fragrance-free. The mix and blend of the hearts on the 
color palette makes me feel good. (That's in my head, I 
know...but that's all in the power of suggestion and that's 
what it's all about.)
Sweep the brush across the palette and you have a nice blend.
 Drop it across just the pink and you have a pop of pink
for your cheeks. Blend some of the bronze hearts and give 
yourself some glow. It's kind of a fun compact. Odd to say,
but I like it and I'm glad I bought it. The powder is light 
and airy. I purchased it in translucent because I'm pale,
however, the different color hearts allow for some bronzing 
effects. For whatever reason, the color, the hearts, or  
the Euphoryl it works.
As an aside,

”From its inception in 1937, Physicians Formula remains steadfast

in its pledge to create and manufacture high-quality, hypoallergenic

cosmetic and skin care products. It is committed to creating innovative

products that meet your specific needs while meeting the more rigorous

standards of the cosmetic industry. In fact, many Physicians Formula

products are so gentle that they are recommended by allergists,

dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

The term hypoallergenic is more than just a cosmetic claim for Physicians

Formula. It is the basis for every product that is created. Physicians Formula

honors this claim through stringent product testing and quality control.

In fact, Physicians Formula products are formulated without over 100 known

irritating ingredients still found in many cosmetics on the market today.”


Also, the company began in 1937.

“Behind This Makeup Lies A Love Story

Physicians Formula Cosmetics began as a gift of love. He was an eminent

allergist. She had sensitive skin. When Dr. Frank Crandall created a unique

line of cosmetics for his wife, he changed the face of cosmetics.

Physicians Formula was born of a steadfast pledge to purity. A promise

never to allow fragrance, PABA, or any of the 132 known skin irritants into

anything we make. Other makeup and skin care products may have included

these ingredients, but our cosmetics had to be gentle enough that the doctor’s

wife could wear them.

For over 70 years we have maintained Dr. Crandall’s commitment to product

purity and quality. Allergists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and plastic

surgeons recommend Physicians Formula products.”


You can check their site to shop online, see their rebates available, or

see what’s new. I recommend them. I’ve used them for years.

Protecting your skin from harmful irritants is what makeup should be about. Without a thought, you should always protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. That’s included in these three products I’ve mentioned. Now you can add that you’re not harming any animals when you make yourself beautiful. I say kudos and thanks to Physicians Formula for helping to make our world not only a better place to live in but making cosmetics that make us feel good about ourselves.

While you’re at their site, take a look at their eye makeup for specific eye color. It really works. I’ve had so many compliments on my eyes since I’ve tried their color palettes. Since recommending it to my friends, they tell me about the remarks they’ve received, also.

Here’s another good option about drugstore cosmetics: if for some reason you’re not satisfied with the product, most stores will give you a refund. Do check ahead of time on the drugstores policy. Somehow I think you won’t be returning Physician Formula, however.




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